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“Let’s go and take a look!” Jun Qingyu couldn’t say which flavour he wanted to eat in particular, so he pulled Fu Yuanchuan along to choose.


The store selling ice cream had three display windows and through the transparent glass, he could see how the people inside made ice cream.


When making the ice cream paste, he didn’t know what powder was used.

Its smell was very fragrant and the frozen ice cream didn’t have much of a smell.


“Hello, what would you like to order” The shopkeeper smiled as he asked, “Our ice cream is handmade on the same day, it is absolutely fresh.”


Jun Qingyu took a look.

There were many flavours, the sort that was clear at a glance with a horizontal and vertical arrangement.


Unable to choose a particular flavour he liked, Jun Qingyu tugged at the corner of Fu Yuanchuan’s clothes and asked, “Which flavour should we get”


“I’m fine with all of them, we can get whatever you like.”


In response, the shopkeeper said, “Let me recommend our signature ice cream, Chocolate Milk Ice Cream, which has been selling well.”


Jun Qingyu was also disinclined to choose, “Then we want that one and as for the others, a serving each for these few on the first row.”


Fu Yuanchuan frowned.

A serving each.

Even if one serving was one scoop of ice cream, it would be quite a lot.


The little fish ate some strawberry sorbet not long ago.

If he had known earlier that they were going to come here to eat ice cream, he would not have made a strawberry sorbet for him.


But when he thought of the way the little fish acted spoiled when he wanted to eat the ice cream, Fu Yuanchuan hesitated once more…



“Little fish, it’s too much.”


“It’s not too much.

Look, there are only two boxes.” There were many flavours to choose from and a box contained three scoops of ice cream and that meant there were only two boxes.


The shopkeeper delivered the ice cream to Jun Qingyu’s hands, then grabbed the point-of-sale, “Please pay here.”


Fu Yuanchuan scanned his light brain and the machine quickly displayed the words for successful payment.


The shopkeeper bowed slightly and said, “Thank you for coming and you’re welcome to come again.”


Fu Yuanchuan took a box, “Eat it first.” 


It was inconvenient to eat while holding two boxes of ice cream in hand.


Jun Qingyu felt that he hadn’t eaten ice cream for a long time.

Before he transmigrated into the book, he almost forgot what ice cream tasted like.


When he was a little mermaid, it wasn’t even convenient for him to come out and after he could become a human, he was so busy that he didn’t even have time to buy himself a box of ice cream.


Jun Qingyu scooped a chunk with a small spoon, “Mmm…Delicious.” 


It was peach flavoured.


Interstellar fruits were very rare and common people could hardly eat fresh ones.

That was why some fruit flavourings were especially good and they could barely be used as an alternative when there were no fruits.


Except for the absence of pulp, it was impeccable.


Fu Yuanchuan helped to lift his hair behind his ears and unexpectedly noticed that the little fish’s eyes shone…after taking a bite of ice cream as if he had a pleasant surprise from eating something delicious.


Jun Qingyu fed Fu Yuanchuan a bite, “This flavour tastes delicious.”


Fu Yuanchuan nodded, “Mhm, it’s delicious.”


The price of the ice cream at the entrance of the amusement park was affordable and it was already quite good to buy ice cream with a taste like this at this price.


But if only it were better…


Fu Yuanchuan thought about it.

It seemed that the ice cream from Planet C was more famous.


They returned after they purchased the ice cream and it just so happened that the last person just went in.


After scanning the barcode to enter, Jun Qingyu walked in while eating.


Jun Qingyu looked around, there were many recreational facilities that he had never seen before and compared to his world before he transmigrated here, the recreational facilities here were more high tech, such as a roller coaster that was evidently without any seat-beats.


It was quite a thrill to watch.


Jun Qingyu said, “This is the first time I have come to a place like this to play.”


“If you like, we can come here more often in the future.” Fu Yuanchuan handed the box of ice cream in his possession to the little fish, “Eat this first and try some other flavours.”


“Okay.” Jun Qingyu gave him his own box of ice cream in exchange.


It was quite monotonous to eat one flavour of ice cream the entire time and changing the flavour from time to time would stimulate one’s taste buds.


While eating these, it was not a good idea to go to any recreational facilities, so Fu Yuanchuan said, “Let’s go there for a walk first.

Don’t be in a hurry to play.”


Jun Qingyu nodded and followed obediently.


After finishing the box of ice cream in his hand, Jun Qingyu threw it in the trash can and went to Fu Yuanchuan for the other one but what he saw was only his empty hands.


Jun Qingyu was taken aback, “Where’s my…ice cream”


“I finished it.” Fu Yuanchuan took out a wet wipe and helped him to wipe his mouth, “It’s not good to eat so much.

Let’s eat it next time.”


Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows.

Is that the reason why you ate most of my leftover ice cream


“Ahem, take a look at what you want to play.”


He was obviously changing the subject.

Jun Qingyu opened the guide and glanced at it, “The closest is the roller coaster and the haunted house…”


Just as his voice fell, a heart-wrenching scream came from the building nearby.




Jun Qingyu glanced over at it subconsciously.

The scream was quite miserable—it seemed that it should be very scary.




Jun Qingyu was stupefied and suddenly felt that the haunted house was actually much more suitable than the roller coaster.


Jun Qingyu put away the guide and didn’t choose the one indicated on it, “Let’s go to the haunted house.”


“Okay.” Everything inside was completely fake and the ghosts were also the staff members in disguise.

There was nothing other than some frightening backdrop, but if the little mermaid wanted to go, Fu Yuanchuan would never dampen the enthusiasm of the little mermaid.


They walked on the membership pathway1, walked in and followed the first group of people into the haunted house.


There were quite a few routes in the haunted house and no more than ten people would come in each time.


This was also for the sake of the game experience.

If there were too many players and no place for the staff to stay, it would be very boring and the purpose of coming to a haunted house would be lost.


As soon as Jun Qingyu and Fu Yuanchuan entered, they broke away from the group and walked down another path.


The ambience of a haunted house was always dark, coupled with a variety of bizarre sounds.


Jun Qingyu and Fu Yuanchuan walked side by side; the place was pretty huge.


Jun Qingyu looked around and asked, “Will any staff suddenly pop out”


“There will be.” This was the characteristic of a haunted house.


Jun Qingyu nodded his head and was going to say something but was attracted by the skull nearby.


There seemed to be something moving inside.


Jun Qingyu leaned over and as soon as he lowered his head, he saw eyes unexpectedly opening through the empty eye socket of the skull, revealing a pair of crimson eyes that were still dripping with blood.


Jun Qingyu: “……” 


That’s it


Staff: “……” 




Go on, scream. 


What are you looking at me for


Noticing that Jun Qingyu did not stay put, Fu Yuanchuan said doubtfully, “Little fish”


Hearing Fu Yuanchuan’s voice, Jun Qingyu then seemed to have regained his senses.

He turned around and leapt into Fu Yuanchuan’s arms, “Whoa, it’s so scary!”


Staff: “” 


Are you scamming me to get some sort of compensation2


Fu Yuanchuan was caught off guard as the little mermaid knocked into him.

He quickly raised his hands to hug him, patting his back and coaxing him, “Everything is fake, don’t be afraid.”


The staff gradually squinted their eyes.

I’ve seen through too much with this pair of eyes.


Jun Qingyu shrank in his arms, “I’m scared.”


“It’s okay.

Let’s go out if you’re scared” Fu Yuanchuan manually turned off the special effects of the skull and it didn’t look that scary anymore.


Jun Qingyu shook his head and whispered, “We’ve already come all this way here.”


“If you encounter another one later, you might…”


“Hug me.” Jun Qingyu interrupted him first, tilted his head and lay in his arms.


Exposing only half of his face, he said in a low voice, “If you hold me like this, I won’t be afraid.”


Fu Yuanchuan froze and his steady beating heartbeat unfathomably accelerated again.


It wasn’t that good.


The corners of Fu Yuanchuan’s mouth pursed slightly and he considered it for a moment but facing the little fish’s eyes which was full of him, he couldn’t say a word of ‘no’.


After a long time, he said softly, “Okay, hold onto me.”


Jun Qingyu nuzzled into his embrace and felt that the haunted house had become interesting.


With that said, he put his arms around the waist of the little fish and led him out.


The haunted house was neither too big nor small and there were some winding paths in the middle, ergo it would take a long time to walk down the whole journey.


Moreover, he was holding the little fish and walking with two people was slower than walking alone.


It took them more than an hour before they got out of the haunted house.


Jun Qingyu raised his head, but Fu Yuanchuan was faster by a step, he took him into his embrace and covered his eyes with his hand.


“Beware of the blinding light.”


The lighting in the building was too dim and his eyes would feel uncomfortable from abruptly being exposed to strong light.

His eyes might even sting and tear up.

He wouldn’t recover from it for a while and he would have other feelings of discomfort.


Jun Qingyu blinked his eyes.

He was never one to care about this, but he dutifully did not avoid him.


After adjusting to the lighting, Fu Yuanchuan put down his hand and asked, “What do you want to play next”


Jun Qingyu previously made a guide, but he felt that he would not follow the guide after entering the amusement park, mostly because when he saw something, he would want to try it.


Now that their route had already deviated from the guide he made previously and if he was firmly set on getting back on track, there was quite a walk back.

It was troublesome enough thinking about it.


Jun Qingyu simply abandoned the guide, intending to play whatever he liked, “Do you have anything you want to play I will accompany you to play what you like first.”


Fu Yuanchuan had no interest in this kind of place and he only came here because the little fish liked it.


Looking at the time, it was almost time for lunch.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Why don’t we find a place to eat first”


The little fish only ate dried fish and fruits and vegetables in the morning.

He didn’t eat a decent meal and the ice cream he ate before would not fill him.

There was nothing to do now anyway, so they might as well have lunch first.


“I’m not hungry.” Jun Qingyu looked around.

There was a ring toss game for small animals3 not far away and the enclosure contained small animals and there were also lots of stuffed animals.


Jun Qingyu said, “Let’s go play ring tossing.”


“Ok.” Fu Yuanchuan brought some dried fish and some dried meat snacks out of habit; he was used to feeding the little mermaid on a daily basis.


He would always bring something to eat with him.

If he was hungry and they couldn’t find a restaurant, he could eat some dried fish first.


There were a lot of people at the ring toss stall and many of them were couples.


Some of the small and furry animals were like rabbits and hamsters that were commonly seen.


The hoops were in groups of ten and sold in sets of five.


If one hooped a small animal, they would get an animal doll of the same type.


It looked pretty simple.


Jun Qingyu took a few big hoops and planned to play.


The appearance of the stuffed dolls was just so and so, but he came out to play, not to buy dolls.


The most important thing was…


He wanted Fu Yuanchuan to win one for him.


Jun Qingyu handed a hoop he chose to Fu Yuanchuan and pointed to a little white rabbit close by and said, “Yuanchuan, I want that rabbit doll.”




This distance was not difficult in the least, Fu Yuanchuan casually lifted his hand and the hoop in the air showed a perfect arc and it accurately set on the rabbit.


Seeing that, the stall owner happily walked over and said, “Your hoop has landed on the rabbit, I’ll present you with the doll and I’ll present you with an additional prize for getting it in one try.

You can take this rabbit back and raise it.”


Take it back and raise it


Jun Qingyu promptly refused, “I don’t want it.”


Fu Yuanchuan asked quizzically, “What’s wrong You don’t like rabbits”


Jun Qingyu shook his head and said self-righteously, “You can only raise me.”

FootnotesI’m loving this amusement park more and more with this no queue for attractions available.Set someone up with an ‘accident’ whereby one has sustained damage or injury caused by the scam victim, then demanding compensation.It’s a typical ring toss game but the prizes will be set on the ground and whatever item the thrower’s hoop lands on, with the hoop encircling the prize, the item goes to the thrower.




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