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Chapter 47

When Shi Kaixin said that, Jun Qingyu was stupefied, “What do you mean by madame”

“The marshal’s wife.” Shi Kaixin’s expression looked like it was only natural, “Don’t worry, no one knows about your marriage except for me, my lips are sealed!”

Jun Qingyu: “”

How come no one informed me of such a big event

“Since when did I get married to Yuanchuan” Jun Qingyu thought inwardly. 

I just had the notion, so how come we’re already married on your end That’s a little too fast.

He couldn’t keep up with Shi Kaixin’s train of thoughts.

Shi Kaixin comforted him by saying, “It’s all right.

I won’t tell anyone, you don’t have to deny it.”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Shi Kaixin wanted to say something else but when he saw that Jun Qingyu was rather speechless, he paused, “No way…both of you really didn’t get married!”

“Of course not, we’re not even together.”

Shi Kaixin was stunned for an instant, “”

Then what he sent to those people in the group…Hiss.

“That’s not right, you’re not together but…both of you did this and that kind of thing.” Shi Kaixin thought. 

Don’t blame me for having crooked thoughts.

Jun Qingyu pondered.

Despite the fact that they are not together right now, it might not be so in the future.

He did not tell Shi Kaixin this but asked, “What were you saying moments ago What do you mean by help”

Shi Kaixin patted his forehead and then he came back to his senses, “Ah, the thing about help, it’s…”

Shi Kaixin was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly moved his light brain behind him and his voice was serious without any of the playfulness it had earlier, “Marshal.”

Jun Qingyu was still wondering what was going on, then he heard Fu Yuanchuan’s cold voice, “What are you doing here”


“If you have nothing to do, go back to training!”

Fu Yuanchuan’s voice was a bit more sullen than his coldness earlier and he could feel the tension on the other side through his light brain.

“Yes!” Shi Kaixin answered succinctly.

Then there was the sound of footsteps leaving.

After a while, Shi Kaixin’s face returned to the video.

“That scared the hell out of me.” Shi Kaixin breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Did you hear that This was what I meant by help.”

Jun Qingyu could hear that Fu Yuanchuan was very angry, “What did all of you do”

He was curious about what made Fu Yuanchuan, a person who had such a good temperament, angry.

Shi Kaixin hesitated and he didn’t say exactly what it was and only vaguely summed it up, “It’s not a big deal, it’s just a small matter.

They didn’t report that they got caught and the marshal pulled them out here to reprimand them.”

Shi Kaixin said, “The marshal is quite angry this time, why don’t you come over to talk some sense into him”

He could only think of Jun Qingyu, because in his impression, when Jun Qingyu was in front of the marshal, the marshal always seemed to be very gentle and affable.

The incident this time was such a big deal and he wanted Jun Qingyu to come over to put in a good word for those fools who were caught in the act.

“I’m not going.” Jun Qingyu thought it was a serious matter, Fu Yuanchuan ought to have some deterrent before his subordinates and he would not go over to break this dignity with the special status he had by Fu Yuanchuan’s side.

But then again, the words Shi Kaixin used to describe this matter were obviously a blunder.

Wasn’t it right to be scolded for doing something wrong

Jun Qingyu said coldly, “I’ll hang up if there’s nothing else.”


They deserve to be scolded if they did something wrong, but the marshal is concerned about both sides and has been so busy up till now that he hasn’t eaten a meal.

I’ve sent supper in but it was left untouched and it got cold with its packaging left unopened.

Even if you don’t care about their matter, come here and talk some sense into the marshal to make him lighten up and eat something.”

As his aide-de-camp, worrying about his brothers was a matter, but he was more worried about the marshal’s health.

His illness has recovered not long ago.

What would they do if he hurt his health once more from having his nerves on edge and facing drastic fluctuations in his mood

The primary reason for Jun Qingyu to come was to coax the marshal and as for his brothers, it was just incidental.

After Shi Kaixin was done talking, Jun Qingyu remained silent and he didn’t say anything else but waited quietly.

After a while, Jun Qingyu asked, “He didn’t eat anything the entire time”

Shi Kaixin said in resignation, “Supper was delivered twice and placed in his room.”

“Give me the address and I’ll be there in a while.”

“There’s no need to send the address, I’ll pick you up.

Then that’s settled, you can just wait at home.” He barely managed to call him to come, so how could Shi Kaixin let him take a taxi or drive here on his own

After ending the video call, Jun Qingyu found that there were two video invitation calls from Fu Yuanchuan on his light brain.

It should be because he was talking to Shi Kaixin earlier, so Fu Yuanchuan’s video calls could not get through.

Jun Qingyu returned with a message before he put down his light brain and went to the kitchen.

It would take a while for Shi Kaixin to come here.

Meanwhile, he would take advantage of the time to cook the semi-finished products he had prepared before.

Wasn’t all his supper at the office already cold He couldn’t let Fu Yuanchuan eat cold food when he got there.

He made three dishes, together with a dessert, which were all placed into thermal insulation boxes, stacked up and placed into a food bag.

His timing was just right.

As soon as he was done, the doorbell outside rang.

Jun Qingyu came out with a food bag, “Let’s go.”

Shi Kaixin quickly took it and turned around to open the car door.

Each marshal had their own office building and the building was also filled with some members of the corps on a daily basis.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t come here often but this time, he went to the corps headquarters to pull someone out and he didn’t bring them back to the villa to negotiate as he did before.

He brought them directly back to the office building.

Shi Kaixin directly brought Jun Qingyu to that office building.

Even though it was already so late, the interior of the office building was brightly lit at present and the lights on each floor were not turned off.

Shi Kaixin explained, “We haven’t been so busy in the past.

There’s a lot going on for the matter today.

We’re all waiting to hear the task.”

Jun Qingyu nodded, “Which floor is Yuanchuan on”

“The top floor, it’s more chaotic below.

The marshal likes silence.” Shi Kaixin led him up with a private lift.

It was pretty much not so chaotic above the tenth floor.

When they walked out of the lift, there was no one to be seen on this floor at first glance and compared with the crowd downstairs, it appeared very quiet.

Shi Kaixin said, “Let me take you to his office first.

The marshal should be there at this time.”

His office was not far from the lift, it was just a few steps away.

Shi Kaisin knocked on the door.

There was silence.

“Hmm” Shi Kaixin was astounded.

It shouldn’t be so.

He clearly saw the marshal returning back to his office when he went out.

Where did he go

Jun Qingyu asked, “Is he not in”

“He should have gone out.” Shi Kaixin looked around.

Only he had the permission to enter the marshal’s office, while others could only get the permission to enter when the marshal was in.

The marshal wasn’t in at the moment and so Shi Kaixin could not bring Jun Qingyu in.

Shi Kaixin thought for a while and said, “He might be in the gravity chamber.

Wait for me here, I’ll go and take a look.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“That’s fine too.”

When they arrived outside the gravity chamber, they heard Fu Yuanchuan’s voice before they pushed the door open.

Jun Qingyu could not hear it clearly but what he could vaguely hear should be some sort of reprimand.

It should be that matter Shi Kaixin had told him about before.

Jun Qingyu couldn’t help but shake his head, “Yuanchuan, who has such a good temper, has been angered to this point.”

“Good temper” Shi Kaixin’s head was full of question marks.

My goodness, you’re not really looking at the marshal through a filter

You are the first person in the entire interstellar to say that the marshal has a good temper.

Seeing Shi Kaixin’s astonishment, Jun Qingyu lifted his eyebrows, “Is there a problem”

Shi Kaixin shook his head, “No, none.” He forgot that this person also had a bad temper.

Thinking about the robot that was beaten last time, Shi Kaixin didn’t dare to say another word.

Shi Kaixin stood in front of the door and knocked on it, “Marshal”

The sound inside masked the relatively light knock on the door.

Shi Kaixin opened the door a crack, exposing half of his body and said, “Marshal, I…”

“Who allowed you to come in” Fu Yuanchuan’s complexion was sullen, he shouted coldly, “Get out!”

Shi Kaixin was startled and subconsciously retreated backwards.

Shortly, he sensed the person standing behind him.

With his retreating motion, he staggered and Fu Yuanchuan also saw Jun Qingyu behind him.

Fu Yuanchuan was stunned for an instant and his tightly knitted brows relaxed subconsciously.

He was about to go out when he immediately remembered the few doing additional training in front of him, “Continue with training!”


Fu Yuanchuan walked out, closed the door and glared at Shi Kaixin.

Shi Kaixin had a fright and silently retreated to the side.

Fu Yuanchuan stood in front of Jun Qingyu and his heart lost it to no end as he looked at the silent little mermaid.

He raised his hand, gently rubbing it against the little mermaid’s cheek and asked in a soft voice, “Did I scare you”

Jun Qingyu held onto Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, uncurling his slightly curled fingers to his face and pressing it against his face.

He felt the subtle trembling in his palm and he asked with a smile, “Why is your hand trembling when you’re asking me if I got scared”

Seeing that the little mermaid didn’t seem to have any reaction, Fu Yuanchuan paused.

He couldn’t help asking, “Am I fierce”

Jun Qingyu didn’t answer him, he merely turned his head and gave his palm a gentle kiss.

Regardless of whether he was fierce or not, if a marshal was not fierce, did you expect him to reason with you on the battlefield

This was the grandeur that a marshal should have.

Jun Qingyu raised the food bag in his hand, “I made some dishes, they’re still warm.

Eat something first.

Shi Kaixin said you didn’t eat at night.”

Shi Kaixin nodded at the side and he couldn’t help giving Jun Qingyu a thumbs up.

I’m counting on you to take care of the marshal’s health!

Shi Kaixin still had lingering fears when he thought of the scene moments ago, yet thinking about how Marshal Fu instantly removed his hostility and looked gentle in front of Jun Qingyu, he felt a bit of what Jun Qingyu said was actually true.

Perhaps the marshal in Jun Qingyu’s eyes had always been gentle.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“It wasn’t hard, let’s go and eat.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan took the little mermaid back to his office.

He looked back at Shi Kaixin, who was hiding behind him.

With just a look, Shi Kaixin immediately stood at attention.

Fu Yuanchuan retracted his gaze and swiped on his light brain.

Shi Kaixin received a bonus.

Shi Kaixin: “!!!”

Happiness came too suddenly!

At the door of his office, the iris recognised his identity and the door opened automatically.

Fu Yuanchuan stood in front of the door but did not go in.

Instead, he turned his head and said, “Come here Xiaoyu.”

“Hmm” Jun Qingyu stepped forward without knowing the reason why, “What’s the matter”

“Add your data information in.” Fu Yuanchuan manually entered the password several times, entered Xiaoyu’s identity ID in several shackles and adjusted his authority to the highest level.

Jun Qingyu didn’t expect him to do this.

He said, “There’s no need to.

I don’t come here often and I won’t use it even if it’s added.”

A place that Fu Yuanchuan would not come to often, why would he set foot into this place frequently

If he were to come here, it would definitely be when Fu Yuanchuan was busy here and he came here just to accompany him.

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head, “You may not come here often, but I want to make sure that the places I can go are unrestricted to you.”


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