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Chapter 48

Jun Qingyu’s heart trembled and he raised his eyes in surprise to look at Fu Yuanchuan, but was met with him lowering his head and entering his information seriously.

After settling it up, Fu Yuanchuan moved his hand up and put his arms around Jun Qingyu, “Come on.”

Fu Yuanchuan let the little fish enter first and he was half a step behind.

When he closed the door, he turned on the do-not-disturb notice.

Jun Qingyu briefly looked around the office, it was larger than the office in their home and there was even a compartment inside, which should be used by Fu Yuanchuan to rest.

He placed the food bag on the table and took out the thermal insulation box inside.

It was kept warm and fresh, and when he opened it, the outermost layer of the roasted meat was still crispy; it wasn’t softened by the steam at all.

Fu Yuanchuan made a cup of warm fruit tea and put it next to him, “Have you eaten tonight”

“No, I wanted to wait for you to come back before I eat.” Jun Qingyu laid out the boxes, he specially brought two sets of tableware, intending to eat together with Fu Yuanchuan.

“Just eat without me the next time I come back late.” Fu Yuanchuan was held back by the matters here and finally got some free time to contact the little fish, but no one answered his video call, though he returned him with a message later on.

He initially thought the little fish was asleep, but he didn’t expect him to come here looking for him.

“All right.”

The same old crisp response was given.

“Let’s eat.” Fu Yuanchuan was helpless, he wanted to say something, but looking at the well-behaved and honest little fish, he didn’t know how to break it to him.

Jun Qingyu wasn’t that hungry, he ate a mouthful, then didn’t eat another mouthful, he actually drank half a cup of fruit tea.

It should be brewed with the fruits from his space and with the addition of peppermint, the warm aftertaste in his mouth was somewhat refreshing with the sweetness and sourness; a combination that Jun Qingyu liked very much.

Jun Qingyu kept the peppermint that floated up on the surface in his mouth as he asked, “Are you going out later”

Fu Yuanchuan thought about it but didn’t answer for quite some time.

After a long while, he said, “I’ll be going home after eating.”

Let’s send the little fish home first.

“The matter on this side has been dealt with” Jun Qingyu was bewildered.

When he came here a little while ago, he saw that Fu Yuanchuan was busy.

“Nope, things here are more troublesome.” Fu Yuanchuan gave him a piece of roasted meat, “It’s very late, you should go to sleep.”

He was used to staying up late, but the little fish couldn’t do it.

The little fish had to rest on time.

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “We don’t have to go home, go do your thing.

I’ll wait for you in your office.”

Since he had come all the way here, he would keep Fu Yuanchuan company to solve the matter here before going back.

Jun Qingyu blinked honestly and said, “I won’t cause any trouble for you.”

Fu Yuanchuan smiled as he said, “I’m afraid you won’t have a good rest.”

Whether he would cause any trouble to him or not, the little fish had always behaved with great propriety.

“That won’t happen.” Jun Qingyu mused.

He didn’t really want to rest, he just wanted to sit here and stay at a place close to Fu Yuanchuan to accompany him.

It was true that Fu Yuanchuan was not finished with his work.

After he finished his meal, he pondered about it before he asked, “Little fish, are you going to be sleeping here or are going to come with me”

Jun Qingyu said without hesitation, “I’ll wait for you in the office.”

Regardless of whether it was him following or restoring the form of a little mermaid to sleep in Fu Yuanchuan’s pocket, it would affect Fu Yuanchuan.

It was inevitable that he would be concerned about him when he spoke.

“If you are bored…”

“I won’t be bored.” Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan still wanted to say something, Jun Qingyu got up and pushed Fu Yuanchuan out.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of myself.

Just get on with it, you can come back to find me later.”

Before Fu Yuanchuan finished his words, he followed along with the little fish’s strength all the way to the door.

When he went out, he still did not forget to tell him, “My light brain is switched on at all times, remember to send a message if something happens.”

Jun Qingyu responded sensibly, “Come back early.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan patted the little mermaid’s head, “Get some rest.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

He closed the door but did not go to the inner lounge to sleep.

Instead, he cleaned up the table, put away the insulation box on it, and took it with him when he returned.

Fu Yuanchuan did not rest and he couldn’t sleep either, so he simply cleaned up his office.

It didn’t take long for someone to knock on the door outside.

“Mr Jun, are you asleep”

Listening to the voice, it was Shi Kexin.

Jun Qingyu walked over and opened the door, “Something the matter”

Shi Kaixin carried two large bags of desserts and said, “The marshal asked me to buy some desserts.

He said that you didn’t eat much before.

If you’re hungry, you can have some dessert to fill your stomach.”

Jun Qingyu turned around and walked in, “Come on in.”

“Ok.” Shi Kaixin put the items on the table, “The speciality of the dessert store and their new products are here.”

He didn’t know what Jun Qingyu’s taste was like.

When Shi Kaixin bought them, he simply bought them all, there was nothing wrong with buying more.

Jun Qingyu glanced at the bags, he had no appetite, “Sit down.”

“Huh Oh.” Shi Kaixin sat on the chair opposite Jun Qingyu, “Is there anything wrong”

Jun Qingyu said, “Tell me exactly what happened today.

“Just now the marshal…”

“I didn’t ask.” Fu Yuanchuan was so busy to this extent, how could he ask Fu Yuanchuan this while he was eating A quiet meal could also be regarded as a short break.

Shi Kaixin thought about the marshal’s orders so he didn’t hide it and said outright, “In fact, we were screwed this time, they took the chance to slack off and didn’t make a report.

As a result, they were caught and taken to the corps headquarters, and only when the marshal came forth did they let them go.”

“Were they people from the imperial leader”

Shi Kaixin nodded, “Yes.”

It wasn’t like there hadn’t been a case like this before in the past.

Sometimes it was just too late to report when the matter was too urgent.

He didn’t know if they were too unlucky this time or something but they got caught red-handed.

Jun Qingyu took a sip of fruit tea and said thoughtfully, “What conditions did you promise them”

The other side had finally grasped such a big leverage, it was impossible for them to let them go when they said to.

“The marshal didn’t tell me the specifics.” Yuanchuan really didn’t know this, he followed by Fu Yuanchuan’s side but waited at the door and didn’t go in.

Shi Kaixin said, “However, the marshal asked me to inform the corps to assemble.

My best guess is that it might have something to do with the Zerg proposal we had previously.”

“The Zerg…” Jun Qingyu knitted his brows.

It was an inch too.

How could they be so unfortunate to run into this matter

It was really hard to say how this matter would turn out in the future.

With his fingertips tapping the tabletop rhythmically, Jun Qingyu thought for a while before he took out his light brain and sent a message to Wen Chengyao through the chat of the online store.

Wen Chengyao probably happened to be looking at his light brain, so he replied very quickly.

Jun Qingyu: [How’s the preparatory work going]

Wen Chengyao: [It’s almost done.

I’m planning to make a move tomorrow.]

Jun Qingyu: [Wait for my notice for a while longer.]

Wen Chengyao: [Didn’t you say to do it as soon as possible]

Jun Qingyu: [There’s a change in plans.

Since the preparations over there are almost done, you can come back to see your sister first.

It’ll be the same even if you return when it’s time to make a move.]

Wen Chengyao: [Ok.]

Jun Qingyu deleted his chat history, turned off his light brain, and mulled over the matter.

He turned around and asked Shi Kaixin, “Has the time been set”

Shi Kaixin shook his head, “Not yet, but they are pushing it.

It shouldn’t be long before they do.”

“Will you go with them”

This question stunned Shi Kaixin.

If he had heard this question before, he would have replied without any hesitation: He would definitely go.

But now…he always felt that the marshal would leave him behind to protect Jun Qingyu.

Seeing that he didn’t answer, Jun Qingyu could roughly guess what he would say, “Find a way to follow them.

A slight mishap happened to the spaceship midway and it was unable to fly.

It got delayed for a few days on some planet on the way before setting off.”

In fact, there was no need to set off when the time came.

If things went smoothly here, it was also possible to return immediately.

“This…” Shi Kaixin scratched his head, he felt that Jun Qingyu was serious about assigning a task to him.

Following that, he felt that something was not right.

If he didn’t accept it, Jun Qingyu’s authority was equal to the marshal’s…

Jun Qingyu said, “If you can’t do it, I can tell Yuanchuan directly.

He will listen to me.”

This matter could be known to Fu Yuanchuan, but it cannot be Fu Yuanchuan who stops the spaceship.

“Ahem, I’ll try my best.” Shi Kaixin had asked the marshal before.

If Jun Qingyu assigned a task for him to do, did he need to report it to the marshal

What Fu Yuanchuan said at the time was, ‘Attach the utmost importance to Jun Qingyu’s arrangements, there was no need to tell him.’

Perhaps he just thought it was a trivial matter but now, this matter was such a huge matter that he couldn’t handle it either.

Jun Qingyu looked at Shi Kaixin’s clasped hands and said, “Don’t be nervous.”

Shi Kaixin: “……”

I’m dead nervous, ok

Although Jun Qingyu said that he could tell him, but if he told the marshal, and he felt that it was a trivial matter, would he think he was snitching him out on purpose

If he didn’t inform him, what would he do if things got out of hand

Shi Kaixin has never been so torn in his life.

Jun Qingyu asked, “Did Yuanchuan assign you something to do later”

Shi Kaixin shook his head.

His main task now was to protect Jun Qingyu.

Though the top floor of this office building was extremely safe like an iron barrel, he still had to protect Jun Qingyu here.

Jun Qingyu contemplated before he got up to clean up the room.

No one would come into the office except for Fu Yuanchuan and the cleaning robot.

The robot cleaning would only target dust and would not touch the items on the table.

When Shi Kaixin saw that, he lowered his head and sent a message.

He wanted to ask for the opinions of the brothers in the group.

Of course, he didn’t tell the story all over again but started with ‘I have a friend’ to simplify this matter a bit.

As he typed, he was rather slow as he thought about the course of events while he typed.

Shi Kaixin weaved out a story slowly.

At that moment, a 30-second voice message suddenly popped up.

Shi Kaixin was caught unprepared and he tapped it with his fingertip.

“Shi Kaixin, are you kidding me I have already sent a red envelope and now, you tell me that they are not together yet.

You, this is ridiculous——”

Shi Kaixin: “!!!”

He died on the spot.

Jun Qingyu listened to the voice message over there, leisurely straightening out the documents in his hand.

He unhurriedly turned his head to look over, “Red envelope”

Looking at Shi Kaixin’s panicked state, Jun Qingyu narrowed his eyes.

Just with this sentence, coupled with the ‘madame’ that Shi Kaixin blurted out not long ago, as well as the chain reaction from other gossips.

Jun Qingyu understood what was going on and thinking about what Shi Kaixin had said to him earlier, he said indifferently, “Your lips are sealed”

He rated himself quite highly.

Shi Kaixin gave a light cough when he was caught on the spot and hastily turned off the voice that was still playing in a loop.

These people in the group aren’t doing anything! Relying on his first-hand information to ship them vigorously, how could you still say that I’m deceiving you!

Shi Kaixin swallowed nervously and said, “I am not very reliable in everything I do every day.

My only joy is to gossip with my brothers about you and the marshal and now, my only joy is gone.”

Jun Qingyu lifted his eyebrows, “In that case, I’ll try harder.”

Shi Kaixin was stupefied, subconsciously asked, “What”

Jun Qingyu put down the files, and walked over and patted him on the shoulder, “I’ll strive to make your joy come back as soon as possible.”


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