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Chapter 49

Shi Kaixin: “”



Is this!

Shi Kaixin’s eyes widened in astonishment, his lips moved but he choked on his words.

No way.


It’s not what I think it is, is it

“You…Eh” Shi Kaixin’s state of mind right now was like a planet had collided with the empire and caused a volcanic eruption; he was knocked senseless.

“Wait a minute,” After he calmed down in a while, Shi Kaixin asked in a daze, “Isn’t the marshal the one who is pursuing you right now”

Jun Qingyu tore open a tea bag and added a little hot water, then he poured away the first rinse of the tea.

He asked him back with a question, “What do you think”

“I think…” Shi Kaixin scratched his head, he didn’t have a clue about it.

Before he could think it over, Fu Yuanchuan pushed open the door and came in.

Shi Kaisin stood up in a hurry, “Marshal.”


Glancing at Fu Yuanchuan, then at Jun Qingyu, who was making tea, Shi Kaixin thought for a little bit and said, “Marshal, if there is nothing else, I’ll be going now.”

“Go back.”

“All right!” Obtaining his permission, Shi Kaixin opened the door and ran off without any hesitation.

Jun Qingyu came over holding a cup of brewed tea in his hands and said with a smile, “It’s written on the package that this tea helps one to sleep peacefully.

When I smelled it, it smelled no different than ordinary tea.

Try it.”

Fu Yuanchuan took the cup of tea but didn’t drink it, rather he asked, “Why didn’t you go to sleep”

“I don’t want to sleep alone,” Jun Qingyu moved closer to hug Fu Yuanchuan, he tilted his head and said, “Let’s rest here and return after we wake up.”

Not only was it rather late to spare some time going around, but in order to prevent another incident from happening; if they stayed here and if something happened, they could also save some time from travelling here.

Fu Yuanchuan said softly, “Okay.”

He was busy until now and it wasn’t in the middle of the night anymore.

It was bright outside.

For the duration he had been busy, the little fish stayed up with him too.

Fu Yuanchuan hugged the little fish and coaxed, “Go to sleep.”

Jun Qingyu nuzzled into Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace and gently dispersed some spiritual energy so that Fu Yuanchuan could sleep a lot better.

He slept so late to the extent that he simply slept till the next day.

When he woke up early in the morning, Fu Yuanchuan thought he had read the time wrong.

In the past, even if he stayed up very late, he wouldn’t sleep for such a long time like right now.

The little fish in his arms slept like a log and Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head to look at him.

In his unconscious slumber, he would nuzzle into his embrace too.

He was well-behaved, no different when he was in his little mermaid form.

His gaze swept across the little fish’s face and landed unconsciously on his thin, light-coloured lips.

Fu Yuanchuan’s expression dimmed slightly, and at that moment, Jun Qingyu mumbled something before he turned over and squeezed over to his side; he positioned his jaw on Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder drowsy.

As his breath swept across his neck, Fu Yuanchuan stiffened up.

He leaned to one side little by little but he did not dare to move his arm, afraid that he would wake the little fish sleeping in his arms.

Fu Yanchuan lay flat as he closed his eyes, and the sound of his accelerated heartbeat lingered in his ears, not going away.

He just likes to be affectionate with you.

What are you thinking about

Fu Yuanchuan wrinkled his brows and his mind was in a mess.

Fu Yuanchuan, who was calm and cool-headed when he encountered an incident, was in a state of complete confusion at the moment.

He thought…when the little fish woke up, he really needed to tell him that this was not right.

He could no longer let the little fish act like a spoiled child and let him off.

It couldn’t be like that anymore.

When Jun Qingyu woke up, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t notice it at all.

Jun Qingyu actually felt rather strange looking at Fu Yuanchuan like this, hence he raised his hand and poked Fu Yuanchuan’s cheek, “What’s wrong”

He did not appear to be sleeping but lying flat on his back with his eyes closed, which generally gave him a feeling that he was relatively nervous.

Fu Yuanchuan suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the innocent little fish.

He gave a light cough, “You are awake.”

“Mhm.” Jun Qingyu sat up and asked, “Do you feel unwell anywhere”

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head.

Just as he was about to say something, the sound of someone knocking on the door came from outside.

“Marshal! Marshal! Yu Zhi has returned!”

Hearing Shi Kaixin voice, Fu Yuanchuan ignored it, intending to speak to the little fish first, “I…”

“Marshal! Marshal, open the door!”




The several times he had spoken were all obstructed by Shi Kaixin’s ear-piercing, devilish voice.

Jun Qingyu restrained himself from smiling and touched Fu Yuanchuan’s head, “Go and freshen up.”

Fu Yuanchuan responded reluctantly, “Mhm.”

Shi Kaixin was still knocking on the door outside.

Fu Yuanchuan changed his clothes and came out.

Shi Kaixin’s voice was still coming from outside.

In that instant, Fu Yuanchuan had already helped him to pick a planet to go on a business trip, “Yuanchuan, try this candy, it’s delicious.”

The little fish’s words disrupted his train of thoughts, and when he looked sideways, the little fish had delivered a half-eaten soft candy to his mouth.

When he met the little fish’s bright eyes, Fu Yuanchuan swallowed what he wanted to say once more and ate that half-eaten candy, “Where did you get this candy”

Jun Qingyu said, “It was brought along with the desserts Shi Kaixin bought yesterday.”

Jun Qingyu curved up his eyes, “Does it taste good There’s still more inside.”

“It tastes good,” Fu Yuanchuan took the candy wrapper and threw it away, “Don’t consume so many sweet things in the morning, it’s not good for your teeth.”

Jun Qingyu unwrapped another piece of candy, “It’s fine.

Only children will get rotten teeth if they eat too much candy.

I am already an adult, so there won’t a problem.”

Fu Yuanchuan lifted his eyebrows, apparently not agreeing with this point of view; although according to the age of a mermaid, the little fish was indeed an adult.

The candy had already been stuffed into his mouth, hence Fu Yuanchuan could only say, “That is the last piece.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head obediently.

Just as Shi Kaixin opened the door, Shi Kaisin let out a cry, “Marshal, you’re finally awake!”

Fu Yuanchuan: “……”

Jun Qingyu chewed on his candy silently.

He felt that Shi Kaixin’s disposition was mirthful and rather unorthodox but sometimes, he handled matters very seriously.

It was difficult to imagine that someone would combine such opposing dispositions so well.

Shi Kaixin said cheerfully, “Yu Zhi is back.

The mission went without a hitch.

He accidentally got affected by a drug, and as a result, he went back to rest and asked me to help him to deliver his report to you.”

After knocking on the door for a long time and handing the report to Fu Yuanchuan, Shi Kaixin turned and left.

The matter earlier this morning…

Thinking of how Fu Yuanchuan had been interrupted by the sound coming from outside several times earlier, the corners of Jun Qingyu’s could not refrain from raising.

Fu Yuanchuan was not in a hurry to open the report.

He was thinking about buying some food for the little fish first but he was met with the little fish smiling when he turned his head.

He could not help raising his eyebrows, “What are you laughing at”

“It’s nothing,” Jun Qingyu asked him, “You don’t have anything you’re busy with today”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “I’m almost done.”

Those who were being punished in the gravity chamber would not be released in a short period of time and even if they were released, they would be transferred to the confinement cell straight away.

The major issues had fundamentally been dealt with, and as for the rest of the trifling matters, he would leave them to Shi Kaixin.

Fu Yuanchuan thought about it and said, “Let’s have food delivered from downstairs and have a meal here before we return home.”

It would be too slow if they went back to make a meal.

Jun Qingyu had no objections to this and just went with Fu Yuanchuan’s arrangement.

While ordering, Fu Yuanchuan only ordered a small portion of fruits and vegetables.

He had no choice but to order dishes with more meat when eating out as the taste of fruits and vegetables weren’t that good—the little fish didn’t like the taste of these fruits and vegetables.

While waiting for their takeout, Jun Qingyu ate two mouthfuls of a cake.

Though it was leftovers from yesterday, there was not too much of a change in its taste.

There was no difference in its taste or freshness when he ate it.

As he was eating, Shi Kaixin’s voice came from outside again, “Marshal! It’s not good!”

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows.

This person had just left not long ago, so why did he come back again

When the door was opened to let him enter, Shi Kaixin ran in holding a pile of clothes.

Jun Qingyu asked incredulously, “What’s that for”

Shi Kaixin put the pile of clothes on the table and slowly opened the outer layer and there was another layer covered within.

Several layers of coats were taken apart in succession and finally, a white egg that was almost two or three times larger than a chicken egg was revealed inside.

“Yu Zhi brought this back,” Shi Kaixin wiped the surface of the egg with a tissue and said, “I think it might be a mermaid egg.”

There was a layer of self-protective membrane on this egg and no instrument could see through this layer of film to see what was inside.

Yet, just by looking at its outward appearance, it was similar to the mermaid eggs on display at the mermaid base, except for the difference between broken shell and unbroken shell.

However, whether it was a mermaid egg or not, could not be distinguished by the naked eye.

Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Have you sent it to the mermaid breeding base for an inspection”

Although Shi Kexin looked like a fool, he was quite reliable in doing things.

He said, “I scrapped some of the membrane and asked someone to send it over.

We have to wait until tomorrow to get the results.

I didn’t know what to do with this egg, that’s why I sent it to you, Marshal.”

Before Yu Zhi fell asleep after he had returned, he pointed to the clothes for a long time.

Shi Kaixin didn’t understand what he meant by that, he only thought that Yu Zhi wanted him to help him hang up the clothes.

After returning from handing in the report, he thought about helping him to hang up his clothes, but just as he unfolded the clothes, this egg fell out.

If it were not for his sharp eyes and agile hands, that egg would have fallen to the ground.

From such a high altitude, that mermaid egg would inevitably have been jolted when it fell and it would be questionable whether it would have survived by then.

Mermaid eggs were not so easy to raise and something would go wrong if they were not properly taken care of.

If it wasn’t a mermaid egg after the inspection was done and it was simply an ordinary egg, he could still barely take care of it and maybe if he was lucky enough, he could hatch it.

However, if it turned out to be a mermaid and he tossed the mermaid egg aside casually; and if the fragile mermaid in the egg died, he would be held accountable.

After he thought about it, Shi Kaixin decided to talk to the marshal about the existence of this egg.

Could it be a mermaid egg

Jun Qingyu reached out and touched it, it seemed to look a lot like a mermaid egg.

He silently released a bit of fingertip and placed his fingertips on that egg, there was even a resonance of spiritual energy in response, but it felt somewhat strange.

Jun Qingyu didn’t know how the spiritual energy of the other mermaids was like but for the moment, the probability that this egg was a mermaid egg was relatively higher.

Shi Kaixin sighed, “I don’t even know where Yu Zhi got it from.

Since he was assigned to complete the task, then he should complete it, but he even brought an egg back.

And now, I don’t know what to do with it.”

The mermaid breeding base does not accept foreign mermaid eggs.

Regardless of whether this was a mermaid egg or not, there was no suitable place to accommodate it.

Shi Kaixin asked tentatively, “Marshal, how about I leave this egg with you first”

Fu Yuanchuan glanced at the little mermaid, “No, take it back.”

Shi Kaixin looked at the mermaid egg, uncomparably worried and said, “I’m afraid that my hand will slip and I will accidentally break it when I hold it.

I’m still so scared even when I hold it with so many layers of clothes.”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “The eggshell of a mermaid egg is very hard.” 

It’s not like if you say it would break, it would truly break.

Eggs that have the same hardness were still relatively rare.

Jun Qingyu attempted to touch this egg with his hand.

It felt really solid and it was much harder than an ordinary egg.

As he was thinking about it, he suddenly heard a crack…

The next moment, the egg began to crack all around the area Jun Qingyu had touched.

The aura of chaotic mental energy assaulted his senses.

Jun Qingyu was taken aback for a moment—this vital energy was full of malice.

“Be careful!” Before the thing in the egg crawled out, Fu Yuanchuan tossed it away and stepped in front of Jun Qingyu.

The cracked egg fell to the ground and its eggshell scattered all over, but it wasn’t a little mermaid that crawled out of it, but a dark Zerg covered with sticky liquid.


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