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Jun Qingyu was pretty shaken up.

He was a little listless as he lay on Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and his tail wasn’t even shaking anymore.

Fu Yuanchuan looked as his brows furrowed but did not know how to coax the little mermaid.

Looking at his subordinate, who was still smiling mischievously on the other end of the spherical communicator, Fu Yuanchuan said in a deep voice, “The production team at the Desolate Star is lacking a leader, do you want to go”

“What!” His subordinate was dumbfounded.

Fu Yuanchuan was not concerned with the other’s reaction, he held the little mermaid with one hand and cleaned the aftermath of the incident on his desk.

He carefully checked for all those pieces of glass to prevent the little mermaid from getting cut when he jumped out of the tank.

His subordinate cried, “Boss, you can’t do this to me!”

“Be quiet, get ready for the conference.”

His subordinate suddenly stopped crying and said solemnly, “Yes!”

Jun Qingyu obediently lay on Fu Yuanchuan’s hand.

He helped to pick up the glass on the desk and threw them away into the rubbish bin.

Some pieces of glass slid under the shelf so Fu Yuanchuan couldn’t see them but Jun Qingyu could see them clearly.

He was reaching his hand in.

As a result, two of Fu Yuanchuan’s fingers twirled his wrist before he had time to grasp the piece of glass shard inside.

Jun Qingyu’s hand was pulled and turned around in a circle, “Eeeeeeee”

“Don’t touch it, be careful not to get cut.” The pad of Fu Yuanchuan’s finger rubbed across the little mermaid’s palm, checking for any injuries.

He brought the little mermaid away from the desk in the passing.

Jun Qingyu still wanted to help but now he couldn’t even touch the table.

“Eeeeeeee!” Jun Qingyu raised his hand to let him see clearly that his hand did not have any injuries.

There wasn’t even so much of a scratch mark.

He was very careful in picking the pieces of glass up.

Fu Yuanchuan coaxed, “Be good.”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Communication has failed.

The fish tank was broken into pieces but luckily, Fu Yuanchuan also prepared a new one.

Just before the conference began, Fu Yuanchuan set up the scenery for the fish tank first.

They were all ready-made items, he just had to put them in and make some adjustments to the positioning.

The water used was mixed with special seawater power so it would do just by filling the tank up with water.

Fu Yuanchuan put the little mermaid in and said, “Is the temperature of the water alright”

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu shook his tail.

Fu Yuanchuan handed him a piece of dried fish and raised his hand to turn on the screen projection.

After connecting, a long table appeared on the screen.

Each of his subordinates was in their own seats on the left and right side of the long table respectively.


Jun Qingyu felt the light and turned around to take a look.

He saw the screen full of people bowing their heads and their eyes were simultaneously watching him attentively.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

“It was really a mermaid I thought my eyes were deceiving me.”

“Previously, word got out that the Marshal brought a little mermaid back, I thought those old men released news to confuse us.

It actually turned out to be true.”

“What a lovely little guy, he looks very well-behaved.”

These people were supposed to be Fu Yuanchuan’s subordinates and were rarely described in the book; They were only mentioned a few times.

Jun Qingyu only remembered that after the token was lost and war broke out, Fu Yuanchuan had been alone ever since.

If he had guessed correctly, the people in front of him most probably lost their lives in that war……

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips, he had to find a way to avoid this scenario.

While Jun Qingyu was in contemplation, a voice came from the other end, “If you have a mermaid, then won’t Marshal’s illness be cured very soon”

Of course, it will!

Jun Qingyu smiled and waved at them, “Eeeeeeee!”

As for Marshal’s illness, just leave it to me.

“Haha, are you greeting us”

“It’s so cute.”

“……” It’s not a greeting.

Jun Qingyu wanted to say something more but Fu Yuanchuan’s hand was placed over his head, blocking his line of sight.

At the same time, it also blocked the eyes of those people on the other end of the video conference.

“Boss, take your hand away, let me steal a few more glances.

I have never seen a pale golden mermaid before.”

Fu Yuanchuan flatly said, “Let’s begin.”

His subordinates instantly stopped playing around, “Yes!”

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaid and said, “The meeting might take a long time.

If you’re bored, I’ll take you to the swimming pool to play.

I’ll look for you once the conference is over.”

Jun Qingyu had no desire to play, the conference had already begun.

There would definitely be some important matters so how could he not be present. 

“Eeeeeeee!” Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and rubbed against it.

His intention to stay here was very clear.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “It will be very boring.”

Jun Qingyu thought about it.

He dived down and lay in the shell.

If he was bored, he could sleep here.

Seeing that the little mermaid did not want to go to the pool to play, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Then tell me when you want to go.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head and opened his mouth to talk but spat out bubbles.

A ’buh’ was considered as a response too.

Fu Yuanchuan opened the drawer and picked a few palatable snacks from inside.

He opened the packaging and took some out.

The snack was placed on the platform outside the fish tank, the little mermaid could swim up to get them if he wanted to.

After the preparations were done, Fu Yuanchuan curled up his fingers and knocked on the table, “Let’s begin.”


Jun Qingyu also quietened down and listened carefully.

And then he found out that……

Why couldn’t he understand

Why did he understand all those words but not understand them after they were combined into a single sentence

Jun Qingyu blinked, at a loss.

He looked at Fu Yuanchuan again.

From time to time, he opened his mouth to give a more efficient analysis and also rebutted a few plans.

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

As expected of Fu Yuanchuan, such difficult problems could be handled by him.

Jun Qingyu looked at Fu Yuanchuan with bright eyes.

Before he could speak, there was a hand in front of him.

Fu Yuanchuan’s index finger tapped the fish tank twice without making a sound.


He was still explaining the pros and cons of the document analysis, but his hand was pressed against the glass to play with the little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu thought about it and also reached out to press against Fu Yuanchuan’s fingertip.

And then, before he could touch it, his fingertip moved.

Jun Qingyu subconsciously followed in the direction of the moving finger.

He swam upwards and then held the other down!

But he missed in the end.

The fingertip circled on the glass and Jun Qingyu shook his tail to catch up.


Up and down.

Left and right.

Side to side.

The little mermaid’s speed in swimming was not slow, he could catch up quickly every single time.

Finally, with a sudden upward stroke of his finger, Jun Qingyu jumped out of the water and hugged him.

The fingertip in his embrace moved slightly, grazed the tip of the eyebrows and wiped the water droplets off them.

Incidentally, he tucked the strands of hair between his forehead behind his ears.

Jun Qingyu blinked.

The corner of his mouth slightly raised and he softly said, “Ee~ya~”

Fu Yuanchuan’s stern and cold appearance quickly flashed a smile.

He pulled his finger out and his fingertip tapped the little mermaid’s head.

He took the dried meat snack and fed it to the little mermaid’s mouth.

Jun Qingyu took a bite.

It was sweet, it should be dried meat with honey.

It wasn’t the dry type.

He was always hugging the dried fish while he was eating it.

If he ate the dried meat this way, by hugging it, he might get juice all over him.

Jun Qingyu planned to take a bite and then not eat anymore but Fu Yuanchuan held it up without letting go.

It seemed that he wanted to finish feeding him.

Jun Qingyu lay at the side of the fish tank and finished the whole piece of dried meat from Fu Yuanchuan’s hand.

Fu Yuanchuan wiped his hand and then opened a small bottle of fruit juice for him.

Once he swallowed the dried meat in his mouth, a drinking straw was pressed against the side of his mouth.

Jun Qingyu tasted it.

It was fruit and vegetable juice.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

The taste of fruits and vegetables were not great so there was not much to describe about the taste of fruit and vegetable juice.

Jun Qingyu only drank a sip and after that, no matter how much Fu Yuanchuan sought to feed him, he refused to drink.

Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan put away the fruit and vegetable juice and took out a piece of sugar to give to him.

It was a very small piece, just the right size for Jun Qingyu to eat.

The sweetness of the fruit drop dispersed the strange taste of the fruit and vegetable.

Jun Qingyu shook his tail and propped himself up to sit on the platform next to the fish tank.

As soon as he sat securely, he heard someone speaking.

“Boss, your family’s mermaid is so quiet.

Did you gag him”

Jun Qingyu: “”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “The little fish is relatively quiet.”

He only spoke when it was necessary.

“I don’t believe it unless you let me see it.”

Jun Qingyu took the initiative to poke his head out, “Eeeeeeee~”

There was a lot of ‘uwah’ shouted from the video.

Someone greeted Jun Qingyu, “Hey! Hello, little mermaid.”

Jun Qingyu only showed his face before diving underwater again.

Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan said, “The conference is over, go back and prepare.”


“Don’t worry Boss~I guarantee we will prepare properly.”

Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan ended the conference, Jun Qingyu floated to the surface and stretched out his arms, “Eeeeeeee.”

Although they haven’t been in contact for a long time, Fu Yuanchuan was already able to more or less guess what the little mermaid meant from his actions.

Fu Yuanchuan reached out his hand.

Jun Qingyu held his finger and jumped up with the buoyancy of the water.

His wet tail inevitably brought water onto his hand.

But Fu Yuanchuan did not wipe off the water on his hand.

The mermaid would be more comfortable in a wet environment.


Although underwater is the best place for the little mermaid to stay for a long duration of time, who told his family’s little fish to like nestling on his hand

Jun Qinyu placed his fishtail onto Fu Yuanchuan’s wrist and checked the condition of his body once again.

However, Jun Qingyu was stunned after the spiritual energy came back after revolving around once.

The spiritual energy he released into Fu Yuanchuan’s body was slowly disappearing.

The speed of it disappearing was very slow but it was obviously much less than the last time he checked.

What was going on here

The corner of Jun Qingyu’s mouth was slightly pursed.

He felt that Fu Yuanchuan’s illness wasn’t as simple as it appeared on the surface.

There should be something else.

Fu Yuanchuan sorted out his papers properly and went to the kitchen to prepare the little mermaid’s food for tomorrow.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “I’m going out first thing in the morning.

There will be someone coming to look after you.

You’ve met that person before.

It’s a person from the conference moments ago.

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu wanted to say that he doesn’t need to be taken care of.

He could waste his whole day away by soaking in the water.

Fu Yuanchuan placed three plates for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively.

He placed fewer fruits and vegetables as the little mermaid didn’t like to eat them.

Jun Qingyu was not interested in his food.

He held Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and concentrated on releasing spiritual energy.

He must replenish the spiritual energy lost.

If Fu Yuanchuan met the Zerg when he went out tomorrow, the probability of him having to fight was higher.

With the presence of spiritual energy, even if Fu Yuanchuan fell ill, the spiritual energy was enough to suppress ⬚⬚’s mental energy.1 It could also be regarded as adding a layer of protection to Fu Yuanchuan’s safety.

After Fu Yuanchuan was done preparing his food for tomorrow, he wanted to say something.

When he saw the little mermaid in the palm of his hand, he was shocked.

The little one curled up on his palm with his fishtail set aside.

From time to time, it would rub against his wrist.

The little mermaid looked very obedient like this.

Perceiving Fu Yuanchuan’s gaze, Jun Qingyu raised his head to look at him, “Eeeeeeee”

What’s the matter


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