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Chapter 51 Part 1

“If you think it doesn’t pass, then I can…Mmm!”

His unspoken words got crushed between his lips.

Jun Qingyu’s eyes widened unexpectedly and he was in a trance, with a sense of suffocation like he couldn’t breathe.

His soft and delicate kiss was strong but gentle.

Jun Qingyu raised his hands and wrapped them around Fu Yuanchuan’s neck, he closed his eyes and gave a gentle response before switching to a more excessive siege.

“Yuan, Yuanchuan…” Jun Qingyu uttered a few words with difficulty, but he didn’t have a chance to speak any more words.

His shallow breathing from his nostrils caused his chest to rise and fall constantly, and the corners of Jun Qingyu’s eyes were a little moist.

From Fu Yuanchuan’s perspective, the traces of redness at the corners of his eyes were rather beautiful.

The sound of someone knocking on the door came from outside and Jun Qingyu pushed him, “There’s someone there.


Fu Yuanchuan held onto his wrist and kissed him earnestly, ignoring the knock on the door coming from outside.

So Jun Qingyu could only turn his head to avoid his lips, “Someone is knocking on the door.


Fu Yuanchuan got avoided for a few times, so he simply didn’t pursue him anymore and kissed him softly on the side of his face.

Jun Qingyu thought it was over and nuzzled into his embrace, but the next moment, he was carried by Fu Yuanchuan in his arms from the chair, “Yuanchuan”

Just as his words fell from his lips, Jun Qingyu was placed on the office desk.

Fu Yuanchuan held Jun Qingyu in his arms, with his arms encircling his waist.

“Yuan…” Before he had the time to say anything, a passionate kiss did not give him any time to catch his breath.

In here, Jun Qingyu couldn’t avoid him even if he tried.

He could only lean in Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace, with his fingers trembling as he gripped his collar tightly, giving a subtle response from time to time.

By the time Fu Yuanchuan let go of him, Jun Qingyu’s eyes were filled with watery mist.

His lips were swollen and he took small breaths as he leaned powerlessly in Fu Yuanchuan’s arms.

Jun Qingyu subconsciously pursed his lips and he felt a tingling pain.

Fu Yuanchuan moved his hand and tucked the little fish’s hair on the side of his face that had been dampened by his tears behind his ears, “Would you like to go and wash your face”

Jun Qingyu buried his head into his arms and nodded lightly.

The knock on the door outside continued.

Fu Yuanchuan carried the little fish up horizontally and turned around to enter the compartment.

After he helped the little fish wash his face, sort out his hair and put everything in order, only did Fu Yuanchuan went out to open the door.

Jun Qingyu hugged a pillow and sat up against the headboard in a daze.

Things were developing too fast and the follow-up was completely like a feral horse without any reins, out of Jun Qingyu’s expectations.

In actuality, it wasn’t like he could not provide him with an explanation then, and give him a random reason.

Even if it was so shoddy that it didn’t make any sense, Fu Yuanchuan would still believe him.

But…oddly at that moment, he didn’t want to provide him with any justification.

Jun Qingyu thought about moments ago and the corners of his mouth couldn’t refrain from lifting slightly, but that action affected the sore spot on his lips.

He froze and made no further movements.

After a while, Fu Yuanchuan opened the door and came in.

Jun Qingyu looked behind him—there was no one there, so he asked, “Who was knocking on the door just now”

“Shi Kaixin.” Fu Yuanchuan opened a box of ice cream and handed it to him, “Try eating this and see if it’s good.”

Jun Qingyu took the ice cream and was not in a rush to eat it, “Is there anything wrong”

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head, “He’s just here to deliver a document.

It has been settled.”

Jun Qingyu didn’t ask any more questions about the matter that had been resolved and lowered his head to eat the box of ice cream.

Eating some cold stuff could slightly relieve the pain.

Jun Qingyu took a small bite.

It was obviously frozen stiff but it melted once it was in his mouth and it didn’t feel too sweet at all.

It was just the right taste.

“Why did you think of shopping for ice cream online” When the ice cream was delivered, it had a courier packaging and not a takeout packaging.

In other words, it was not bought anywhere in the vicinity.

He glanced at the delivery date on the outer packaging and it was the next day.

When the express delivery of the interstellar was so developed and it was still going to arrive the next day, it was enough to see how far the shipping origin was from the planet where it was purchased.

The shipping cost between the planets was not low, so if he bought ice cream like this, the shipping cost might be up to one-third of the price of ice cream.

Fu Yuanchuan threw away the ice cream packaging and sat next to the little fish, “I saw that you liked the ice cream from the amusement park the last time and they all said that Planet C’s ice cream is delicious, so I bought a few for you to try.”

Jun Qingyu froze as he ate a spoonful.

At that time, he hadn’t even had ice cream for such a long time, plus the taste was really good, that was why he thought that it was great.

He didn’t expect Fu Yuanchuan to buy so much ice cream for him.

He saw how big the box was earlier and Fu Yuanchuan said he bought a few

but judging from its size, Jun Qingyu feels that Fu Yuanchuan’s reference to a few should refer to several flavours.

As for how many boxes of each flavour he had bought, he had no idea.

Jun Qingyu scooped a spoonful and fed it to Fu Yuanchuan, “It’s delicious.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan only tasted a mouthful, “Eat it.

We’ll go home once you’re finished.”

The leftover ice cream was placed in a special cooler box and it wouldn’t melt in a short time so there was no need to worry.

Jun Qingyu nodded and said, “Okay.”

A small box of ice cream wouldn’t take long even if he ate it slowly.

And after he was done eating, his mouth didn’t feel any pain at all.

When they went out, Jun Qingyu noticed that the lights of the meditation room next to the office were lit up.

It seemed like someone was inside, but he didn’t see anyone there before.

Seeing that the little fish was a little absent-minded, Fu Yuanchuan asked, “What are you looking at”

Jun Qingyu retracted his gaze, “It’s nothing, let’s go.”


When they got home, Fu Yuanchuan went straight upstairs to his office.

Jun Qingyu followed after him quizzically, “Is there anything else that hasn’t been dealt with”

Why did he rush to the office as soon as he got home

“Nope, it has all been settled.” Fu Yuanchuan opened a drawer and rummaged through it, “I’m here to get something.”

Jun Qingyu leaned against the door and tilted his head to look at him, “What are you getting”


With that said, Fu Yuanchuan took out a small tube of ointment from the drawer and took another small bowl, which was approximately the length of two fingers.

He squeezed the ointment into the small bowl, added some crushed powder and stirred them well.

Jun Qingyu felt that Fu Yuanchuan’s technique felt a bit like dispensing a prescription medicine, “You also know how to do this.”

“I’ve used it before.

It’s anti-inflammatory and reduces blood stasis.

I’ll apply some for you.”

Jun Qingyu felt that the pain was completely tolerable and there was no need to apply some medicine.

He didn’t know what Fu Yuanchuan was doing with those things just now, so he didn’t stop him.

“Come here.” Fu Yuanchuan dipped a cotton swab into it.

It was already done and it would be a waste of his efforts if he didn’t use it.

Jun Qingyu walked over, Fu Yuanchuan applied a thin layer of medicine on his mouth.

The feeling was not very distinct but when he raised his head slightly, he couldn’t see Fu Yuanchuan’s movements clearly, so he asked, “Are you done”

“Yes.” Fu Yuanchuan threw the cotton swab away.

Jun Qingyu subconsciously pursed his lips so that he could spread the medicine more evenly and it was inevitable that he would taste the medicine.

It was a little bit sweet and he didn’t taste anything else.

In short, there was no bitter taste.

The medicine would automatically form a membrane after a while and it would not affect him when he ate and drank anything.

The ointment was stirred when needed and the quantity used was not a lot, but the quantity Fu Yuanchuan prepared was just right and it was used up.

After the feeling of the ointment on his mouth was completely gone, Jun Qingyu asked, “Can I have some ice cream”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “You have already eaten one box today.”

The ice cream he bought was for the little fish, but he definitely could not eat too much of it in a day.

Jun Qingyu looked at Fu Yuanchuan meekly, “Then can I have another one”


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