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Chapter 51 Part 2

His words of refusion took a turn before it came out of his mouth and it came out as, “…That’s the last one.”

“Great!” Jun Qingyu turned around and went downstairs, picked a chocolate-flavoured one from the assemblage of ice cream before he sat down on the sofa to eat it.

He turned his light brain on and searched for information about the mermaid breeding base.

All the things he could search on the Internet were what the mermaid breeding base wanted him to see.

There weren’t too many details and the rest of it required Fu Yuanchuan to send people out to check them out.

Jun Qingyu also simply wanted to take a quick look at when the mermaid breeding base discovered that Zergs would appear in mermaid eggs.

He recorded the time period; this would come in useful in the future.

After that was done, Jun Qingyu suddenly remembered that he still had to send some desserts to Wen Chengyao’s sister this afternoon.

He slept too late yesterday, anticipating that he would not be able to get up in time, then he amended the time with the other ahead of time and said that it would be sent over this afternoon.

It just so happened that he could also check on her body’s absorption of spiritual energy and his recorded data should get updated too.

The most important thing was that he had to set a time.

He planned to set out with Fu Yuanchuan to attack the Zergs.

Although he couldn’t get to where the Zergs were according to his plan, in the end, he couldn’t even see Fu Yuanchuan for a few days even if he made trips back and forth.

Jun Qingyu didn’t like that he couldn’t see Fu Yuanchuan for too long.

Moreover, it was also troublesome when he made Shi Kaixin create a problem to make the spaceship stop previously.

It was much better for him to head over, restore his appearance as a mermaid after stopping the spaceship and in due course, they couldn’t even find the person to be held accountable for it even if they wanted to.

No matter how they fabricate an enemy or how someone targets Fu Yuanchuan on purpose and sends someone to follow his battleship to cause a ruckus, the imperial leader wouldn’t be able to hold him accountable even if they wanted to when the time came.

No matter how he saw it, it was much more convenient for him to go than Shi Kaixin.

It was just that how would he go there when the time came…Jun Qingyu felt that he still had to refine this plan.

At the moment that he saw Fu Yuanchuan coming over, Jun Qingyu said, “Yuanchuan, tell me when you have set a time to leave.”

“Ok.” For such a trifling matter, Fu Yuanchuan naturally complied with the little fish’s wish.

“Are you free later I have to go to the dessert store.” If Fu Yuanchuan was not free, he could just go there alone.

“Yes, I’m free this afternoon.” To be exact, he had nothing up the entire day.

In spite that the imperial leader’s side was pressing him urgently, the time for preparation was still left to him and as for those urges, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t care about them.

Matters that were completely up to him and them urging him, he dismissed them.

Compared to before, he had more free time now.

It was not the appointed time yet and Jun Qingyu wasn’t in so much of a hurry.

They still had time and including the time for the journey there, it was still too early, so he lay on the sofa and got some shut-eye.

It was time for a nap, but he just didn’t feel sleepy.

He closed his eyes and recovered his spiritual energy to prepare to go out in the afternoon.

When they arrived at the dessert store, it was ten minutes earlier than the appointed time.

Jun Qingyu prepared those dishes as per usual.

This time, he filled in the records ahead of time and added the date in the part that was vacant.

To pay special attention, this was the amount of time for the absorption of the universal life energy.

Not long after they came in, the door of the dessert store was pushed open again.

Jun Qingyu took a quick look, it was only Wen Chengyao’s sister.

His previous plan was temporarily put off.

He told Wen Chengyao that he could come back first and there was more than enough time for him to go back there when he notified him to take action, but it seemed that Wen Chengyao had not returned.

Even so, there was no way to guess.

What if he had come back, but he just didn’t follow her here

Jun Qingyu asked, “Your brother hasn’t come back”

Yaoyao shook her head, sat down at her usual seat and said, “He came back before, but he didn’t stay for too long.

He feared that if he wasn’t there, some kind of trouble might occur so he went back.”

He managed to get the arrangements done, and if something went wrong because of him leaving for a day or two—don’t speak of how others would react—it would make Wen Chengyao’s blood boil.

After waiting for such a long time, there was only a day or two left.

Jun Qingyu lifted his eyebrows when he heard this, his attitude was not bad.

Just as he was thinking about it, Jun Qingyu was fed a piece of strawberry and he ate a bite.

Somehow, he remembered the smoothie Fu Yuanchuan made for him last time.

Jun Qingyu asked while eating the piece of strawberry, “Can I have a smoothie later”

“No.” Fu Yuanchuan refused him firmly this time, “You can’t eat too much cold food in one day.”

Eating two boxes of ice cream a day was already the limit.

Jun Qingyu just thought of it on a whim, he didn’t really want to eat it so when he was rejected, he said, “Okay.

Then remember to make me a smoothie tomorrow.”

“All right.”

Yaoyao looked at the two of them.

Their relationship was obviously not much different from previously but somehow, it appeared to be a bit different.

Yaoyao tilted her head, she just couldn’t understand where this subtle difference came from.

After the desserts were served, Yaoyao didn’t think twice about it anymore.

The other desserts were served by Fu Yuanchuan and the last plate of mixed fruits was served by Jun Qingyu.

In a situation where he has sufficient spiritual energy, he could use his universal life energy without getting discovered.

On top of that, it didn’t take long, it was the kind where universal life energy just flited past.

Returning to the checkout counter, Jun Qingyu recorded her data and it was indeed the same as what he had expected.

After a short duration of not taking in universal life energy, her body recovered faster than with continuous intake.

In that case, it was feasible for him to leave for a period of time.

It was only about a week at most.

Although he could not consume any smoothie, he could eat cut fruits.

Fu Yuanchuan cut a plate for the little fish and did not add anything.

It was also delicious to eat it like this.

Yaoyao still finished her share quietly and then thanked him before she left.

Jun Qingyu didn’t speak of abstaining from his food at all, but he wanted to wait for Fu Yuanchuan’s end to set a time for departure.

Thus, Jun Qingyu told Yaoyao, in order to prevent the time from being incorrect at that time, disrupting his plan.

Jun Qingyu ate some strawberries as he typed the last character on his computer before getting up and stretching.

He turned around and said with a smile, “I’m done!”

The moment he looked back, the traces of the kiss left on my lips in the morning were very obvious and the little fish’s face had a smile that drew people in.

Looking at Jun Qingyu, Fu Yuanchuan’s expression had a subtle change and he said softly, “…I want to kiss you.”

Even though the ointment had been applied, its traces would not vanish easily, so kissing might hurt.

Fu Yuanchuan was just thinking about it, “Does it still hurt”

Jun Qingyu pursed his lower lip.

He nodded his head before he shook it.

There was still a slight pain, but it was not very distinct.

Fu Yuanchuan carried the ointment with him and was about to take it out to put some medicine on him again.

When he saw the little fish nodding and shaking his head, he inexplicably wanted to tease him, “If it hurts, do I still give you a kiss”

He was just asking and did not intend to get a response.

After hearing those words and considering it, he locked the dessert store with the digital lock at hand and even pulled down the blinds to block off anyone’s line of sight.

After it was done, he walked over and sat on Fu Yuanchuan’s lap.

Fu Yuanchuan was still hesitant, but he still wrapped his arms around the little fish’s waist.

He was going to ask what was wrong when he heard the little mermaid saying as he looked at him meekly, “Then kiss me gently.”


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