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Chapter 52

After saying that, Jun Qingyu slightly raised his head and came forward to wait for a kiss.

The depths of Fu Yuanchuan’s eyes were full of tenderness and there was a subtle movement on his throat.

His hands wrapped around his waist couldn’t help tightening, but he also controlled his strength.

The tender kiss ended up being just a light kiss on his lips, “Okay.”

When he spoke, his voice was inexplicably hoarse.

Fu Yuanchuan gave a light cough, and while holding the person in his arms, he helped him to apply some medicine as he said, “Let’s go back since we’re done here.”

“Mhm, I’ll make a copy of the information.”

“All right.”

After they were done, they headed back home.

When the suspension car was still some distance away from the villa, Jun Qingyu thought for a while and said, “Let’s get down here and take a walk back.”

Besides, there was nothing to do when they got home at this time.

It was better to take a walk outside and look at the scenery.

Fu Yuanchuan set the suspension car to autopilot mode, it would drive back to the villa according to the route and drive to the car park.

After getting out of the car, Jun Qingyu walked slowly while holding Fu Yuanchuan’s hand.

The people living in this villa area were not ordinary people and not only that, there were very few people living here.

There was no special property management, but someone was specially sent over to take care of this greenery.

After walking along this quiet path for a while, the further they went inside, the more luxuriant the trees grew.

It didn’t take long before there was a faint sign of wind.

The wind in this season was a bit colder since it was almost winter.

Jun Qingyu usually doesn’t pay much attention to the time of the seasonal change, his focus was solely on Fu Yuanchuan and he only divided a small portion to deal with other matters.

After a few steps, Jun Qingyu’s shoulders warmed up and he subconsciously looked up at Fu Yuanchuan.

Fu Yuanchuan only wore a thin shirt and his dark coat was already draped over him.


“It’s getting windy.”

Jun Qingyu raised his hand to take off the coat, “You gave your coat to me, but you’re wearing so little.

What should I do if you catch a cold”

“I won’t.” Minor illnesses like colds or fevers had never had anything to do with Fu Yuanchuan.

Fu Yuanchuan pressed down Jun Qingyu’s hand and asked, “Do your legs hurt”

They just walked like this without paying attention to the time.

He just took a glimpse and found that they had been walking for nearly more than half an hour.

“No…” After a pause, Jun Qingyu blinked and simply said, “It hurts!”

After saying that, he spread his arms, his meaning was very obvious.

A little smile appeared on Fu Yuanchuan’s face.

He princess carried the little fish and walked slowly in the direction of their home.

The mission of attacking the Zergs fell onto Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulders and there was no news from the imperial leader for a few days.

When the news came through, it got downplayed by the understatements Fu Yuanchuan prepared before he deployed his soldiers.

After pressing it down for more than ten days in a row and seeing that the imperial leader was almost unable to hold back, only did Fu Yuanchuan give out an order to set the departure time.

Early in the morning, the bedroom curtains had not been drawn and the heavy curtains blocked most of the sunlight.

Fu Yuanchuan was still asleep when Jun Qingyu woke up.

In the past, it was always Fu Yuanchuan who woke up first.

Jun Qingyu rested in his embrace, thinking about whether to get up first to pack his things but before he could make a move, Fu Yuanchuan woke up.

He watched as Fu Yuanchuan opened his eyes, even Fu Yuanchuan had a moment of confusion when he first woke up.

Jun Qingyu smiled and raised his head to kiss him, “Morning~”

“Morning.” Fu Yuanchuan drew his arms closer and hugged the little fish in his arms tighter, his voice was hoarse as he asked, “Why did you wake up so early today”

In the past few days, the little fish slept until it was almost in the afternoon before he woke up.

Seeing that he was awake, Jun Qingyu stopped lying down, got up and said, “You’re leaving in the afternoon.

Don’t you have to make preparations ahead of time today”

All the clothes and other necessities that need to be prepared in the past few days have to be brought.

After all, on a battleship, there was no chance to wear service uniforms but rather, various types of interstellar military uniforms.

Jun Qingyu has always felt that the interstellar military uniform looks very good on Fu Yuanchuan.

When attending various occasions, the interstellar military uniforms worn were different, but they could wear them as they wished on the battleship.

In the past, Fu Yuanchuan prepared these things on his own before setting off.

Now, Jun Qingyu took on this task.

After he washed up, Jun Qingyu worked on it in front of the closet.

The battleship was fully equipped but being outside is definitely not as convenient as at home.

All the things that should be prepared had to be stuffed into a suitcase.

The capacity of interstellar suitcases was not proportional to their exterior measurements.

He folded his clothes, compressing them into the suitcase.

Fu Yuanchuan came up once he prepared breakfast, “Let’s eat first.”

“Go on without me, I’m not hungry.” Jun Qingyu filled half of the suitcase and the wardrobe was almost emptied by him.

There was a washing machine on the battleship, and it could dry his clothes quickly and it only took ten minutes to wash a piece of clothing.

It was reasonable to say that there was no need to bring so many clothes.

Nevertheless, the little fish was very enthusiastic about packing his clothes for him, so he didn’t say anything and just brought a few more sets of clothes.

Yet…he couldn’t do without any food.

Fu Yuanchuan walked over, put his hands under his knees, and directly carried Jun Qingyu up.

“Ah!” With a short and hurried exclamation, Jun Qingyu put his arms around Fu Yuanchuan’s neck, “I haven’t finished packing it yet.”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Let’s eat first, it’s not like my clothes can run away.”

Jun Qingyu didn’t feel hungry yet.

He was probably so focused on other matters, so much that he supposed he didn’t feel any hunger.

During his meal, Jun Qingyu took his light brain out and sent a message to Wen Chengyao.

Once Fu Yuanchuan left, it was time to start preparing for the commotion there.

Wen Chengyao: [I didn’t get any news from you for so long, I thought you had forgotten about me.

Don’t worry, I promise it will be a sure-fire.]

Jun Qingyu replied to him with an emoticon and put down his light brain.

After lunch, Jun Qingyu went back to pack his clothes.

Fu Yuanchuan was doing a final task deployment in his study.

The items in his study room were more complete than those on his office desk in their bedroom.

Most of the time, he dealt with documents in their bedroom.

Jun Qingyu organized all the necessities into a box and it was neatly done.

Each portion had a special place for the same kind of thing.

They were obvious with a glance when Fu Yuanchuan had to look for them.

After he was done, Jun Qingyu buckled the box and crammed it so tightly that it wouldn’t get messed up when it stood upright.

Fu Yuanchuan still had not come back from his study room; he was probably held back by some matter.

With nothing to do, Jun Qingyu stayed in their bedroom and felt bored, so he simply went downstairs to cut a plate of fruits and went to find Fu Yuanchuan with it.

Afraid that Fu Yuanchuan would have a teleconference inside, Jun Qingyu knocked on the door before he entered and only went in after getting a response.

“You’re still not done yet You have been busy for a long time today.” These days Fu Yuanchuan had simply been using his light brain to process information and had not sat at his desk for a long duration of time.

For him to get busy all of a sudden, Jun Qingyu was a little unaccustomed to it.

“I’m finished with packing your luggage, how long will it take for you to be done It’s almost time to set off.” Jun Qingyu sat next to Fu Yuanchuan and fed him a piece of strawberry, “Is it sweet”

“It’s rather sweet.” Fu Yuanchuan zeroed in on the virtual sand table and the uploaded data showed that 80% of it had been uploaded, “I just need to wait for the data to be integrated and I’ll be done.”

Jun Qingyu took a look and felt that it would not take long so he said, “Then I’ll take your suitcase down first.”

When Fu Yuanchuan was done, he could just get in the car.

Fu Yuanchuan grabbed him in a hurry, “It’s too heavy.

Don’t hurt your hands, I’ll move it down myself later.”

Everything was compressed and put in.

Although it occupied less space, the volume became larger and it was heavier when it was picked up.

“I won’t.” Jun Qingyu had tried the weight of the suitcase after loading it, but it didn’t feel heavy.

Perhaps a mermaid was not very clear about the distinction of strength.

“I think that I can move it.” It was just a suitcase.

It doesn’t take much effort to drag it out and put it in the lift, then move it to the car outside.

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head and didn’t say anything else about the suitcase.

Instead, he just carried the little fish and put him onto his lap, “Have some fruit first, Shi Kaixin will come over later to take you to see the battleship.”

Jun Qingyu ate some chunks of apples and responded vaguely, “Okay.”

He wasn’t very interested in seeing battleships, but he was rather interested in boarding one.

The amount of fruits on the plate wasn’t much and by the time the progress bar of the data uploaded reached 100%, the fruits on the plate happened to be finished.

Fu Yuanchuan turned off the virtual computer and handed the mask the little fish he used when he went out, “Let’s go downstairs.”

Jun Qingyu stood at the window and peered down.

It should be Shi Kaixin’s car that had arrived and was parked downstairs.

Shi Kaixin got out of the car to carry the luggage, and he was stunned when he saw Jun Qingyu and Fu Yuanchuan coming out together.

This…Jun Qingyu was coming along

Shi Kaixin was confused and dumbfounded.

Tell me, if you wanted to follow along, why did you give me such a difficult task to complete

Before Jun Qingyu could understand the meaning of Shi Kaixin’s expression, Shi Kaixin went to the back to place the luggage.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Get in the car first.”


After putting the luggage away, Shi Kaixin was the last one to come up.

He looked at Jun Qingyu in the car and asked, “Marshal, do you need me to make a temporary ID”

Though he was looking at Jun Qingyu as he spoke, he was asking Fu Yuanchuan.

The identification of everyone on the battleship was brand new random numbers set up shortly before their departure.

This was also to make sure that the identity of those who boarded the battleship had no abnormalities.

If they didn’t have that identification, they were not allowed to be signed in.

Before Fu Yuanchuan spoke, Jun Qing refuted him, “No, I don’t need it.”

“Huh” Shi Kaixin raised his eyebrows.

You’re not boarding

Jun Qingyu nodded his head, realising that Shi Kaixin had misunderstood something and he repeated, “I don’t need it.”

Not boarding is not boarding, not needing it is not needing it.

He could not confuse one thing with the other.

Shi Kaixin seemed to understand.

The battleship hovered above the office building and one could go directly to the top of the building with the lift in the building.

It was enormous and when one looked at it from downstairs, the side of it could not be seen with a glance.

The entire building was shrouded in shadows, and even the open space was covered with a somewhat cloudy feeling.

In addition to battleships in interstellar wars, mechas were also used.

Jun Qingyu hadn’t seen Fu Yuanchuan driving a mecha yet and he wouldn’t really fight with the Zergs this time.

The probability of him using a mecha was not high, but there would definitely be a chance to see it on a genuine battlefield in the future.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Let’s go up first.”

Jun Qingyu was about to nod his head when he saw Shi Kaixin taking out the luggage and Jun Qingyu conveniently picked it up.

Looking at the little mermaid who helped to pass the luggage over, Fu Yuanchuan vaguely felt that something was wrong.

When he went out this time, the little fish actually did not want to follow along

His past experiences told him that some things were far from being as simple as they seemed.

Fu Yuanchuan pushed the luggage aside.

He put his arm around the little fish and stroked his head.

He asked, “You won’t follow me secretly after I leave, will you”

“Of course not.” Jun Qingyu raised his head in his arms and looked at him innocently, “I’m well-behaved.”

As soon as he closed the trunk and walked to the front, Shi Kaisin happened to hear this sentence, “”

What nonsense are you talking about


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