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Chapter 53 Part 1

Perceiving Shi Kaixin’s stunned gaze, Jun Qingyu endearingly buried his head into Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace and cast a sidelong glance at him.

Shi Kaixin hurriedly covered up his embarrassment with a cough and hurriedly ran to the front to open the door.

Fu Yuanchuan looked down at the little fish in his arms.

He wanted to say something but felt that it wasn’t very helpful to say anything.

After thinking it over, he just patted the little fish’s head in the end, “Take care.”

“Don’t worry.” Jun Qingyu said with a smile, “I will protect myself.”

The little fish was always the best when it came to the matter of being well-behaved.

It was just that…whether he did as he promised, that was another matter.

Fu Yuanchuan thought for a while and said, “I’ll take you on board the battleship to have a look.”

“Hmm” Jun Qingyu was flabbergasted.

He had planned to wait for Fu Yuanchuan to get on the battleship before he followed him up.

Why did he suddenly want to take him on board the battleship

Jun Qingyu asked, “Aren’t you leaving soon Won’t that waste some time”

The battleship was so big that even if they didn’t look around the entire place, it would take a lot of time to walk around several places, and it would be troublesome to board it and get off of it later.

Fu Yuanchuan said lightly, “Don’t fret.”

Besides, at a time like this, it didn’t matter if it was an hour earlier or later.

Previously, Jun Qingyu had thought of exploring the battleship slowly for the fuel chamber; he had seen the layout of the battleship.

That was classified but Fu Yuanchuan has never been guarded against him.

It was just that even if he had seen the layout of the battleship before, it did not necessarily mean that he could find the fuel chamber.

If he went on board to take a look, it would be easier for him to find it later.

Wanting to figure that out, Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s arm and said, “Let’s go on board to have a look then.”


The battleship hovered above and a staircase was placed at the entryway.

There was no one on the roof, thus Jun Qingyu thought that Shi Kaixin should have come up ahead of them to organise the people boarding the battleship.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for it to be so deserted here.

The width of the stairs was only enough to accommodate one person up or down and it could not accommodate two people side by side.

Fu Yuanchuan asked Jun Qingyu to walk in front of him and he protected him behind, “Slow down.”

The gradient of the stairs was a little steep.

After all, it was a retractable staircase, and it was different in width and height from the stairs of a normal house.

However, this difference had little effect on Jun Qingyu.

As he walked up, he could see Fu Yuanchuan’s hand on his waist when he looked down.

Jun Qingyu smiled and asked, “Will you catch me if I fall”

“I won’t let you fall.”

Listening to Fu Yuanchuan’s confident words, Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved up, and when walked up the last step, he turned around to reach out to Fu Yuanchuan.

Fu Yuanchuan grasped his hand and held it up, “Before we take off, everyone will stay in their room.

There are six people in each room and there is someone dedicated to the management of checking the number of people and other issues.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

It would be easier to manage them when they were divided into groups.

If not, it would be too easy for one or two to infiltrate when a large number of people were gathered together.

At present before takeoff, there was no one in the corridor.

In all livelihood, they were only allowed to come out when the flight was stable after takeoff.

It was great if there was no one there, it would be more convenient for him to act later.

Jun Qingyu shifted the mask on his face.

If possible, he didn’t even want others to see him wearing a mask.

It was adequate to maintain a ‘truly’ problematic identity and then disappear to leave behind some suspense.

Shi Kaixin arranged everything and was going to come over but around the corner, he saw those two holding their hands.

He stopped in his footsteps immediately and after thinking about it, he still didn’t approach them.

Fu Yuanchuan noticed his movement over there, and only spared a glance before he retracted his gaze and brought Jun Qingyu upstairs, “This is the lounge.

I will usually stay here for an extended period of time.”

Only when it was necessary to command them, other than those times, he spent his time in his room, inclusive of his meal times.

Shi Kaixin would deliver them on time.

Jun Qingyu nodded and simply stood at the doorway to take a look, the room was rather spacious.

Ultimately, Fu Yuanchuan was the supreme commander of the battleship and the place where he resides would definitely not be too small.

Moreover, there were no small rooms set up around the lounge, it must be to ensure that it was quiet here.

After looking at the lounge, Fu Yuanchuan led Jun Qingyu along the corridor.

The interior of the battleships was not as breathtaking as it looked on the outside.

It felt like the seats in an aeroplane were removed and partitioned into rooms with walls.

It also felt a bit like a cruise ship.

After looking at these, Fu Yuanchuan opened some more hidden passageways.

Jun Qingyu tilted his head and felt that something was amiss.

Nevertheless, Fu Yuanchuan calmly explained all the jurisdiction of the passageways to Jun Qingyu, “That’s about it.

Do you still want to have a look at other places”

Jun Qingyu saw that it was getting late, so he didn’t delay Fu Yuanchuan anymore, “Let’s not see them, I should get going.”

He had already integrated the layout with the battleship on-site.

Fu Yuanchuan nodded and said, “Ok, let me walk you down.”

“There’s no need, I’ll just go down by myself.” Originally, Jun Qingyu didn’t plan to come up and would use his space to come aboard when the battleship was taking off.

But now that everyone has already boarded, he just has to find a place to hide and wait for it to take off.

Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan and kissed him, “Remember to miss me.”

Fu Yuanchuan responded softly, “Okay.”

“I’ll get going!” As he said that, Jun Qingyu smiled and waved his hand, turned around and ran back in the direction they came from.

The pathway was simple, he just had to walk to the end and go down the stairs.

Until Jun Qingyu walked out of Fu Yuanchuan’s line of sight, only did he turn around and enter the information of Jun Qingyu’s light brain into the jurisdiction.

When his light brain accessed the passageways, there would be default security.

Jun Qingyu did not run right out but swiped the door open.

He didn’t leave.

He used his light brain to interfere with the surveillance and then he hid under a blind spot of the surveillance.

This way, the battleship would be acquiescent that he had left.

Shi Kaixin came to check before the battleship took off, but Jun Qingyu was nowhere to be found.

Not long after Shi Kaixin had left, he sensed the battleship slowly taking off.

The fuel chamber was entirely closed during takeoff, and it would not be opened until the flight was stable and someone would fill it with fuel on schedule.

Filling it with fuel was done manually and they would test the fuel once before filling it in and test once more every time they filled it in.

After all, if there was a problem with the fuel, something would definitely happen to the battleship.

When it was about time, Jun Qingyu walked out of his hiding spot.

He went around to the fuel chamber and hid there.

The sequence in which people on the battleship could act was the patrollers, then the guards and lastly, the soldiers of the corps.

Jun Qingyu arrived at the fuel chamber before the patrol moved and he went in as soon as the fuel chamber was opened.

This way, no one would come in until it was time for the fuel to be filled.

Jun Qingyu prepared timed electronic explosives and placed them in the fuel chamber to simulate an accident.

If something happened to the fuel chamber, it must stop and land nearby for inspection.

With the battleship stopping and taking off, coupled with the inspection time, it would definitely be enough time for Wen Chengyao’s end to cause a disturbance.

Yet, just as he took out the electronic explosives, the door handle was pushed down.

Jun Qingyu’s eyebrows lifted and he hastily took his items and hid behind the machine.

Now that the patrol team has not come out, it was impossible for ordinary interstellar soldiers to come here.

There was something amiss with this person…

Jun Qingyu silently hid behind the machine and didn’t make a sound, just waiting as he watched the other party’s movements.

The man stopped where he was standing earlier, took out something similar to the electronic explosive in his hand and placed it on the table.

While the man crouched down to fiddle with it, Jun Qingyu took a closer look.

It was a little similar but not the same.

The man even wore the epaulette of a second lieutenant.

Who sent this person

Jun Qingyu couldn’t think of it for a period of time, considering that Fu Yuanchuan had offended many people.

Seeing that the other party was about to stick it on and turn on the switch, Jun Qingyu lightened his footsteps, approached him slowly and whispered from behind him, “Are you right in the middle of something”

“Who!” The man’s hand trembled and he almost didn’t hold it steadily.

He hurriedly grasped it and looked at Jun Qingyu coldly.

The first thing the man did when he saw that someone else in the fuel chamber was to hold the other accountable, “Who allowed you to stay in the fuel chamber at this hour!”

Soon after, he found that he didn’t seem to be wearing the uniform of the corps.

He put down the item in his hand and turned his hand to smack Jun Qingyu.

Jun Qingyu easily clasped his wrist and kicked upwards.

As they fought in the fuel chamber, both of them made no sound in tacit understanding.

The man was beaten several times, his face was red and swollen, but he gritted his teeth without uttering a word.

Jun Qingyu harboured suspicions before but now, it was confirmed that there was something wrong with the other party.

Otherwise, when a man found someone in the chamber, the first thing he ought to do was to call for help instead of sneaking around.

Thinking of it this way, Jun Qingyu didn’t hold back.

The man dared to take the initiative to attack because he felt that the very thin and weak looking person in front of him was not his opponent, but after a few moves, he found that he couldn’t ward off his blows at all.

“Puff——Cough! Stop it!”

Jun Qingyu ignored him and threw the person to the ground.

He clapped his hands and said lightly, “Who sent you here”

The man gritted his teeth, “It’s your turn to interrogate me——Hiss!”

Jun Qingyu didn’t even expect to get much out with a single sentence, it was more like a mere formality.

There was a cord for the fuel on the table.

Jun Qingyu took the cord and tied the man’s hands behind his back with it.

The man was tied up with a sullen expression and said harshly, “I warn you, you can’t afford to provoke the people behind me.

No matter which faction you come from, you’d better think clearly before doing anything.”

Jun Qingyu ignored what he said and looked down at the items brought by the man.

They were heavy and they should be real explosives.

Before this item could start, Jun Qingyu simply dismantled it on the spot and let it be scrapped.

When the man saw that, he panicked and quickly shouted, “Hey, you——”

After shouting and realising that he had to keep quiet, he said in a muffled voice, “We have our own masters and there is no conflict in what we’re going to do.

You don’t need to offend me, put down those items.

We can discuss what benefits you want.”

Jun Qingyu ignored him.

“Do you hear me”

Jun Qingyu shrugged his shoulders, “Wearing the uniform of the corps and doing this sort of underhanded betrayal.

You’re not thinking straight.”

“Spare me the nonsense, put down those items.”

“Do you hear me I’m talking to you.”


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