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Chapter 53 Part 2

Jun Qingyu knitted his brows, the man behind was chattering like a broken recorder.

After unscrewing two screws, he was still talking.

Jun Qingyu ran out of patience, grabbed the fountain pen on the table, turned his hand and moved it to the front of the man’s eyes.

The nib of the pen rushed straight to his eyeball and the man was stunned for a moment.

He widened his eyes and stayed in place.

Jun Qingyu held the fountain pen a little closer and said coldly, “Keep quiet, understand”

The man nodded his head lightly in a daze.

Jun Qingyu placed the fountain pen back and continued to dismantle the explosive with his head lowered.

He didn’t know how to handle this thing but fortunately, there was no danger as it did not start and he could just mess around with it and break it.

He wasn’t familiar with using the tools so Jun Qingyu broke them by hand and broke them into pieces.

As he watched, he couldn’t make out what was happening live.

The man stared at Jun Qingyu unwaveringly, his hands constantly making small movements behind his back.

Yet the quality of the cord used to bind the fuel was extraordinary, along with the binding technique as well as the bizarre knots, it could not be untied and it could not be forcefully ripped off; the man was furious.

Jun Qingyu put the broken one into a corner, he would deal with it when he had time.

Then he began to work on his own fake one.

Because it was a fake one and so the choice of location was particularly important.

As he was working on it, the sound of footsteps came from outside.

Jun Qingyu glanced over at the fuel, which displayed that it was sufficient and it was not time to fill the fuel, thus no one should come.

As such, Jun Qingyu just left it alone and concentrated on his own business.

As a result, he heard someone from outside say, ‘Open the door.’

Jun Qingyu: “”

What do you mean by open the door

Jun Qingyu was taken aback and looked at the man lying on the ground.

Could it be that Fu Yuanchuan realised something and set this person up

Either way, the most important thing was to hide first.

Before the door opened, Jun Qingyu hurriedly hid behind the machine with the other party.

The man was taken aback for a moment, “Save——”

Seeing someone coming in, Jun Qingyu grabbed the paper on the table, crumpled it into a ball to shove it into his mouth.

The man spared no effort to struggle as he pressed his lips unwaveringly, Jun Qingyu bent his knee and hit him directly in the abdomen.


Jun Qingyu stuffed the paper ball in the moment he opened his mouth.

There was silence but the shouting earlier seemed to have attracted the attention of the person outside.

“Who’s in there”

The item that Jun Qingyu prepared in his possession had not been used yet and that item he had just worked on was half-done and in his hand.

After thinking about it, he simply glued it to a hidden place at the back.

He didn’t have the time to turn on any of the other functions and it was not the optimal place he chose.

There might be an impact on the effect but it could barely serve its purpose.

After it was set, Jun Qingyu dragged the man out, intending to take him to Fu Yuanchuan.

As a result, the moment he got up, the man immediately rolled out.

At the same time, the door of the fuel chamber was opened and the patroller stood at the door.

“Wuuuuu…Ptooie, ptooie!” The man was lying on the ground, with his hands tied behind him and he was a little worse for wear with a paper ball in his mouth.

His mouth was so stuffed that it could not move and he looked extremely miserable.

The captain was stunned when he saw this, “Second lieutenant Second Lieutenant Xiang Xiuhua”

The man nodded vigorously, “Wuuuuu!”

Jun Qingyu leaned against the cabinet door with his hand folded over his chest, listening to the name and he looked at the man on the ground contemptuously.

You’re still a second lieutenant

A second lieutenant and you’re doing this kind of thing

What he put there was fake, but what Xiang Xiuhua put there was the real thing.

Xiang Xiuhua had the intention to blow up the battleship.

No one would not die, but if there wasn’t a battleship, Fu Yuanchuan would be held accountable.

When the time came, he would be in trouble if his Achilles heel was grasped by the imperial leader.

The captain of the patrol team raised his hand to let his team members rescue Xiang Xiuhua, then he pointed a gun at Jun Qingyu, “Who are you Your name, age and why you are here.”

Jun Qingyu was just about to explain, “I…”

However, just as he spoke, the restrictions on Xiang Xiuhua’s hands were untied and he pulled out the paper in his mouth and shouted, “He’s a spy who has mixed in! I saw him sneaking towards the fuel chamber, and when I followed him in, I saw him placing timed explosives in the fuel chamber and he was caught red-handed by me!”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

He pulled a good one by framing him, he had a quick mind.

Jun Qingyu looked at Xiang Xiuhua’s interstellar uniform and explained hopelessly, “He put the explosives.”

However, it was obvious that in this situation, the people patrolling would believe Xiang Xiuhua’s words more.

Compared to Xiang Xiuhua, who boarded the battleship with a proper identity, Jun Qingyu was the one who seemed suspicious to them.

“This matter is of great importance, I want to report it to the marshal!” Xiang Xiuhua coughed violently, not only because of the failure of his task but also because of the humiliation of being beaten to the ground by Jun Qingyu.

Xiang Xiuhua and his dignified self was actually stuffed with a ball of paper into his mouth!

No sooner had the words left his mouth than Xiang Xiuhua felt relieved and denied his earlier proposal, “No, immediately report the matter here, and inform the marshal of everything here, and let the marshal come over to the scene to see what the spy has done!”

“Mention my name, so that the marshal will come down!”

Jun Qingyu was still thinking about whether to send a message to Fu Yuanchuan or to simply fight with them roughly.

After all, this was the fuel chamber and the attack power of the guns in the hands of the patrollers would be higher than that of ordinary guns.

If they simply just fought…

It shouldn’t be a big problem.

But now that there was a simpler solution, Jun Qingyu would not make a move.

Xiang Xiuhua initially thought that if he had brought out the marshal; the marshal had a reputation for being violent.

This spy would be scared and panic, crying bitterly and holding his thigh, begging for his mercy.

However, when he looked back, that person had no fear at all but he was leisurely looking at his watch!

Jun Qingyu noticed his gaze and raised his hand to make a ‘please do’ gesture, “Be quick, I’m in a hurry.”

Xiang Xiuhua: “!!”

You’re crazy!

The captain of the patrol team whispered to the man next to him and the man beside him turned around and ran out.

The news here has to be reported layer by layer, whether Fu Yuanchuan would come was another matter.

The captain of the patrol team felt that the marshal would send his aide-de-camp down to deal with it.

Jun Qingyu stood and waited for a while, doing nothing.

After just standing for a while, his legs felt a little sore, so he walked to the table and pulled out a chair.

As soon as there was a movement there, the captain turned his gun, “Stand where you are.”

However, Jun Qingyu had already sat down when he spoke.

The captain froze, “That’s it, don’t move again.”

Jun Qingyu rubbed his calf, he hadn’t stood for so long in a long time.

After a short while, Shi Kaixin’s voice came from outside, “What does the spy look like Let me see.”

Xiang Xiuhua was obviously a little disappointed when he saw that Shi Kaixin was here.

Jun Qingyu propped his jaw with a hand and waved at Shi Kaixin who came in with a probe. 

It’s me. 

You didn’t expect it, right

Shi Kaixin: “”

F*, f*ck!

Xiang Xiuhua said, “Shi Kaixin, where is the marshal I want to meet the marshal.”

Shi Kaixin’s dumbfounded brain was a complete blank and then he looked at the miserable looking Xiang Xiuhua.

You’re finished, you’re finished.

Xiang Xiuhua obviously did not understand the meaning of the emotion in his eyes and said firmly, “I want to meet the marshal!”

Shi Kaixin walked in, “Wait.”

Not long after his voice fell, Fu Yuanchuan walked in.

Xiang Xiuhua burst into tears, “Marshal! You’re here!”

“I found that a spy installed explosives in the fuel chamber and stepped forward to stop it.

However, I was not his opponent.

Fortunately, the patrollers arrived in time; otherwise, I would not be able to meet you, Marshal!”

Xiang Xiuhua shed tears while recounting and his cry was a miserable one.

Jun Qingyu sat honestly at the side and did not get involved, he just watched him cry on his own.

The injuries he caused earlier and now that his bruises were all appearing and in addition, there were still many places that were swollen.

His entire face could not be seen clearly and he was so ugly that it physically hurts him to look at him.

Xiang Xiuhua sniffed and shouted, “Marshal! You must punish this spy severely.

I have completely dismantled the timed explosives that he brought.

Don’t worry, I’ve handled it well!”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

There were no ripples in his heart, and he even wanted to pick the man up and beat him again in front of Fu Yuanchuan.

Jun Qingyu turned to look at Fu Yuanchuan and found that Fu Yuanchuan was also looking at him.

Earlier, his attention was on the person with excellent acting skills.

At that moment, Jun Qingyu lifted his eyebrows as he watched Fu Yuanchuan, and he blinked at him with a smile on his face.

Fu Yuanchuan originally frowned solemnly but he was helpless when he saw the situation and he inevitably smiled, “Come here.”

Xiang Xiuhua, who was wailing and shedding tears on the ground, was taken aback for a moment; and before he staggered up and stepped forward, a figure beside him ran over.

Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s neck and nuzzled his head between his neck, “We meet again!”

The captain of the patrol team: “”


Xiang Xiuhua was also stunned.

Fu Yuanchuan wrapped his arms around Jun Qingyu’s waist, “Is this what you mean by being well-behaved”

Jun Qingyu blinked and looked at him innocently, “I’ve been well-behaved.”

Xiang Xiuhua vaguely realised something but he couldn’t believe it.

What was Fu Yuanchuan’s status And when did Fu Yuanchuan have any men or women around him

This spy was rather tactful and he actually managed to…

Xiang Xiuhua gritted his teeth and tried to persuade him, “Marshal, don’t be fooled by him.

I caught this spy placing explosives on the spot.


“Second lieutenant.” Fu Yuanchuan interrupted him coldly, looking at him indifferently, “Pay attention to your words.”

Xiang Xiuhua was abruptly startled, he met Fu Yuanchuan’s murderous eyes and his throat could not make a sound for a while.

Overwhelming mental energy instantly surrounded him and Xiang Xiuhua’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

Fu Yuanchuan gently stroked the long hair of the little fish and his voice was cold when he spoke, “Premeditated bombing of the battleship, maliciously slandering, framing and tarnishing a marshal’s wife.

Second lieutenant, do you have any last words”


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