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Chapter 54

When he declared that statement, everyone got dumbfounded.

Even as his aide-de-camp, Shi Kaixin did not come to his senses.

Jun Qingyu’s expression changed slightly and he looked up at him.

Fu Yuanchuan happened to lower his head at that moment and he made eye contact with the little fish in his arms.

Jun Qingyu’s eyes turned into crescent moons and Fu Yuanchuan curled his finger and nudged it against his cheek, “Shi Kaixin.”

“Yes, Marshal.” Shi Kaixin took half a step forward and looked at the person on the ground and said flatly, “You’re a second lieutenant, how come you don’t even have the ability to make a discerning judgement”

Xiang Xiuhua opened and shut his mouth but he couldn’t even utter a word.

The violent and sweeping mental energy was like a sharp blade scraping bones.

Xiang Xiuhua gritted his teeth and the friction between his teeth constantly made a crunching sound as he stared at Fu Yuanchuan with resentment in his eyes.

Upon seeing that, Shi Kaixin raised his hand right away, “Bring him down.”

“Yes.” The captain of the patrol team and his team members immediately stepped forth and dragged that person out.

Shi Kaixin took a look at the two of them who were still hugging each other, he thought for a moment before he said, “Marshal, I’ll go over and have a look.”

“Go on.”

After receiving permission, Shi Kaixin left hastily.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Let’s go back to the lounge first.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head and paused soon after and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll get that done.”

In any case, Fu Yuanchuan knew that he was coming up, so he simply placed the electronic explosive in front of him.

While fiddling with the electronic explosive, Jun Qingyu couldn’t help saying, “You don’t seem the least bit surprised to see me on the battleship.”

He was certain that when Fu Yuanchuan saw him, it came as no surprise to him.

Fu Yuanchuan stepped forth and lent a hand by handing a screwdriver to him.

While doing that, he bundled the little fish’s hair behind him, “I’ll be surprised if you didn’t follow me up.”

How could it be possible with the little fish’s character to not mention it at all

He had already made arrangements so that it would be convenient for the little fish to sneak up and find him.

He had even prepared the hidden routes and he stayed in the lounge and didn’t come out, afraid that the little fish could not find him when he came up.

As a result, he waited and waited, but news came from the fuel chamber before he waited until the little fish came up; two spies were arrested.

Jun Qingyu gave a light cough and said, “I was going to find you once I had finished this, but I didn’t expect to run into Xiang Xiuhua.”

If not, his plan was perfect.

“How will you deal with Xiang Xiuhua Can he be convicted for the criminal charge of premeditated destruction of the battleship”

“Yes.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “Shi Kaixin stared straight at Xiang Xiuhua.

The trap today was originally set up for him.”

Jun Qingyu nodded thoughtfully.

A trap

No wonder people from the patrol came in at that time.

It turned out that they were here to arrest someone.

However, there were still points that he could not understand, thus Jun Qingyu asked, “Then why did it seem that the captain believed what Xiang Xiuhua had said”

Fu Yuanchuan was not on the scene at the time, but judging from Xiang Xiuhua’s acting skills, he could probably analyse what had happened earlier.

“If he doesn’t believe him, he would be bewildered, after it was settled that he would capture someone, but it turned out to be two in the end.”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

I understand.

Xiang Xiuhua, a person with a dubious identity said that he wanted to meet the marshal and the people on patrol went to report it.

It turned out that it wasn’t because of Xiang Xiuhua but rather it was because the person in the original plan had become two people and the people on patrol were unable to decide on what to do.

Once Jun Qingyu had set up the electronic explosive, Fu Yuanchuan took them and helped him to install them.

After it was done, he said, “Let’s go.”


The corridor here was very quiet and when they went, they didn’t encounter anyone.

Jun Qingyu thought about his plan and it was more or less in vain, “To begin with, I wanted to wait for after the accident at the fuel chamber to turn into a mermaid to hide in your pocket.

This way, they could not find out who it was when they found proof that someone had deliberately set up a disruption and it would make them suffer a loss but now…”

Everyone on the patrol team saw him and with those words that Fu Yuanchuan said, the mission could be declared a failure.

Fu Yuanchuan consoled him, “It’s fine.

Apart from Xiang Xiuhua, the rest who can come out freely are reliable.

It is alright even if they know it, they would have controlled those that are problematic.”

Jun Qingyu blinked, “Do you want to take this opportunity to clean up some people”

“Yes.” Fu Yuanchuan decided to shed all their pretence of cordiality straight out.

These people absolutely could not stay.

With the battleship travelling on-route outside, accidents were inevitable and it was normal to have casualties.

After Jun Qingyu had heard what he had said, he also understood Fu Yuanchuan’s intention.

Since he faced them head-on, he naturally did not have to consider any small details.

Seeing that Jun Qingyu was silent, Fu Yuanchuan asked, “What are you thinking about”

“It’s nothing.” As soon as his voice fell, Jun Qingyu suddenly thought of a question.

He still didn’t know who had sent Xiang Xiuhua.

Jun Qingyu quickly asked, “Don’t you have to interrogate Xiang Xiuhua”

Not only the person behind Xiang Xiuhua, but he also ought to be able to get more information from Xiang Xiuhua.

Fu Yuanchuan led Jun Qingyu in the direction of the lounge, “I will take you back to the lounge first, then I’ll go over to have a look.”

The interrogation room was not a suitable place for the little fish to go.

Jun Qingyu nodded and said, “Go over and start the interrogation with Shi Kaixin.

I’ll just go back to the lounge by myself.”

He was more curious about the results of the interrogation, he did not have to necessarily see the process.

If Fu Yuanchuan doesn’t want him to see the process, he could go back to the lounge by himself and wait for the outcome.

“It can wait.”

Jun Qingyu was taken aback and asked, “What can wait”

Just after he had spoken, he noticed someone coming over in front of him.

Looking up, Shi Kaixin came up to them.

Shi Kaixin said, “Marshal, everything has been prepared and we can start anytime.”


Upon seeing this, Jun Qingyu said, “Why don’t you go and take care of your business, I can go back there on my own.”

It was just a few steps away and he didn’t have to send him there.

With the insistence of the little fish, Fu Yuanchuan thought for a while and said, “Shi Kaixin.”


“Send the madame back to the lounge.”


Fu Yuanchuan patted the little fish’s hair, “Contact me if something happens.”

“Ok.” Jun Qingyu kissed him gently, “Take care.”


Shi Kaixin stood at attention to the side and lowered his eyes, not daring to look at anything.

Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan had walked away and Shi Kaixin was still standing motionless in place, Jun Qingyu went up and said, “Let’s go.”

“All right.” Only then did Shi Kaixin come back to his senses.

He smiled and gossiped, “Didn’t you say that you weren’t together Mrs Marshal, what is going on”

How long has it been

Shi Kaixin didn’t believe it when he said that they hadn’t been together before.

He definitely didn’t want to make it public, so he cheated me on purpose!

Jun Qingyu said lightly, “The past is the past and the present is the present.”

When he had told Shi Kaixin before, they were indeed not together yet and their relationship was confirmed not long after that.

However, what Shi Kaixin thought was, “Both of you are indeed married.”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Jun Qingyu turned around and walked away.

Shi Kaixin sent Jun Qingyu to the doorway of the lounge and only left after seeing him walk into the lounge.

He had to go to the interrogation room to assist them.

Jun Qingyu had nothing to do when he came back here, he just wanted to let Fu Yuanchuan interrogate Xiang Xiuhua without delay.

After staying in the fuel chamber for such a long period of time earlier, it was inevitable that some of the combusted fuel would be stained on his clothes.

There was still a bit of smell after he had smelled them carefully.

After some consideration, Jun Qingyu went to the bathroom and rinsed them briefly.

He threw his clothes into the washing machine and looked around but he did not see a control button.

The washing machine on the battleship was different from the one at home.

He simply took it out and soaked it directly in water.

As a result, when he came out in a bathrobe, he discovered that he didn’t prepare any clothes for himself.

He just focused on packing Fu Yuanchuan’s luggage and completely forgot about his own clothes.

He had no choice but to make do with a bathrobe first.

He didn’t know when Fu Yuanchuan would return and the interrogation could not be rushed.

Some interrogations relied on wearing them down over time to achieve results.

Jun Qingyu leaned against the headboard and opened the online store to clear the messages for his private chats.

As a result, the topmost chat was a non-anonymous account.

The administrator of the mermaid breeding base

Jun Qingyu could not help feeling a bit sceptical, was this for real

Why are the people from the mermaid breeding base buying fruits and vegetables

He opened the dialogue box and saw that the other party left a message of: [Hello, are you there]

There was nothing else and he was not sure how to interpret it.

That message was left three days ago and Jun Qingyu had only seen it now.

Probably because the other party set up a reminder for when he went online, so when Jun Qingyu saw that message, the other party sent several more new messages.

Customer: [I want to have all the readily available fruits and vegetables as you have now.

In addition to this, I want all the fruits and vegetables during the year, no matter how much.

So long as you can grow them, I want them all.]

Customer: [If you don’t have fruits and vegetables, as long as anything else that has the same effect and it is sold in your store, I will take them all.]

Jun Qingyu replied: [The fruits and vegetables I have, have the same effect as a little mermaid and there is no shortage of little mermaids in the mermaid breeding base, so there is no need to buy these fruits and vegetables.

The corps and the imperial leader are given priority over the trade of my fruits and vegetables.]

With the following sentence, Jun Qingyu wanted to check whether the mermaid breeding base was helping the imperial leader to prepare some fruits and vegetables.

Customer: [I naturally have my reason for buying them, you only need to sell your goods.]

Customer: [Though I can tell you that I bought it to save people.

As for the collaboration you have mentioned, there is no conflict of interest with them.

The mermaid breeding base can give you a more generous price.]

Jun Qingyu slowly raised an eyebrow.

It was rather unexpected.

Moreover…the purchase of the fruits and vegetables had nothing to do with the imperial leader and the authenticity of this statement of saving people remained questionable.

After all, since knowing that the mermaid breeding base was partial towards the imperial leader, Jun Qingyu did not have a favourable impression of them.

If this was the case, he did not have any intention to dig into the news anymore, he simply didn’t speak any unnecessary words to them anymore and just blacklisted them.

He went out and marked everything as read.

Just as that was done, there was a knock on the door outside.

Jun Qingyu was startled for a moment, “Who is it”

“It’s me.” Fu Yuanchuan had the authority to open the door, but he was afraid that the sudden opening of the door would scare the little fish, so he knocked on the door.

Seeing that it was Fu Yuanchuan, Jun Qingyu subconsciously looked up at the time.

It had only been five hours since the interrogation had started, so why did he come back so soon

Jun Qingyu asked, “You got some results from the interrogation”

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head, “Not yet, the progress over there is slow.”

“Why did you come back ahead of time Did something happen”

Fu Yuanchuan sat down by the bed, he raised his hand and stroked the little fish’s hair, “Everything is fine.

I think the fake explosive that you put in the fuel chamber is timed at nine o’clock.

Even though it’s a fake, the scenario simulation will also feel rather realistic.”

Considering that the little fish was on the battleship for the first time and the electronic explosives were a complete simulation, except for there being no harm done, everything else was real.

At that time, the magnitude of the tremor would still scare people.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “I’m afraid that when the battleship tremors, you will be afraid, so I came back to stay with you for a while until the tremors are over before returning back there.”


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