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Chapter 55

The arc of Jun Qingyu’s eyes could not refrain from curving up like a crescent moon when he heard that.

He didn’t even notice that it was almost time for the electronic explosive to explode.

Technically, after placing it there, he waited quietly without thinking too much about it.

He did not expect that Fu Yuanchuan, who was in the interrogation room, would also pay attention to such details.

Jun Qingyu lifted the quilt and smiled as he threw himself onto Fu Yuanchuan who was sitting by the bed.

Fu Yuanchuan caught the little fish and held him steady before he said, “Be careful.”

“It’s fine, you will catch me.”

Jun Qingyu sat sideways on his lap and tugged at the hem of his bathrobe.

He said, “Why don’t you take a nap first and get refreshed before returning there”

By the time he returned to the interrogation room after the explosion of the electronic explosive was over, it would already be late in the middle of the night.

“There’s no need, in a moment…” When he lowered his head and saw his open bathrobe collar, Fu Yuanchuan paused.

He raised his hand to help him draw the collar of his bathrobe together, “Why didn’t you change into your pyjamas”

“I forgot to bring it.” Jun Qingyu sat upright and straightened his bathrobe.

He only had a sash around his waist that was not fastened tightly.

If the extent of his movements were too large, it would be pulled open easily, which was very troublesome.

“There was the smell of fuel on me before and I wanted to take a bath first, but I don’t know how to use the washing machine.”

The washing machine on the battleship came with its own drying, so it was not separately equipped with a dryer.

After washing it by hand, he had no way to dry it.

Not to mention, Jun Qingyu couldn’t even find laundry detergent.

Washing it with water alone could not get rid of the smell of fuel on it so he had been soaking it like that the whole time.

Fu Yuanchuan raised his hands, wanting to carry Jun Qingyu down and he said lightly, “I’ll go take a look.”

Though Fu Yuanchuan looked indifferent, there were some things that could be hidden with his expressionless face.

Jun Qingyu blinked and his eyes were filled with a teasing intent, “You…Huh”

There was a warmth on his lips and his words that had not been said were all swallowed back in.

Jun Qingyu also did not say anything after that, he just looked at him quietly.

Those beautiful eyes seemed to be able to speak.

Fu Yuanchuan’s throat tightened slightly, and he raised his hand to cover the little fish’s eyes and kissed him softly.

After an unknown period of time, Fu Yuanchuan released him and Jun Qingyu was still full of smiles.

Fu Yuanchuan gave a light cough, got up and said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

“Do you need my help”

Fu Yuanchuan stopped in his steps, “……”


The cake on the table is fresh, so go ahead and eat something first.” With that said, Fu Yuanchuan walked into the bathroom.

There was silence for a while after the door was closed, then there was a click sound, the sound of the door being locked manually.

In response to this, Jun Qingyu couldn’t help laughing and the sound of water in the bathroom suppressed his laughter.

Jun Qingyu felt that Fu Yuanchuan should not come out soon, thus he got up and brewed a cup of calming tea for him.

The cakes on the small coffee table have been there since he came in.

So many cakes were obviously not prepared for Fu Yuanchuan alone but at that time, he didn’t have much of an appetite so he did not touch them.

Jun Qingyu put the tea aside once he had brewed it, intending to wait for Fu Yuanchuan to come out so that they could consume them together.

By the time the steam had dissipated from the teacup, the hot tea had gradually become cold and the sound of water running in the bathroom hadn’t stopped.

Jun Qingyu drank the cup of cold tea and added some hot water again.

After waiting for a long time, the sound of water running stopped.

Jun Qingyu glanced in the direction of the bathroom.

Did Fu Yuanchuan go in without a bath towel just now It seemed that he didn’t even bring a change of clothes.

The only bathrobe was also worn by him.

The water stopped but he still had not come out, probably because the original clothes he had worn before had been thrown into the washing machine.

Jun Qingyu lifted his eyebrows.

He got up to take his pyjamas and a bath towel, and knocked on the door.

“Yuanchuan, I’ll bring you your pyjamas and a bath towel.”


The bathroom door cracked open, and Jun Qingyu raised his hand and handed them over to him, “Once you’re done, come out and eat something.

It’s almost time.”


Fu Yuanchuan tidied up and came out.

He sat down and drank a sip of warm tea.

Jun Qingyu handed him a piece of strawberry cake and the strawberries on it were replaced with fresh strawberries, “This kind of cake shouldn’t be too sweet, try it.”

Jun Qingyu’s fingertips grazed the back of Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and he paused.

He placed the cake down and held Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, “Why are your hands so cold Did you use cold water”

Fu Yuanchuan explained, “Generally, water mist is used for cleaning on the battleship and water is not used, so there is no hot water.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

It should be used to save time.

Halfway through eating the cake on the table, the battleship began to tremble.

“Little fish, come here.”

“Hmm” Jun Qingyu didn’t think there was any problem with this tremor, but since Fu Yuanchuan said so, he just got up and walked over to Fu Yuanchuan.

As a result, just as he stood up, the tremor suddenly became violent.

Fu Yuanchuan hurriedly put his arms around the little fish and braced him against the walls.

Jun Qingyu’s line of sight was blocked by Fu Yuanchuan and he couldn’t see what was happening in the room at all, but he could hear the sound of various things falling down.


The closet door embedded in the wall fell vertically and with it, all the things in the closet flew out.

This shaking caused people to be unsteady on their feet.

He didn’t know how long it lasted and the violent shaking gradually stopped.

Fu Yuanchuan held Jun Qingyu firmly until the flying battleship gradually stabilised, only did he take out his light brain and issued an order to choose a nearby planet to land.

Their current position in the interstellar space is far away from the imperial planet.

Due to an accident simulated by electronic explosives, the battleship could not return to the point of departure in this situation and could only land nearby.

Jun Qingyu felt the tremors going away and looked up in Fu Yuanchuan’s arms, “Is it over”

“Yes.” Fu Yuanchuan closed his light brain and patted Xiaoyu on the back soothingly, “We’ll find a place nearby to land shortly.”

Jun Qingyu nodded.

They would land nearby and stay there for three or four days before returning back.

The room was in a mess because of the tremors earlier.

A lot of items smashed to the ground at all kinds of strange angles, including some closet doors that have fallen off.

The shaking of the battleship was also accompanied by the steady swaying of the flight from side-to-side and many items could not steadily stay in their original place at all.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t care about the mess in the room, “Your clothes should be done washing.

Go and change into your clothes.

After landing shortly, we’ll go straight down.”

“Alright.” Jun Qingyu tidied up his bathrobe and walked into the bathroom.

Fu Yuanchuan changed his clothes and stood in front of the window to check for any news.

Shi Kaixin: [Marshal, the information from the fuel chamber is completely blocked.

Some people have been taken care of and Yu Zhi is watching the rest.]

[The planet to land on has not been selected yet, but I have selected seven nearby planets that are most suitable for tourism and vacation.

How about asking the madame which one he likes]

In order to facilitate their selection, Shi Kaixin also collated pictures of the planets, including all the famous attractions on each planet.

After Jun Qingyu had changed his clothes, Fu Yuanchuan handed his light brain to him, “Look at which one of these you like.”

“What is this” Jun Qingyu took it in confusion and looked at the several planets for tourism on it.

Jun Qingyu inexplicably felt like they were going out on a vacation.

There was no sense of crisis in a forced landing.

Fu Yuanchuan glanced at the planets and asked, “The planet that we will land on shortly.

Look if there’s any that you like If there isn’t one you like, we can expand the scope again.”

“Then…Bluewater Planet.” Jun Qingyu didn’t know which one was great either.

He randomly chose one that looked good.

It was a bit troublesome to expand the scope and there was no need to venture any further.

Fu Yuanchuan sent Jun Qingyu’s selected planet to Shi Kaixin.

As soon as a message was sent, dozens of urgent task notifications popped up.

[Warning! M Planet is under attack, the battleships nearby to please leave for M Planet to provide assistance as soon as possible.]


Jun Qingyu also saw the news.

He opened his mouth and was going to say something, but he saw Fu Yuanchuan closing the chat software without any change in his expression.

He had no intention to reply to this message at all.

Jun Qingyu lifted his eyebrows, vaguely aware of something.

It seemed that…Fu Yuanchuan was not surprised about the attack on M Planet, “You’re not going there to take a look”

Fu Yuanchuan put on his light brain, “There’s no need to go over there.

My people are stationed there.

We’ll land near here and return once the incident over there is over.”

When Jun Qingyu heard those words, the corners of his mouth raised slightly and he couldn’t hide the smile on his face.

“What’s the matter Why are you so happy”

Jun Qingyu shook his head and didn’t explain much but hugged Fu Yuanchuan and gave him a kiss.

What was this called This was called telepathy!

Without any discussion, our ideas could all come together.

Though there were differences in some small details, it was generally the same.

As for M star…That was all done by the interstellar pirates, so what did it have to do with Fu Yuanchuan

He was right to let Wen Chengyao be more unbridled in doing things.

Fu Yuanchuan received the news that the battleship had landed smoothly, “Let’s go down.”


When he got off the spaceship, Jun Qingyu had been looking at his light brain.

He had followed all official and several unofficial news accounts before.

Now that such a big incident has happened to M Planet, these news accounts were scrambling to report it.

Seeing that it was mentioned that the three corps were dispatched at the same time, it was enough to show the degree of care the imperial leader had for M Planet.

Given that, in addition to the three corps  being dispatched, they even sent messages requesting reinforcement from those in the vicinity and battleships travelling on-route.

Coupled with the local army on M Planet, this fighting capacity should be similar to the previous battle with the Zergs, but it was of little use.

If he calculated the time, Wen Chengyao should be done and had ran away by now.

This time difference was enough for him to get away from M Planet.

Considering that as an interstellar pirate, although Wen Chengyao’s fighting ability was not strong, his ability to escape was definitely top-notch.

Watching those news accounts popping up with new news one after another, Jun Qingyu could think of how panicked the imperial leader was now.

After being stable for so long, it should be time for you to panic.

He just didn’t know if Wen Chengyao could get anything related to the experiments on M Planet.

If it was merely superficial destruction, it would not be easy to grasp any strong evidence.

Fu Yuanchuan saw that he had been looking at his light brain the entire time and he admonished him, “Watch where you are going as you walk, be careful not to fall.”

Jun Qingyu raised his head and looked ahead of him.

They had alighted the battleship and the path here was not smooth.

He had just received a message from Wen Chengyao, but he hasn’t read it yet.

After thinking about it, Jun Qingyu did not put away his light brain, but took a hold of Fu Yuanchuan’s arm, “This way, I won’t fall.”

Fu Yuanchuan was helpless.

He stroked his hair, and put his hand around the little fish’s waist and led him forward.

Jun Qingyu opened his chat box with Wen Chengyao.

Wen Chengyao: [There’s a problem with M Planet, are you pitting me]

Jun Qingyu: [What did you find out]

Wen Chengyao: [Sure enough, there’s an issue with it! My monetary value on the wanted list has changed.]

Monetary value

Jun Qingyu only remembered that Wen Chengyao was on the top of the wanted list, but he really didn’t know how much money was rewarded for catching him.

Jun Qingyu: [How much has it become]

Wen Chengyao: [30 billion imperial coins!]

Jun Qingyu asked him: [What about the original price]

Wen Chengyao gritted his teeth: [50 billion imperial coins! Thanks to you, I have increased my value by six times in an instant!]

Jun Qingyu: [Not bad, the value of the richest man in the empire has not risen as fast as you.

Continue working hard.]

Wen Chengyao: []

Your words…If you say it that way, it did make some sense.


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