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Chapter 56

Not to mention anything else, his value has indeed risen.

Wen Chengyao: [What does M Planet exactly have]

Wen Chengyao still felt that something was amiss.

He had done this kind of thing a lot in the past but he had never seen the imperial leader so angry.

Wasn’t he still living a good life to this day

But after this time, he felt that the contradiction between him and the imperial leader had turned from a little rift in the beginning to a rift valley.

The bounty for him alone was almost higher than that of the entire group of the interstellar pirates.

Jun Qingyu: [The imperial leader has some secret little experiments on M Planet.

For him to be so desperate to catch you, he should believe that you have taken some things on M Planet away.]

Wen Chengyao: [I’ll let it pass that you’re pitting me to my death.]

Jun Qingyu: [You’re also not losing out.

You can cure your sister’s illness as well as raise your own value.

When the imperial leader falls from power, I’ll get someone to remove you from the wanted list.]

Wen Chengyao: []

Was it trending right now to give interstellar pirates something that was a pie in the sky

Jun Qingyu: [Stop talking.

You should escape quickly and don’t get caught.

If you do not get caught, we can still cooperate with you.

I’ll hand you over to the imperial leader, then we can split the money in half after we’ve got it.]

Wen Chengyao: […I’ll blacklist you, I’ll contact you with a drifting bottle in the future.]

Jun Qingyu chuckled softly and closed his light brain.

The uproar of this matter on the Internet had far exceeded Jun Qingyu’s initial expectations.

It took less than a few hours to reach such a level of discussion.

It should be the result of someone fuelling it.

Jun Qingyu leaned on the headboard and after refreshing several times in a row, he didn’t see the latest press release coming out.

Thereby, he placed his light brain down and laid his head on Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder, “Did your people get anything related to the laboratory”

“There’s no definite news yet, but it doesn’t matter whether there’s any.” Fu Yuanchuan put down his pen, raised his hand and stroked the little fish’s head, “Have you forgotten that robot at Tordis’ place”

Jun Qingyu’s eyes lit up immediately.

That’s right! They still had that robot.

And when the news got released, they could say that that robot escaped when M Planet was in turmoil.

The focal point had to be on the robot and who would really investigate if it was true that it had escaped at the time

Fu Yuanchuan showed Jun Qingyu the assigned mission, “Wen Chengyao is on the red notice and they intend to send troops to eradicate the interstellar pirates.”

His people were not exposed in the operation this time round and the other party made Wen Chengyao the key target.

“Speak, why would the interstellar pirates have nothing better to do and go rob M Planet”

Hearing this, Jun Qingyu raised his head and looked at him innocently, “What do you think”

Fu Yuanchuan lifted his eyebrows slightly and said thoughtfully, “Perhaps it’s a matter of righteousness.”

Jun Qingyu was immediately laughed at by his words, hugged his neck and said, “Nonsense.”

“Just this once.

Stay away from the interstellar pirates next time.” Fu Yuanchuan said seriously.

The interstellar pirates weren’t as good-natured on the surface as they looked, he had told that to the little fish countless times.

Jun Qingyu responded obediently, “Yes, Marshal.”

Hearing that form of address, Fu Yuanchuan glanced down at the little fish.

Before he could speak, Jun Qingyu took a step forth and pecked him on the lips, “How long will we stay here before we go back”

Now that their plans had overlapped, the previously timing calculated by Jun Qingyu was not accurate and the specific time had to be decided by Fu Yuanchuan.

“It won’t be long, we’ll wait for Tordis to release the news about the robot to return.”

Jun Qingyu nodded.

Now the attention of the imperial leader was on Wen Chengyao and they had to pick the right time to release the news to catch him off guard.

Once Fu Yuanchuan had sorted out the documents he had to use later, he closed his light brain and said, “Get ready, we’re going out for a walk.”

“Huh I don’t want to go for a walk.”

“Going for a swim is fine too.”

“Mmm…” Jun Qingyu got sleepy when he mentioned swimming, he lifted the quilt and burrowed inside.

The area of land on Bluewater Planet covered by water accounted for ninety percent and it has been developed into a tourism planet.

The developers directly built dry land artificially in some places and built hotels on those small pieces of dry land.

This gave one a feeling of opening the door and being able to see the sea.

In addition to this, there were underwater rooms with special waterbeds and transparent walls.

When one opened their eyes, they would be able to see the fishes underwater.

Yet…Jun Qingyu was not the least bit interested in that.

He simply wanted to sleep on a soft bed in an ordinary hotel these days.

There was nothing happier than staying in a hotel.

“You have to exercise more.” Fu Yuanchuan fished out the half hidden little fish, “You haven’t exercised very much lately.”

Jun Qingyu, who didn’t want to go out, argued rationally, “I just had a fight with the second lieutenant not long ago, not only that, I even won against him.”

Fu Yuanchuan thought for a while and said, “Then to reward a little fish that won, let’s go out for some barbecue”

“There’s a seafood barbecue restaurant nearby with great reviews.

It won’t taste as good when we return if we order takeout, let’s go to the restaurant to eat.”

“Mmm…will it be ok for you to get photographed when you go out” Their situation now was that their battleship had suffered damages and they were forced to land the battleship.

“Most of the people who come here are ordinary tourists, it’ll be alright even if they take some pictures of me.”

Jun Qingyu stretched.

He wasn’t too interested in barbecue but Fu Yuanchuan wanted them to go out for a walk; he’ll just take it as accompanying him for a walk, “I’ll go change my clothes first.”

Jun Qingyu had been staying in this room all the time, and he didn’t even change into his clothes for going out, he was still wearing his pyjamas.

“Go on.”

The seafood barbecue restaurant that Fu Yuanchuan mentioned was not a casual mention, it was indeed the gourmet restaurant with the best reputation in this area and this restaurant was marked on the information sent by Shi Kaixin.

The location of the store was close to the sea and one could also rent fishing tackle in the store for fishing.

The fish caught are processed for free by the store and you only had to pay for the seasoning.

It was spicing things up and to cook the fish caught by oneself would also give one a sense of fulfilment.

It wasn’t too far away.

After going out, Fu Yuanchuan took the little fish forth along the beach, taking the roundabout trip as a walk.

Fu Yuanchuan held Jun Qingyu’s hand.

It was quite a bit late for them to come out.

The afterglow of the setting sun here was very beautiful and in this direction, it was a bit like facing the setting sun and forging forward.

There weren’t many people around, probably because it wasn’t the tourist season, thus only a few people were on the beach.

Jun Qingyu thought for a while and pulled his hand out.

“What’s wrong” Fu Yuanchuan’s hand felt empty and he followed by raising his hand subconsciously.

Jun Qingyu spread out his fingers and held Fu Yuanchuan’s hand again and it was different from before.

This time their fingers were interlocked.

The arc of Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved like a crescent moon as he said, “Let’s hold our hands like this.”

Fu Yuanchuan held the little fish’s hand firmly and said softly, “Okay.”

There weren’t many people by the sea, but there were a lot of people at the barbecue store.

Before they got close, he could see the tables and chairs placed outside the restaurant, which was full of people.

Jun Qingyu wondered why there were so many people when it was not the tourist season, and then he saw a few familiar faces in that group of people, all of whom he had a brief encounter with on the battleship.

Shi Kaixin was also among them.

Him, Yu Zhi and the others sat at a table.

At this time, Shi Kaixin looked up and glanced over.

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows.

He was sharp on the surface but why did he usually look like a fool when he looked at it

Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan was approaching, Shi Kaixin hurriedly got up and ran over, “Marshal, you are also here to eat barbecue.

You should have sent me a message, it’ll be much better if I send it to you.

Why did you come down and run this trip in person”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Go ahead and eat, we’re out for a walk.”

Barbecue was not the point, the point was to take the little fish out for a walk and to view the scenery.

While they were speaking, the people at the next table stood up and stood up in unison.

The diners, who came for a tour, looked over in bewilderment, not knowing what had happened.

The waiter in the barbecue restaurant saw that the situation outside was abnormal, though he felt like they were about to fight.

He tilted his head to look out from the inside and he didn’t dare to come out to ask what was going on.

Fu Yuanchuan saw the situation and said solemnly, “All of you, sit down.”

Everyone took their seats in unison.

Shi Kaixin turned his head and shouted, “Waiter, are there any vacant seats”

When the waiter heard his call, they came out and said, “Hello, are you here to eat skewers How many of you are there I’ll arrange some seats for you.”

Shi Kaixin said, “Two seats.”

“There are none with two seats, you have to queue.

This is your number, please hold onto it first.

We have a number-calling machine inside, you can come over once your number is called.” After giving them a number, the waiter turned around and went back to continue serving food.

Shi Kaixin glanced at the number.

This number was too far back.

The people in the corps were sitting at large tables and those at the two-person tables should be the other tourists.

If the madame wasn’t here, it was fine for the marshal to sit at a table with them, but since the madame was here, they should be left alone to enjoy their time together.

Shi Kaixin thought for a while and said, “Marshal, sit at our table, we will…”

“There’s no need, go back to eating.” Fu Yuanchuan took the number and handed it to Jun Qingyu.

Jun Qingyu put away the number and said, “Let’s go fishing.”

There were a lot of fishing rods on the shelf next to the barbecue store and there was also ready-made fish bait in the barrels.

They were all in a very conspicuous location, the kind that can attract one’s attention at a glance when they walked over.

In any case, their number had not been called yet and they could simply go fishing to pass the time.


Shi Kaixin waited for Fu Yuanchuan and the madame to enter the barbecue store before returning to his table.

After going in and paying for the rent, Fu Yuanchuan picked a golden fishing rod.

Among the black fishing rods, this fishing rod was very conspicuous.

Jun Qingyu merely glanced at him and smiled.

Fu Yuanchuan found a space and sat down to tie the fishing rod.

The fishing rod, the fish hook, and the fishing line were separated and had to be assembled manually.

It wasn’t difficult and a tutorial was also given.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t look at the tutorial.

He attached the fishing line to the fishing rod first.

Jun Qingyu sat next to him, “Can you catch golden fish with a golden fishing rod”

Fu Yuanchuan considered it, “If I’m lucky, maybe I can.”

Looking at Fu Yuanchuan’s skillful twinning of the fishing line, his technique wasn’t like a newcomer who had touched it for the first time.

Jun Qingyu asked in doubt, “Have you ever fished before”

He had not seen this sort of split up fishing rod before, but Fu Yuanchuan seemed to be very good at using this kind of fishing rod.

“I’ve fished before but I’ve never caught any.” Fu Yuanchuan had been to a planet like Bluewater Planet that was filled with water everywhere.

He had a mission then and stayed there for a short period of time.

The mission required him to stay at one place the entire time and so as to not stick out like a sore thumb, he blended in by fishing.

Fu Yuanchuan’s mind was highly focused on the target task.

He had never caught a fish before and he hadn’t caught a fish since that mission was over.

Still, the duration of the mission was not short and it was strange that he did not catch a fish at all in such a long period of time.

Thinking of that, Fu Yuanchuan smiled, “I don’t even know what it’s like to catch a fish.”

Jun Qingyu arched one of his eyebrows when he heard those words, reached out with his hand and twirled the other end of the fishing line with it, wrapping it around his fingertips bit by bit.

Fu Yuanchuan took note of his hand, “Hmm You…”

His words stopped abruptly and the little fish’s fingertips wrapped around the fishing line tapped Fu Yuanchuan’s cheek.

Jun Qingyu smiled and said, “I’ll let you experience the feeling of catching a fish.”


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