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Chapter 57

When Fu Yuanchuan heard that, his hand froze and the fishing rod in his hand that hadn’t been winded fell straight down, but he caught it quickly and placed it beside him.

Seeing him in such a panic, Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved and he asked, “How is it Are you happy to catch a fish”

“I’m happy.” Fu Yuanchuan replied softly.

He looked at the little fish rather helplessly.

He reached up to hold the little fish’s hand that was wrapped with the fishing line and undid the fishing line around his hand.

“Really” Jun Qingyu leaned on his shoulder and blinked innocently.

Fu Yuanchuan held the little fish’s hand.

He lowered his head to kiss him and coaxed, “Behave.”

Once he wrapped it around the hook, he used the sharp edge of the fish hook to hook a large piece of bait and the bait hung on the hook.

He didn’t swing the hook or do any other superfluous movements, he simply placed it down vertically and then just waited quietly.

Some of the scraps cut by the barbecue store would be thrown into the sea and fish would come to eat it.

Over time, there would be a lot of fish in the vicinity.

He just didn’t know whether these fish, who were used to seafood, would be interested in the bait.

After the hook went down, it was peaceful and the float shook in a wobbly fashion above the water surface.

The water surface was very calm, so much that there were no waves coming in.

Jun Qingyu felt that it was difficult to catch a fish, “If we can’t catch fish, what shall we eat tonight”

Fu Yuanchuan moved his fishing rod and pulled the line to take a look.

The bait on it had already been eaten.

He hung up some more again, “Didn’t I hook up one If I can’t catch the others, I’ll roast that little fish first.”

Jun Qingyu was taken aback, where did this little fish come from…

Meeting Fu Yuanchuan’s pair of smiling eyes, Jun Qingyu understood instantly.

He snorted and poked his cheek, “Your fish is so well-behaved, how can you eat your fish”

Fu Yuanchuan stroked the little fish’s head and seized the opportunity to put his hand around his waist, “If we can’t catch other fish, we can’t starve.”

Jun Qingyu opened and shut his mouth and was about to speak when he saw the float floating on the water sinking into the water quickly and then it quickly floated up again.

It was pulled back and forth several times, and the float began to circle on the water.

“A fish has taken a bite”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan was very calm.

According to common sense, it was time to stand up, take the fishing rod and start to reel in the line until the fish in the water got exhausted, and then pull the fish up.

However, the hooks in the restaurant were all specially made and there was no need to make any superfluous movements.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t move, he simply waited quietly until the sway of the float in the water became lesser and lesser, then he began to slowly reel in the line.

Jun Qingyu opened the fish basket and looked at the fish that was still waving its tail and said, “This fish is so big.”

It was a bit like a grass carp, but it was much larger than a grass carp.

It also had some small spikes on its body.

When it got pulled up, its mouth kept opening and closing, and its teeth inside could be clearly seen.

Its eyes were round, and as a whole, it looked very fierce and vicious.

Fu Yuanchuan took it off of the hook and put the fish into the fish basket and said, “Be careful, don’t get bitten.”

“I’ll be fine.” Jun Qingyu poked the fish’s head, he felt that one fish was enough for both of them.

But their number had not been called, ergo Fu Yuanchuan put down his fishing rod and continued fishing just to pass the time.

Perhaps due to the water quality, or it might be because the fish in the sea came here to eat often, it developed a habit of biting the hook very frequently.

By the time the barbecue store had called their number, their fish basket was almost full.

Fu Yuanchuan handed the fish basket to the waiter for them to take it to the kitchen at the back for processing, and he took the little fish to take a seat.

There was a separate partition between each two-person table, like a simple single room and enabling the partition could block the noise outside.

Some people wanted a noisy atmosphere when they ate barbecue.

If they didn’t want that sort of atmosphere, they could sit quietly behind the partition to eat.

Fu Yuanchuan opened a bottle of drink and handed it to Jun Qingyu, “Try it, it is said to be made from local ingredients.”

This drink was only available on Bluewater Planet.

Jun Qingyu took a sip, it was a little bit like soda, “It’s good.”

After ordering, their barbecue would take a while to be delivered, but there were snacks such as peanuts on the table.

Jun Qingyu peeled a peanut and handed it to Fu Yuanchuan.

When he stretched his hand out, he took note of the light brain on his wrist, “Your light brain keeps flashing.”

“Don’t mind it.

Tordis has released the news on his end and they’re beginning to worry.” When Fu Yuanchuan received the news before, he pressed one button several times to mark it as read, but the other party kept sending messages and he didn’t continue doing it either.

“So soon” Jun Qingyu thought that he had to wait a few more days.

After all, the timing of releasing the news was very important.

If it couldn’t be done well, it would be just like lighting a fire, a small flame got ignited and then it would get extinguished in an instant.

Although Fu Yuanchuan was on Bluewater Planet, he had been in close contact with Marshal Tordis.

“The higher-ups are too anxious, their actions are too fast and Tordis didn’t wait any longer.”

Jun Qingyu nodded.

As soon as the enemy moved, they would naturally move too.

After wiping the water off his hands, Jun Qingyu turned on his light brain and wanted to see what was going on online.

The imperial leader should now believe that Wen Chengyao had taken the things related to M Planet’s experiments away, thus they made great efforts to hunt down him.

According to the time difference, the difference between the Imperial Planet and their side was at least seven hours.

On the news page, the latest article came from Marshal Tordis’ adjutant: Duan Hengjin.

Duan Hengjin did not directly mention M Planet’s experiment, but he pointed out that when the corps were fighting against interstellar pirates, they rescued a robot from M Planet.

Its owner was not found and it was sent for repair.

Unexpectedly, it was discovered that this robot had extracted human genes.

There was nothing more stated, only that the matter was still under investigation.

A picture of the robot was attached at the end and a picture of M Planet, leaving it to the people’s imagination.

This press release seemed to have stated everything and at the same time, it seemed to have stated nothing.

The imperial leader couldn’t find a problem if they wanted to look into it.

The robot was classified as personal property and if it was rescued, it would naturally be sent over to be repaired, and then they’ll find the owner’s information to return it.

Duan Hengjin did nothing wrong for this matter and the follow-up inspection was also an accidental discovery.

If the imperial leader jumped out at this time to point out a problem, wasn’t it giving oneself away in the act

Though this could make it difficult for the imperial leader to sleep for a while, it might not be enough to drag him down completely.

Jun Qingyu thought for a while and asked, “Is there any evidence that can link the imperial leader to the experiments on M Planet”

If there was no solid evidence, it would be very troublesome since the imperial leader would deny it at that time.

“Yes.” Fu Yuanchuan just received a document not long ago.

He took a sip of hot tea and said lightly, “Otherwise why would you think that he would dispatch an army to catch Wen Chengyao”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

No wonder Wen Chengyao’s value  had increased so exponentially.

Despite the fact that the document was not in his hands, the imperial leader thought that it was there with him.

So if it wasn’t him, who would they chase

Fu Yuanchuan said, “It takes time to crack the digital password.

He is chasing him so anxiously so that Wen Chengyao wouldn’t have the time to crack the password.

Perhaps it’s possible to suppress it before the news inside is made public.”

Jun Qingyu coughed lightly, “With Wen Chengyao’s ability to escape, he should be able to delay them for a while.”

After Duan Hengjin’s news came out, the imperial leader would also be distracted from dealing with this matter.

With multiple issues coming down from many directions, they would be delayed for a long time.

When the digital code got cracked, the imperial leader could be pulled down.

The barbecue ordered was delivered one after another, it was fragrant, carrying with it a very clear aroma of charcoal.

However, Jun Qingyu was not in a hurry to eat.

He tapped the sliding interface with his fingertips and said, “I’ve looked at the comments below and someone is already guessing that the robot might be some kind of experimental product.”

When he was about to tap it to see the full content, it showed that this comment had been deleted.

“It has been deleted.” At first, Jun Qingyu thought it was his own network problem, but after several attempts, the outcome was still the same.

Fu Yuanchuan was accustomed to this kind of control over the public’s opinion, “It’s normal, there are people watching it.”

Some words would even be set as forbidden words and once the issue was found, it would get deleted immediately.

Jun Qingyu read the other comments again and all mentions of experiments were deleted.

The rest were some guesses that were off the mark, such as some new illness, or some unexpected experience and so on.

Probably to prevent the deletion of comments about the experiment from appearing too abrupt, some of the other comments have also been deleted.

But there was a downside to such blatant deletion of comments.

If the moment one tapped on it and the moment of deletion coincide, they could still see the deleted comments.

Jun Qingyu said doubtfully, “He’s not afraid of others saying he has a guilty conscience

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head, “Generally, in this case, the message that says that he has a guilty conscience will be deleted.”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

It was a deletion in the end, and it was direct and efficient.

As long as no one questioned it, there would be no so-called guilt at all.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “There will be no response from the higher-ups to this news.”

It was more like a foreshadow when Tordis released it, stating, ‘I’m going to begin.’

Jun Qingyu nodded.

If they said too much, it would be bad.

The other side didn’t know that Tordis had all of the information in his hands and so they naturally would not dare to reply negligently.

In the event that what they said at that time was overthrown head-on by Tordis, wasn’t it a slap to their own face

If they got caught, they couldn’t redeem themselves when the matter worsened even if they wanted.

It is normal for them to choose to wait and see, but this stillness…it was just the calm before the storm.

“Forget about that end, have something to eat.” Fu Yuanchuan put the peeled crabs and shrimps on two plates and handed them to Jun Qingyu.

Jun Qingyu had been reading the comments on his light brain and hadn’t noticed what Fu Yuanchuan was doing.

It was only now that he saw the small bucket beside Fu Yuanchuan was full of seafood carapace.

He didn’t want to eat anything yet, so he said, “You should eat it, I’ll peel them.” He stretched out his hand to bring the plate of mantis shrimp over.

Fu Yuanchuan hurriedly placed the plate of mantis shrimps by his side, “There are spikes on the shell, don’t do it.”

This kind of thorn looked like it wasn’t much but if one got pierced, it would hurt for several days.

The meat skewers, as well as the other small skewers, got grilled until they sizzled, and were all placed close to Jun Qingyu.

On the contrary, Fu Yuanchuan had some seafood that needed to be peeled in front of him.

The items in the barbecue store were complete and there were even many tools for peeling shells.

Peeling the shells with tools was faster than doing it with bare hands.

Fu Yuanchuan peeled a mantis shrimp intact and delivered it to Jun Qingyu’s mouth.

Jun Qingyu subconsciously opened his mouth to eat it.

He felt that Fu Yuanchuan had been peeling the shells and hadn’t eaten a single bite.

After eating the mantis shrimp, Jun Qingyu asked, “Why aren’t you eating” He ate some snacks before he came out and so he was not hungry at all, but Fu Yuanchuan didn’t eat anything.

After peeling the last shrimp, Fu Yuanchuan wiped his hands with a towel and he looked at Jun Qingyu without blinking.

He said in a deep voice, “I’m waiting for the fish.”

Jun Qingyu was taken aback, “Huh”

You…Why are you looking at me like that


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