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Chapter 58

Jun Qingyu failed to recover his senses from the emotion in Fu Yuanchuan’s eyes momentarily.

With both of them locking their eyes, he lifted his eyebrows belatedly and said with great interest, “You…”

As soon as he spoke, a ring was heard from outside, “Hello, the fish you’ve caught on your own has been grilled.”

The dish came at the right time…

Fu Yuanchuan coughed lightly and said, “Come in.”

The waiter opened the partition with a plate in hand and put the plate of grilled fish on their table, “Enjoy your meal.” After saying that, he closed the partition and left.

He came and left promptly but what he said had been interrupted and the atmosphere before was gone.

Fu Yuanchuan gave him a piece of fish without any spikes, “Let’s eat first.”

Despite the fishes in the sea looking ugly, their taste was actually good.

There was more meat than bones and without the kind of small bones in the flesh of the fish, it was rather convenient to eat it.

Jun Qingyu took a bite of the fish.

The skin of the grilled fish was crispy, with just the right amount of fire, but he wasn’t really hungry, plus he had some seafood, so he put down his chopsticks after eating only one piece.

Fu Yuanchuan had been handing him food from start to finish, peeling the skin and picking out the bones, and he didn’t eat much himself.

Jun Qingyu thought about it, then he got up and walked to the other side of the table, and sat next to Fu Yuanchuan, “Why aren’t you eating the grilled fish Haven’t we been waiting for it for a while”

“I…” Fu Yuanchuan was about to say something, but when he saw the little fish trying hard to hide the smile on his face, he raised his hand to set the partition to the do not disturb mode.

While he was at it, he wrapped his arms around the little fish’s waist and brought him to his side.

Jun Qingyu felt some warmth on his face before he could sit tight.

Fu Yuanchuan lightly bit the little fish’s cheek and said solemnly under his astonished gaze, “Delicious.”


Then Fu Yuanchuan saw the little fish’s complexion redden gradually and he was pale crimson even behind his ear.

“Are you still teasing me”


Jun Qingyu snorted softly.

He rushed over, hugged him and bit him on the neck.

Fu Yuanchuan took advantage of the situation and carried him onto his lap.

The seats here were relatively short.

If one sat unsteadily, one might fall off.

After holding him tight, he stroked his hair as if to comfort him.

Once Jun Qingyu was done biting him, he lifted his head to look at it.

He didn’t use much force but he still left a tooth mark.

He tugged at his collar and turned a blind eye by covering himself with it.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t care much about that.

He patted the little fish and said, “Let’s barbecue them first.

It won’t be delicious when it gets cold for a while.”

“I’m full, you can eat it.” Jun Qingyu stretched out his hand, took a skewer of barbecued meat and brought it to Fu Yuanchuan’s mouth, “Ah——”

Fu Yuanchuan took a bite of it as the little fish held it with his hand.

Most of the food on the table was seafood and it looked like a lot but in fact, it didn’t have much of a weight, it was mostly shells.

By the time they came out after they had finished, it was completely dark outside and almost everyone was almost gone.

It was a stark contrast to the noisy barbecue stall before.

A small portion of the tables and chairs outside had also been put away.

It should be a barbecue stall that opened in the wee hours after a short break.

He didn’t know what was placed in the sand on the beach.

It gave a feeling of a starry sky with stars scattered on the ground as far as one could see.

Forsaking the light from the street lamps, it seemed to be completely integrated into the seascape.

The nightscape was much better than during the day.

Compared with the warmth of the setting sun, there was always beauty in the silence late in the night.

Stepping on the soft sandy beach, even if one wore shoes, one could even feel the softness of the sand.

Artificial sand was even softer than natural sand.

The two of them walked on the sandy beach with their fingers clasped and the sound of waves filled their ears.

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little fish as he said, “There is no one here.

Take off your mask, you can wear it again when we go back.

Though he looked great wearing it, it would be uncomfortable after wearing it for a long period of time, and not to mention that no one was present here; there was no need to wear it.

“Ok.” Jun Qingyu took off his mask and found a place to sit down on the beach.

The farthest place where the sandy shore was wet, was the farthest place where the waves had been before.

Jun Qingyu sat close to the borderline and Fu Yuanchuan sat down beside him.

Perceiving the movement by his side, Jun Qingyu tilted his head and leaned on Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder.

He looked at the incoming waves and slowly blinked his eyes, “I kind of like this feeling.”

“After this matter is over, we can always travel here.” After a pause, Fu Yuanchuan said, “We can travel anywhere, as long as it’s a place you want to go.”

Jun Qingyu asked softly, “Will you take that position”

Fu Yuanchuan did not answer him but rather he asked a rhetorical question, “…What do you think”

“I think you would.”

“And so I will.” Fu Yuanchuan did not hesitate to say it this time.

The corners of Jun Qingyu’s mouth were slightly raised and he looked over with his head leaning on his shoulder, only to find that Fu Yuanchuan was also looking at him.

He was taken aback.

He didn’t seem to notice Fu Yuanchuan’s gaze before, “You…”

Fu Yuanchuan curled an arm around his shoulder and slowly closed their distance.

Jun Qingyu’s eyelashes trembled slightly and he raised his lower jaw like some kind of response.

The moment their lips met, he closed his eyes.

The glowing sandy beach was covered with hazy shadows, which gradually lengthened as the light changed.

After staying on Bluewater Planet for less than three days, Jun Qingyu boarded the battleship ahead of schedule.

The contents of the chip had been decrypted, which contained some of the experimental data and information about the imperial leader’s interpersonal dealings, were all made public.

The information was a half-truth.

The experimental data was true, but the private exchanges were fake.

However, this bogus matter actually existed and to round it off, it was not considered a fraud.

For a while, the creation of human beings into robots caused huge repercussions in the empire.

Above all, this matter was closely related to everyone and no one could tell if it would be their turn next for this sort of experiment.

If they did not speak out at this time, by the time this matter got suppressed, wasn’t it like a knife hanging over your head

Even if they planned ahead, all the people who knew of this matter strongly opposed the M Planet experiment on the Internet and some emotional ones had begun to boycott offline.

It was too late when the imperial leader realised that something was wrong.

As more and more related information got released, the imperial leader ordered the removal of that information from the Internet, but they could not stop the speed at which the news spread.

Jun Qingyu was sitting in front of the window, occasionally sipping cold tea.

Outside the window was the beautiful view of the interstellar, but his eyes were always on his light brain, never breaking contact from it.

Every time he refreshed, new comments appeared and some of them couldn’t be seen.

When Fu Yuanchuan came back from his meeting, he saw that Jun Qingyu was still sitting in the same position when he went out.

He stepped forward and asked, “Still not finished reading”

“You’re back.” Jun Qingyu put down his light brain, turned around and hugged Fu Yuanchuan.

He nuzzled against him as he said, “What do you think the old man’s next move is”

The news that had been suppressed on the Internet for so long, had erupted momentarily and it had been seen by many people before you deleted it, so your deletion was meaningless.

The matter had gotten so big.

The imperial leader would definitely not take a beating quietly.

After all, some of the information was false.

Let’s see what kind of means he has to get himself out of the M Planet experiment.

It had been more than 24 hours since the news had broken out.

It was impossible to deal with this kind of matter coldly.

On the contrary, the sooner a reasonable explanation was given, the better.

Fu Yuanchuan stroked the little fish’s hair.

He pondered before he said, “Reassure the people.”

Whatever official news that was released on the surface, their actions in private would not stop.

Ultimately now that the opponent already knew that the chip was not in the hands of the interstellar pirates, they would definitely move the corps chasing the interstellar pirate back as soon as possible before taking their next measure.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Return straight home later after you’ve gotten off the battleship.

I will arrange for someone to send you off.”

Jun Qingyu looked up at him, “What about you”

“I have a meeting.” After a pause, Fu Yuanchuan said, “All the marshals will be present.”

With that said, Jun Qingyu knew who was the one who had to host a meeting.

He frowned in revulsion, “To call all the marshals for a meeting at this time, does he still want to suppress it by force That can’t be right.

Doesn’t he also have corps under his possession”

Under the premise that other marshals would not intervene in this matter, the imperial leader was fully capable of suppressing it.

His own corps did not act but rather, he asked the other marshal to come forward.

What did this person want to do…

“Let’s wait and see.”

Jun Qingyu nodded.

For now, they could only take one step at a time.

The imperial leader did not yet know that this matter was related to Fu Yuanchuan and they had an advantage in this regard.

At best, it was because Fu Yuanchuan had solved the problem of several people with dishonourable intentions, whom were targeted by the imperial leader in the corps but for the matter of the experimental data, the other party could not put it on Fu Yuanchuan no matter what they did.

Fu Yuanchuan poured a cup of hot tea.

He sat down and said, “The higher-ups mentioned the vegetable and fruit juice to me, they seem to have the intention to buy it.”

“Didn’t they want to buy it before” Jun Qingyu still remembered the last time when his back-end was full of chat messages.

“It’s different, this time they’re saying the vegetable and fruit juice is used to save people, but they didn’t state how they would save people.”

They wanted to get the right to purchase the fruit and vegetable juice from him but they also didn’t want to disclose any information.

Fu Yuanchuan simply replied that the fruit and vegetable juice was completely sold out and the other party also didn’t get in touch with him.

When Fu Yuanchuan mentioned this, it reminded Jun Qingyu of the incident of the mermaid breeding base wanting to buy his fruits and vegetables the last time, “Previously, the mermaid base also said that they wanted to save people.

Could it be that those two people wanted to save the same person”

Or perhaps it referred to saving more than one person

“It’s possible.

Let’s just wait.” Fu Yuanchuan felt that the people above might make a fuss about this matter, so he asked Shi Kaixin to investigate it first thing in the morning.

After crossing the air route, the battleship entered the Imperial Planet and went straight to the office building.

Just like when it departed, it hovered over the building, with several rows of folding ladders lowered, and the people on the battleship went down in order.

Jun Qingyu was sitting by the window and he could see people lining up to walk down the stairs.

Until the last figure left, Fu Yuanchuan got up and said, “Let’s go.”


Shi Kaixin was waiting at the exit, and when he saw Fu Yuanchuan coming down, he stepped forward and said, “Marshal, the car is ready.”

“Protect the madame.”


“Pay attention to your safety.” Jun Qingyu had been holding Fu Yuanchuan’s hand from when they were on the battleship and he had been constantly releasing universal life energy.

For the time being, he didn’t know what the other party was thinking, but there was nothing wrong with giving him more universal life energy.

Fu Yuanchuan stroked his hair and coaxed, “Don’t worry, you should go back.”

Seeing Fu Yuanchuan getting into the car, the curvature of Jun Qingyu’s mouth gradually flattened.

Shi Kaixin said, “Madame, let’s go back first.”


Jun Qingyu originally thought that Fu Yuanchuan had asked Shi Kaixin to be his bodyguard again.

Although it was useless, he felt that Fu Yuanchuan would be at ease if Shi Kaixin followed him so he didn’t say much.

But after getting in the car, he discovered that it was not only Shi Kaixin who came to be his bodyguard but also those who appeared in the video conference, were all in this limousine suspension car.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

So many people…

All of Fu Yuanchuan’s trusted aides seemed to be here.


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