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Chapter 59 Part 1

When the people in the car saw Jun Qingyu coming up, they raised their hands up to salute, and said in unison, “Greetings, madame!”

Jun Qingyu turned around and got out of the car, “All of you, go after Fu Yuanchuan, I’ll take another car to return on my own.”

It was fine for only Shi Kaixin to follow him, so why are there so many people here for

“No madame…” Shi Kaixin stopped him at once, “The marshal has sent us to protect you.”

Jun Qingyu said lightly, “I don’t need protection.”

Shi Kaixin tried to convince him, “But madame, the situation is special at the moment and there’s no harm in having more people.”

“There’s no need for it.”

“Don’t worry about the marshal’s end, only some of us are here.”

Jun Qingyu ignored him and walked forward, bypassing him.

The people in the suspension car chased after him one after another, but they didn’t know what to say or do, so they could only follow after Jun Qingyu.

Seeing that Jun Qingyu was really leaving, Shi Kaixin gritted his teeth and stepped forward in front of him to block him, with his arms spread out.

He shouted, “Stop!”

Jun Qingyu’s footsteps stopped.

He looked at Shi Kaixin, who was behaving aggressively in front of him and lifted his eyebrows.

What was he trying to…

“Madame, we have been ordered to send you back.” Shi Kaixin looked around and motioned for them to step forward.

As they stepped forward and slowly surrounded Jun Qingyu, Shi Kaixin said in a low voice, “With so many of us around, don’t force me to…”

Seeing that, Jun Qingyu rolled up his cuffs and he looked like he didn’t care. 

Then let’s have a fight.

However, Shi Kaixin did not have the slightest intention of doing anything and he snorted at once, “Don’t force me to kneel down, and hug your thighs, cry and beg you to go back!”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

What the hell are you talking about

Shi Kaixin couldn’t care less.

The task must be completed but they were facing the marshal’s wife.

If they could not use hard tactics, they had to use soft tactics.

Shi Kaixin said aggressively, “There are so many of us around, just think what it would be like if we all hugged your thighs and cried! I cry rather loudly!”


There were so many restaurants under the office building.

Though it was in the evening right now, there were still some people passing by in front of those restaurants at 7 or 8 o’clock.

They had been in a stalemate here for such a long time that several waves of passers-by had peered over in curiosity.

If the scene that Shi Kaixin mentioned really appeared…

The corners of Jun Qingyu’s mouth pursed slightly. 

It’s too shameful.


Jun Qingyu glanced at him and turned around to get into the car.

Shi Kaixin laughed heartily and turned to flaunt to his brothers, “Do you see it This is called being wise and courageous!”

His brothers: “……”

Jun Qingyu silently bypassed Shi Kaixin and got onto the car.

Shi Kaixin was the last to get in, he closed the car door while he was at it, “Drive!”

The car that received this instruction started to plan its route automatically.

Jun Qingyu sat quietly in a corner, holding his light brain and sending a message to Fu Yuanchuan, but he received no response.

It was probably because the meeting had already begun.

Perceiving Jun Qingyu’s actions, the man who was a seat away from him handed him a bottle of mineral water and said, “Madame, don’t worry too much.

Since the marshal has sent us here, he naturally has his own considerations too.”

Jun Qingyu shook his head and refused the bottle of mineral water.

He said not to worry but he still could not control what he thought.

The meeting he went to this time was not a private meeting.

With so many pairs of eyes watching him outside, they should not dare to do anything out of line.

The journey was fairly smooth and they did not encounter anything unexpected.

Jun Qingyu got out of the car and said, “I’ve returned safely now, all of you should return.”

Shi Kaixin didn’t say much this time and simply replied with, “Yes, madame.

Please pay attention to your safety.”


Walking into the villa, the huge living room looked a little empty.

Other than the sound of the rolling gears of the robot who greeted him with slippers, it was terribly quiet.

The robot’s eyes flickered as it said in a mechanical voice, “Welcome home.”

Jun Qingyu replaced his shoes with those slippers and hung up his coat.

He took a few steps, but he didn’t know what he should do.

Fu Yuanchuan was not here and he didn’t even want to come back here.

If not for the fear that going with him might get him into trouble, Jun Qingyu would have pestered to go with him.

He was alone.

Jun Qingyu didn’t even want to eat, so he simply went upstairs and return to their bedroom.

Even though he had been paying attention to the news online for an extended period of time on the journey, he didn’t have a good rest.

Yet, he wasn’t sleepy at the moment.

Before he was used to being alone and he did everything by himself, but now that he was used to being with Fu Yuanchuan and Fu Yuanchuan did not come back, it was no good being alone.

Jun Qingyu pondered over it for a while before he went to the bathroom to take a shower and changed his clothes.

After tossing from side to side for a while, it was already the wee hours of the morning.

Jun Qingyu leaned against the headboard, he wanted to see if Fu Yuanchuan had replied to his message, but it was still the same as before.

He set a special alert for Fu Yuanchuan.

Even when it was muted, he could hear the message prompt, but the chat only had the words he had sent before.

After struggling for a while, Jun Qingyu sent another message and asked: [Will you be back tonight]

[You’re still awake]

A message was returned practically in seconds, Jun Qingyu was stunned for a moment and then the video call came in.

Jun Qingyu subconsciously pressed the accept button.

On the other end of the video, Fu Yuanchuan seemed to be in a small room enclosed on all sides, “I thought you were already asleep and I didn’t dare to reply because I was afraid that my message would disturb you.”

It was already very early in the morning when he saw his message, so he was afraid that he would wake up the little fish.

Jun Qingyu looked at Fu Yuanchuan on the other end and he was inexplicably aggrieved.

He pulled his quilt and lay down on his side, and he said softly, “I can’t sleep.”

His low muffled nasal voice made Fu Yuanchuan tremble when he heard it.

He looked at the little fish who was unconsciously acting like a spoiled child, “I have to go back tomorrow and the progress here is relatively slow, how about…going back to the shell to sleep for a while”

In the past, the little mermaid used to sleep in the shell by himself and if he was not around, he should barely be able to fall asleep when he returned to his shell bed.

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

It was a bit troublesome to change around.

Moreover, he was the only one in the villa, it would be more troublesome in case anything happened.

Through his light brain, Jun Qingyu touched the brow of the person on the other end and said, “I’m starting to miss you.”

It had only been a few hours since Fu Yuanchuan went to the meeting, but he was all Jun Qingyu thought about.

“I’m thinking of you too.” Fu Yuanchuan coaxed him tenderly, “I’ll go back as soon as possible, have you…taken a shower”

Jun Qingyu nodded, “Mhm.”

“Blow-dry your hair before you go to sleep.

Be careful not to catch cold.”

Jun Qingyu buried his head in the pillow and nuzzled into it, and he said in a muffled voice, “No, I don’t want to move.”

It was very cumbersome to blow dry his hair and it was very troublesome to blow dry his hair quickly.

It took a long time to blow dry his hair with a hair dryer and it was also very noisy.

Jun Qingyu thought as he hauled a pillow over to hug.

If Fu Yuanchuan was at home, he would have carried him to his lap at this time and then dried his hair.

The matter on Fu Yuanchuan’s end was not finished yet.

After receiving his message, he found an excuse to come out, only then did he have the time to contact the little fish, “Be good and blow-dry your hair for a while.

I will talk to you as you blow-dry your hair.”

Jun Qingyu got the wrong idea, “Will you ignore me if I don’t blow-dry my hair”

“No, I won’t ignore you no matter when.”

“Okay.” Jun Qingyu had been coaxed.

He got up very reluctantly and put his light brain on the bed as he was doing so, and went to the bathroom to get the hair dryer out.

Seeing him get up, Fu Yuanchuan was about to shift his gaze away from his documents but in his peripheral vision, his eyes swept over Jun Qingyu’s clothes.

It seemed…a little too big.

Their clothes were all in the same wardrobe.

When he had clothes custom-made before, he wanted the same style as him.

Apart from the different sizes, the small details were overlooked and anything else was basically the same.

The little fish probably took the wrong one when he changed into his pyjamas.

Jun Qingyu took the hair dryer, sat back down on the bed and blew his hair casually.

His movements were a bit random, as long as he could dry his hair.

There was some sound from Fu Yuanchuan’s side, and Jun Qingyu turned off his hair dryer and glanced at him.

“It’s nothing.” After saying that, Fu Yuanchuan left the screen, but the video call was not ended.

After a while, he reappeared on the screen and Fu Yuanchuan said, “I have something to do, you should go to bed first.

If anything happens, remember to let Shi Kaixin and the others handle it and try not to go out yet.”

Jun Qingyu was stunned, “Shi Kaixin Didn’t they go to you”

Fu Yuanchuan was stunned when he heard this, “Are they not by your side”

“……” Jun Qingyu blinked his eyes blankly.

When he asked Shi Kaixin to find Fu Yuanchuan earlier, Shi Kaixin responded promptly but now it seems that he only agreed verbally.

They didn’t leave at all

Jun Qingyu thought for a while and said, “They’re probably outside.”

He got up and went to the side of the bed, pulled apart the curtains and looked out through the gap.

He really saw their figures.

They had also been in the house in the past during meetings and the alarm would automatically distinguish their information, and if there was no issue problem, there would be no warning.

“They’re still by my side.” Jun Qingyu closed the curtains and asked, “How are you over there”

Fu Yuanchuan soothed the little fish’s worries in a timely manner, “Don’t worry.

I have my own measures.”

Jun Qingyu nodded.

He thought about those who were still patrolling outside in the middle of the night and said, “Go and do what you need to do first.”

“Mhm, rest early.”

After ending the video call, Jun Qingyu still didn’t feel sleepy, so he ordered some highly rated takeout late-night snacks.

The money in Jun Qingyu’s account was earned from selling fruit and vegetable juice.

In addition, he had no daily expenditure and Fu Yuanchuan bought things for him when he went out.

He didn’t go out when Fu Yuanchuan was away, hence money only went in but not out, so he saved a lot of money.

After placing the order, he changed his clothes and went downstairs.

There were sensor lights placed everywhere downstairs and it was dark when he came out but after taking a step, those lights would light up in order.

It was not too harsh, it was the kind with a soft hazy lighting.

Jun Qingyu walked into the kitchen and made some desserts, he used fresh fruits and added some spring water.

When his takeout arrived, Jun Qingyu thought that Shi Kaixin would bring it in but a robot knocked on the door in the end and his takeout was placed in the robot’s basket.

With no other alternative, Jun Qingyu had no choice but to send a message to Shi Kaixin, [Come in.]

After a pause, he typed and added: [Everyone.]

Shi Kaixin: [What do you mean by come in We are at the corps headquarters at the moment.

Madame, is something the matter]

Jun Qingyu: [Enough talk, I’ve seen all of you.

All of you, come in, immediately.]

Shi Kaixin: “……”

Turning off his light brain, Shi Kaixin could not figure it out.

How did Jun Qingyu see them

They clearly restrained themselves deliberately and did not make a sound, and some movements that might attract his attention were avoided.

Yet, they were still discovered.

They had already been discovered and Shi Kaixin had no choice but to inform them to go in together with him.

Jun Qingyu opened the lid of his takeout and put it on the table.

There were all kinds of late-night snacks and the table was filled with them, along with the desserts he had prepared; it looked sumptuous.


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