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Chapter 59 Part 2

As soon as he was done, the doorbell rang.

Jun Qingyu pressed a button on the robot and opened the door on his own.

Shi Kaixin stood at the door with a guilty conscience, and when he saw Jun Qingyu coming, he immediately showed a big smile, “We were patrolling outside a while ago.

What does Madame want from us”

The lowest rank were majors and they were patrolling outside.

Jun Qingyu didn’t say anything but simply turned around and walked into the house, “Come in.”

Once inside, Shi Kaixin’s attention was drawn to the large table of food.

With so much, it was obvious that Jun Qingyu could not finish eating them alone.

Jun Qingyu lightly said, “Remember to clean up after you’ve eaten.

There are vacant rooms upstairs, find a room to rest when you get tired.

You don’t need to go out to patrol.”

Seeing that Jun Qingyu was going upstairs, Shi Kaixin hurriedly asked, “Madame, you’re not going to eat”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “I’m not hungry, all of you can go ahead and eat.”

When the lift door closed, Jun Qingyu took off his mask.

Shi Kaixin had seen the little mermaid before, so when Jun Qingyu appeared in front of him, he always remembered to put on his mask.

Exactly ten o’clock in the morning.

Jun Qingyu watched as the last second changed to zero on his light brain but he was still wide-awake.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t come back all night, but there were messages from him on his light brain.

It should be that something had happened just as the meeting was about to adjourn, thus the meeting continued after a mealtime was given.

Jun Qingyu also didn’t know where the imperial leader got so much rubbish to state.

Just after he replied to Fu Yuanchuan’s message, a knock came from the door outside, “Madame, are you awake”

It was Shi Kaixin.

Shi Kaixin came once in the morning and asked him to go down for breakfast.

Jun Qingyu asked, “What is it”

Shi Kaixin said, “Previously, the marshal asked me to look into the mermaid breeding base and the matter of the purchase online for the fruits and vegetables to save people.

We’re gotten some results and I’m here to deliver a report.”

A report

Jun Qingyu got up and put on a jacket, “Give it to me.”

Then a wooden rectangular handle of a basket was placed on his hand followed by a set of paper documents.

“This is your breakfast.” He didn’t deliver his breakfast earlier and it just so happened that he could deliver the report to him along with his meal.

Jun Qingyu didn’t have the least bit of an appetite and he was going to ask him to retrieve it, “You…Eh” 

As a result, when he looked up, the person in question had run away.

With no other alternative, Jun Qingyu had no choice but to take the basket in.

He placed his breakfast aside, he was still more interested in that set of documents.

The first sentence on the first page of the document: The suspected treatment target was the residential area and there was a meeting a month ago to discuss the outbreak of mental energy illness in the residential area.

At that time, it was suspected that someone had deliberately placed something that caused mental energy illness in the residential area but later, before he could deal with the matter, Fu Yuanchuan’s men were taken away by the people above and the affairs of the residential area was taken over by someone else.

But now it looks like the matter there had not been resolved.

Jun Qingyu looked at the time stamp on the document and then calculated the time when he received the messages from the mermaid breeding base.

In other words, the mermaid breeding base had an outbreak of the illness in the residential area and they knew of it before the news of it had disseminated.

Then they came to him to buy some fruits and vegetables.

As a result, they didn’t buy them in the end and there was no further news about the residential area, even the news of the illness was suppressed.

The mermaid breeding base never even thought about taking the mermaids out to treat them.

If Fu Yuanchuan had taken over this matter in the first place, it would have been resolved a long time ago.

Was there still a need to delay it until now

The mental energy of ordinary people was not as aggressive as Fu Yuanchuan’s mental energy, and getting in contact with the little mermaids could completely treat their illness, but the mermaid breeding base did not do that.

After the incident at M Planet had broken out, the imperial leader approached Fu Yuanchuan and put forth that they wanted to buy fruits and vegetables once more.

They didn’t believe that an illness had appeared in the residential area for such a long time and now, they suddenly wanted to treat it.

There was obviously something wrong.

Jun Qingyu frowned. 

Could it be that he was trying to restore his image by taking advantage of the residential area

Then how could the imperial leader treat people in the residential area when they had not bought any fruits and vegetables

At this time, the attitude of the neutral mermaid breeding base was particularly important.

Jun Qingyu thought for some time before he got up and went next door to take out the dead Zerg egg that Yu Zhi had brought back before.

It was better to plan ahead than be only on the defensive.

“Shi Kaixin!”

“Present!” Shi Kaixin, who was downstairs, replied in a loud voice, and then hurriedly ran up the stairs.

Jun Qingyu handed him the Zerg egg, “I have a task for you.”

“Ah” Shi Kaixin was rather puzzled as he accepted the Zerg egg.

Didn’t he give it to Jun Qingyu before Why did he give it back to him again

Jun Qingyu said, “Go to the mermaid breeding base later…”

Listening to Jun Qingyu’s plan, Shi Kaixin’s eyes widened in astonishment, “But this…”

Jun Qingyu said lightly, “Don’t worry about anything else, just do as instructed.”

Shi Kaixin nodded his head, “Ok, I’m on it.”

“Make it as discreet as possible, and the sooner you do it, the better.”


Jun Qingyu watched as Shi Kaixin hurriedly left with the Zerg egg.

He stood at the head of the stairs for a while, then he turned around and returned to his bedroom.

His breakfast in the basket was still hot.

As Jun Qingyu ate, he sent a message to Fu Yuanchuan to briefly describe the situation in the residential area.

Fu Yuanchuan: [I’ll think about how to arrange the treatment.]

Jun Qingyu: [I have a solution, leave this matter to me.]

When he handed the Zerg egg over to Shi Kaixin, he had already figured out what to do with the matter at the residential area.

When Fu Yuanchuan saw his message, he didn’t pry and replied with: [Okay, thank you for the hard work, little fish.]

Seeing that he agreed so simply, the arc of Jun Qingyu’s eyes couldn’t help but curve like a crescent moon and he typed: [When will you be back]

Fu Yuanchuan chatted about it with him, but he never said the exact time all along.

In fact, Fu Yuanchuan himself didn’t know when he could go back: [It should be over soon.]

Jun Qingyu sighed: [Ok.]

Looks like it would take some time.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t delay replying to his message during the meeting, so Jun Qingyu sat at the tea table by the window and chatted with him.

Before he knew it, it was dark outside.

At this time, news of the adjournment of the meeting came from Fu Yuanchuan’s side: [I will be back soon.]

After the meeting was adjourned, Jun Qingyu was not in a hurry: [Pay attention to your safety on the road.]


Jun Qingyu turned off his light brain and went downstairs to prepare some food.

Fu Yuanchuan’s trusted aides have been patrolling outside in shifts and even after he had said that they did not need to patrol, they still insisted on it.

The team that was not patrolling stayed upstairs and at the moment, there was no one in the living room.

Jun Qingyu baked a cake and cut a lot of fruits in the meantime, planning to use them to decorate the cake later.

While he was doing so, the sound of the doorbell came from outside.

The robot beeped as it turned in a circle, “Visitor Identity: Shi Kaixin, would you like to open the door”

Jun Qingyu’s hands were covered with flour, so he said, “Open it.”

The robot: “Ok.”

After entering through the door, Shi Kaixin was in a very excited mood, and ran in with a smile and said, “Madame! I’ve done it!”

Shi Kaixin handed Jun Qingyu a virtual hard disk—the size of a thumb—which could be lost if he wasn’t careful.

Shi Kaixin said, “This one contains the pictures and videos you want and they are all in high-definition.

I stored them directly without compressing them.”

When this sort of thing was transmitted, other softwares would compress them.

For fear that things would not be seen clearly, Shi Kaixin simply gave him the source file.

“Mhm.” Jun Qingyu motioned to him to put the virtual hard disk aside.

Shi Kaixin put down the virtual hard disk, “If the madame has nothing else for me to do, I will get to work.”

“Go ahead.”

“Ok.” Shi Kaixin, who had completed his task, was obviously in a good mood, and happily ran upstairs to find his brothers.

Once Jun Qingyu made all the desserts, he washed his hands and put away the virtual hard disk.

If the mermaid breeding base would really intervene for the imperial leader, this microchip would play a significant role.

On the other hand, if they did not intervene, the things in the microchip would never come to light.

It depended on what the mermaid breeding base would do.

He placed the ready-made dinner on the table and the temperature of the freshly baked sponge cake also dropped.

Jun Qingyu began to beat the cream.

Compared to electric machines, he always felt that the semi-automatic kind was easier to control.

The cream made with icing sugar looked very delicate and sweet.

While he was beating, the sound of the door opening came from outside.

The people on patrol did not have permission to open the door, they could only come in after the robot asked Jun Qingyu for permission after scanning their identities, thus the only one who came in could only be Fu Yuanchuan.

Jun Qingyu was overjoyed when he heard that sound.

He wanted to turn off the electric whisk at once and go out, but he almost lost his grip with a flick of his hand.

The electric whisk was full of whipped cream and it was instantly thrown out with such a move.


The built-in device of the electric whisk automatically stopped but the cream on the stirring rod still got all over Jun Qingyu.

When Fu Yuanchuan heard something wrong inside, he hurriedly walked in, “Are you all right”

When he saw the little fish covered in cream, he froze for a moment, “Did it get in your eyes”

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

There was only some on his face and neck and the rest got onto his clothes.

He could even taste the sweetness of the cream as he pursed his lips.

Fu Yuanchuan took out a wet wipe and gently wiped the little fish’s cheek, “You should go and wash up.”

It would still be uncomfortable after wiping him clean.

“Mhm.” In the process of turning around, Jun Qingyu paused.

He looked at the empty living room and then turned to look at Fu Yuanchuan beside him.

Fu Yuanchuan asked, “What’s wrong”

Jun Qingyu smiled and shook his head.

The little fish had the same expression when he rubbed the cream on his face last time and Fu Yuanchuan just thought he was having fun again, “You…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Jun Qingyu stepped forward and gently kissed him on the lips with his creamy lips.

Looking at Fu Yuanchuan who was frozen in place, Jun Qingyu blinked, “Is it sweet”

Fu Yuanchuan’s Adam’s apple moved slightly and his train of thoughts flowed in the depths of his eyes but he did not move.

He said in a deep voice, “Are you asking about cream or you”

“Mmm…” Jun Qingyu said hesitantly, “The cream”

Fu Yuanchuan thought for a while, “It’s a bit sugary.”

The arc of Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved like a crescent moon when he heard those words, “And what if it was me”

Fu Yuanchuan did not answer him immediately but rather he approached the little fish and lifted his hands up to his waist.

Jun Qingyu looked at him with uncertainty, “Hmm”

Fu Yuanchuan gently sucked the cream on his neck and looked at the small red marks he left behind.

He said softly, “I have to try it again.

I didn’t get a good taste earlier.”


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