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Chapter 63 

Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand and placed it around the waist of the little fish and subconsciously tapped his fingers.

Cooperating with interstellar pirates was indeed dangerous—there was no doubt about it.

Not to mention, interstellar pirates were fickle and unbridled, and it was not unheard of that they would turn on their deal when they got into a tough situation.

He had talked about it several times but the little fish didn’t seem to take this matter to heart.

When it comes to being mean…

Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan did not speak, Jun Qingyu hugged him and said affectionately, “It’s better to let Wen Chengyao handle this matter.”

“And his sister is still with me, so he won’t betray me.”

“Even if he doesn’t care about his sister, he won’t get anything good out of betraying me, and that person cannot tolerate an existence that knows too much.”

“His sister is also not an interstellar pirate and the matter we just discussed is not a collaboration with the interstellar pirates.”

Jun Qingyu clarified one of the issues and said justifiably, “Wen Chengyao and I are not in a collaboration, it’s just a business transaction.”

Finally, he concluded by saying, “You can’t be mean to me.”

Fu Yuanchuan: “……”

It made perfect sense, but in fact, it was nonsense.

However, looking at the cute little fish, what else could Fu Yuanchuan say He sighed in helplessness and said, “Give me Wen Chengyao’s contact information.”

“Mmm…” Jun Qingyu blinked, “Then I’ll go to his sister to ask for his contact information.”

So far when he contacted Wen Chengyao, the online store was used.

When Fu Yuanchuan heard that, he said, “By the way, you can prepare those and send them out together.”

“All right.”

Jun Qingyu took out the dessert prepared, thought for a bit before he said, “There will be more people coming here these few days, you can come over in the evening.”

Yaoyao nodded, “You finally intend to expand your business.”

In the very beginning, Jun Qingyu didn’t intend to open a store but with how matters had developed afterwards to the present, opening a store was the most appropriate and simplest way to cater to the public.

“Give me your brother’s contact information.”

Yaoyao thought for a while.

They absolutely could not state that the contact between interstellar pirates was to use the empire’s standard communication.

After pondering for quite a while, “You can add me and I’ll recommend you to him.”

“Ok.” Jun Qingyu used the alternative account he used to watch news on the Internet to add Yaoyao.

As for that account with his ID, he’ll leave it at that.

Besides, he wouldn’t contact them again after this matter was over.

After adding Wen Chengyao, Jun Qingyu turned around and went back to Fu Yuanchuan, “I’ve added him.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “Pass it on to Shi Kaixin.”

Jun Qingyu guessed that Fu Yuanchuan would not have any alternate social contact, so he said, “Ok.”

Yaoyao had not finished her meal and because of that, they could not leave.

Nevertheless, they came to take a look at the store today and so, Jun Qingyu wasn’t in a rush to leave.

He turned around, sat on Fu Yuanchuan’s lap and watched the news.

A plate of fruit slices was placed on the chair next to him and Fu Yuanchuan held him from behind.

He should have been watching the news with Jun Qingyu, but his line of sight could not part from the little fish.

Thus he simply disregarded the news and concentrated on feeding the little fish fruits with a small fork.

Jun Qingyu knew that the news had been released, but he hadn’t read the comments in their entirety.

It was a matter of time.

Wen Chengyao didn’t release the news progressively but took the lead in releasing the evidence straight away.

A complete video was more straightforward than any words.

In the video, in the mermaid egg incubation room of the mermaid breeding base, rows of mermaid eggs were arranged neatly.

The camera swept past but finally landed on one of the eggs, which was vaguely black in colour.

After focusing on the scene, one could see a curled up juvenile Zerg in that egg with a broken shell.

It wasn’t known whether it was a coincidence or not, but a piece of the eggshell fell off at this time, as if the Zerg inside was breaking out of its shell.

The video came to an abrupt end here and the final picture was an egg from Planet M’s laboratory.

It was not stated clearly but the point was self-evident.

[There was a conspiracy theory when the news broke out last time and the comment was deleted in less than a second.

Now it seems…Haha, it really hit the nail on the head]

[And then there’s that news to garner sympathy, about them being frugal as a person and how they never spent too much, but if you ask me, experiments like that are the most costly.

No wonder they were so frugal, the money was used for something else.]

The appearance of this comment was somewhat beyond Jun Qingyu’s expectations.

When he tapped on it to check it out, it was an account that couldn’t be any more ordinary and it didn’t seem to control the direction of the public’s opinion.

The main thing was that Jun Qingyu had also seen that news to garner sympathy, but he actually didn’t link them up.

After reading this comment, he thought about that news.

He found it somewhat ridiculous indeed.

All the money was saved for experiments and they couldn’t even afford any clothes.

What the hell was this

As the imperial leader, they had even set up an image for themselves.

You deserve this screw up.

They lived lavishly and as they wished in private but they garnered sympathy on the surface, which was really disgusting.

The entire matter up-to-date could be connected into a line now.

The imperial leader wanted to use the mermaid breeding base to restore his reputation.

Then what if all the mermaid eggs in the mermaid breeding base were the experimental products from the imperial leader’s laboratory on Planet M

With a little bit of thinking, one could find out something was not right.

[Previously, the mermaid breeding base stated that it would never sell the little mermaid to civilians, but this time, the imperial leader came over to discuss the matter in person.

If it could be negotiated, they wouldn’t have said that before.]

[No wonder they’re selling them.

Did they want to take this opportunity to get rid of some problematic mermaids Nope, the mermaids in your possession are probably not mermaids and those who are waiting to be saved can only be dragged to death when the time comes.

They can get rid of these problematic ‘mermaids’, end up with a good reputation and they don’t have to pay for anything.


[No, don’t.

I’m apologising for my remark half an hour ago for thanking the imperial leader.]

[Is there no one in the empire Why do we let such a person be our leader]


In response to this situation, Jun Qingyu sent a comment using his side account: [I think that this person isn’t any good either, even a few marshals are more courageous than him! Mermaids are scarce in number and are not circulated to the common people.

Yet, he uses them for experiments.

I’m really speechless.

If the imperial leader is re-elected, I will definitely vote for a marshal.]

Fu Yuanchuan, who saw the little fish typing at the back, “……”

Voting was not possible but he could take them down.

While the little fish was occupied with the public’s opinion, Fu Yuanchuan wasn’t idle either.

Compared with some measures, force was the ultimate solution to everything.

When the current imperial leader was unable to restore public opinion, they would definitely choose to utilise the corps.

On that occasion, they would be very desperate.

Although they had a bad reputation, at the very least, they held their rights in their hands.

Jun Qingyu ate a piece of an apple, “Just wait for the news of you opening a store in the evening, then establish an air route to pick up the patients from their residential areas.”

As he stepped on the short-lived enthusiasm of the imperial leader, he pushed Fu Yuanchuan up.

Jun Qingyu had no sense of belonging to the empire.

He was just an outsider.

Everything he did was for the good of Fu Yuanchuan, which was why he would do these things.

Fu Yuanchuan stroked his hair and did not deny Jun Qingyu’s suggestion.

It was simply that Jun Qingyu did as such and advertently placed everything the small store could offer on him.

To be exact, if Jun Qingyu had not brought out his fruits and vegetables and spring water, the store wouldn’t have opened at all.

Yet the little fish actually…put all the credit onto him, but what did he do to deserve this

Smelling the faint fragrance on the little fish, Fu Yuanchuan thought it would be better to take this opportunity to let the little fish completely break away from his identity as a little mermaid.

It was just a matter of figuring out how to make things work and it had to be thought out in the long run.

After being stunned for a while, he saw the little fish looking back at him when he came back to his senses.

Fu Yuanchuan asked, “What’s wrong”

Jun Qingyu smiled and raised his hand to poke his cheek, “What are you thinking about You didn’t respond to me earlier when I called you.”

“It’s nothing.” Fu Yuanchuan took his hand and placed it against his face, “What did you just say”

Jun Qingyu lifted up his light brain and said, “Look at the comments, they’re starting to clear them.”

Probably because there were too many negative comments and they didn’t care whether the deletion of those comments would expose that matter, everything was cleared straight away and it was the sort with a big portion.

Four or five in a row disappeared at the same time and those who didn’t know thought that some supernatural event had occurred.

Some accounts that had more comments had their accounts deleted and after their accounts got deleted, the comments made by their account would disappear along with them.

The group of people in the entire comment section seemed to have changed and they began to tell the hardships of the imperial leader.

It was their usual shamelessness.

They did it in such a blatant way.

Everyone knew what was going on, but they couldn’t say anything about it.

As a consequence of speaking out, their accounts had been blocked off.

However, that video had not been deleted.

To be exact, it was deleted and then it reappeared again.

Jun Qingyu found that the time posted of the original video was abnormal, there were no less than fifteen release times.

That was to say, the video had been deleted no less than fifteen times during these few spans of time.

The video could not be deleted.

No matter how many comments were deleted and how many accounts were deleted, it was useless.

Fu Yuanchuan could imagine the other party’s anxious appearance right now, “This will keep them busy.

Don’t worry, just concentrate on opening the store.”

With the news of the opening of the store being released, everyone’s attention would naturally shift to the dessert store.

Deleting or not deleting the comments on the Internet would actually have little effect.

Just that, the comment section would only look good for a while.

Jun Qingyu didn’t care if he deleted the comments or not, but when his comments got deleted, his side account got deleted altogether and it got blocked too.

His account was merely a side account, though he still has his own and Fu Yuanchuan’s account, those were not suitable for reading news.

If by any chance his finger slipped and he accidentally liked or forwarded something, it would be rather troublesome to be caught by someone who was interested in making a fuss.

Although no one might pay attention to his account at the moment, he had to prepare for the future.

With his side account gone, Jun Qingyu stopped reading any news.

Since he already knew the news, the deleted comments were nothing much to look at.

Outside, it wasn’t known when Yaoyao had finished her desserts and left silently after cleaning up.

They had turned on the soundproofing inside and didn’t notice any movement outside.

Jun Qingyu got up, stretched and said, “Let’s go back too.”

“All right.”

At eight or nine o’clock in the middle of the night, Jun Qingyu sat on a chair with his legs wrapped in a thin quilt, waiting for the right time to make an announcement.

Someone would review the content if it was sent timely.

Jun Qingyu was afraid people would see it in advance and disrupt the rhythm when they spread the news, thus it would be no good.

The content had been entered, he just had to ultimately click on it to send it.

Fu Yuanchuan made him a cup of fruit tea, “Isn’t it time yet”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “No.” 

The selected time was the time when the largest number of people were online at the same time and after posting then, it would go directly on trending.

Even if it got deleted, many people would see it.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Go to sleep if you’re sleepy, I’ll post it later when it’s time.”

“I’m not sleepy yet.”

Fu Yuanchuan touched the little fish who couldn’t open his eyes, “Are you really not sleepy”

“Mmm…Give me a kiss.” Jun Qingyu rubbed his eyes, grabbed the hem of Fu Yuanchuan’s clothes and said, “If you kiss me, I won’t be sleepy anymore.”


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