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“No.” Fu Yuanchuan bent his finger, nudged it against the little fish’s cheek and said, “I can hold you as you go to sleep.”


“Mmm….I don’t want to.” Jun Qingyu gathered the thin quilt and sneezed before he said, “I only feel sleepy when you are by my side.

The previous time you went out for a meeting, I didn’t feel any different when I didn’t sleep all night.”


“You didn’t sleep all night”




There was a flash of clarity in his sleepy brain and Jun Qingyu was stunned for a moment.

He silently looked up at Fu Yuanchuan, and then quickly retracted his gaze, he wrapped his arms around his knees, hugging himself tightly.


Fu Yuanchuan looked down, only to see Jun Qingyu curled up into a ball, giving him a feeling of him being weak and pitiful.


Previously, when he saw the little fish like this, he might have let this matter rest.


However, Fu Yuanchuan had always been strict about the little fish’s physical condition.

He believed the little fish was asleep when he went out for a meeting, but he didn’t expect him to stay up all night.


“By doing this, you cause a lot of harm to your body.”


Jun Qingyu nodded docilely.


“Staying up all night is also quite draining.”


Jun Qingyu continued to nod obediently.


“In the future, I will try to go out as little as possible and hold video meetings.”


Jun Qingyu nodded…and he stopped mid-action, he looked at Fu Yuanchuan in surprise, “You…”


Fu Yuanchuan tided the little fish’s hair up and tied it behind his back with a hairband before he said, “I will stay with you, so you won’t stay up all night.”


Looking at the current Fu Yuanchuan before him, Jun Qingyu seemed to be unable to see the person who had to approve documents and indulge in work while having a sick body.


He got out of the chair, and the thin quilt on his body slipped to the ground and piled up at his feet, but Jun Qingyu didn’t care.

He threw himself into Fu Yuanchuan’s arms and said mischievously, “Are you sure you won’t stay up all night”


Fu Yuanchuan held the little fish steady and said with certainty, “Mhm.”


Jun Qingyu leaned closer to his ear and breathed softly, “Really”




Aware that Fu Yuanchuan froze, Jun Qingyu loosened his grip with a chuckle, “Alright, I’ll go to sleep on time in the future.

Today will be the last day I’ll stay up all night, so I’m going to keep an eye on the news with my account.”


As soon as the voice fell, Jun Qingyu felt his wrist being held, and he locked eyes with Fu Yuanchuan.

He asked innocently, “What’s wrong”


“It’s still early.” Fu Yuanchuan whisked away the ornaments on the table, lifted the little fish up and placed him on the table, and pecked him gently on the lips, “It’s the last day you’ll stay up late, let’s celebrate.”



The air ventilation in the house was turned on, and the sound made by the lowest wind velocity was very soft, which was almost inaudible if one didn’t listen carefully.


Fu Yuanchuan sat on a chair with the little fish wrapped in a thin quilt, quietly waiting for some feedback from the comment section after the news got released.


The news was sent out on time.

Jun Qingyu couldn’t hold the mouse with aching fingers, thus Fu Yuanchuan held his hand to control the mouse.

It could be considered as the two of them sending it out together.


Jun Qingyu leaned on Fu Yuanchuan, closed his eyes, but he didn’t sleep.

He wanted to sleep right now, even so, he also wanted to read the comments on it.

Yet he had waited for such a long time, wasn’t it just to read the latest comments


That person deleted the comments too quickly.

If they noticed this part of the comment section and deleted the comment he hadn’t had time to read, it could not be restored.


Clearly, those people who deleted the comment had not noticed this part of the comment section yet, so they just went to bed after reading it once through.


After the long article was sent out, Fu Yuanchuan leaned in Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace and briefly checked the long article on the screen.

He had checked it several times before sending it out and now, he was just reading through it once.



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