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“You speak as if I’m the head of the family.” The use of the word ‘ask’ carried weight.

Fu Yuanchuan petted the little fish’s hair, “Aren’t you”

Jun Qingyu blinked and asked tentatively, “Can the head of the family have some ice cream when he returns home today”



Jun Qingyu took Fu Yuanchuan’s hand off his head, turned his back to Fu Yuanchuan in silence and played on his light brain.

Fu Yuanchuan chuckled upon seeing that and came up to him.

He helped him to loosen the hair tie fastened on his hair and coaxed him, “Be good.”

Jun Qingyu’s hair had been tied back the entire time.

After all, he was selling food and it was unpresentable to have his hair loose.

Now that the store was closed, it wasn’t good for his hair to be tied too tightly.

After loosening his hair tie, he gently massaged him with his fingers, “In regards to those marshals, I’ve replied to them.”

“Mhm.” After much thought, Jun Qingyu exhorted, “If there are extras, then sell it to them but primarily, set them aside for your own corps.”

It was important to win over allies, but the most important thing was to improve Fu Yuanchuan’s own unit of soldiers.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Okay.”

Jun Qingyu searched the Internet for news about the dessert store.

Apart from the long article on trending, posted using Fu Yuanchuan’s account, there were also many posts from passersby below it.

He did not deliberately find someone to falsify the comments; the feedback from these comments were all real.

[My family is average, and we can consume some fruits and vegetables occasionally, but that stuff is really awful! For a couple of times I’ve eaten them before, I bit the bullet and stuffed them down.

This time I went to the store to join the excitement, but I didn’t expect the fruits and vegetables there to be so delicious! It’s probably the charm of the new variety, I can’t eat ordinary fruits and vegetables anymore.]

[I’m at a loss for words, either way, it’s delicious.

Not only that, a lot of people came to queue up.

I went to queue up early in the morning and when it was my turn, I stepped in with the last quota.]

[@Official Release, come and see what fruits and vegetables are.

You protect your little bit of output like a family heirloom, but it’s rubbish compared to the marshal’s!]

[Hey, those who didn’t secure a spot can only silently watch all of you give it a taste.

Not to mention, it seems really delicious just by looking at those photos.

If I have a chance, I’ll give them a taste.]


The taste of the fruits and vegetables were impeccable, regardless of whether they had consumed the original interstellar fruits and vegetables or not, it did not affect the evaluation of the taste of the fruits and vegetables from his space.

The empire’s control over fruits and vegetables were indeed very stringent— to be exact, the control over these scarce resources were very strict, including the mermaids.

It was like hiding all the good things away and only giving them to people of high status, and they weren’t three-year-olds who needed this kind of thing to win the people’s hearts.

Jun Qingyu didn’t understand the imperial leader’s train of thought.

It felt like he was courting his own demise; otherwise, as an imperial leader, things would not have gotten to this point.


After reading some more comments, Jun Qingyu couldn’t refrain from saying, “I feel like there’s something wrong with the imperial leader.”

“There has always been something wrong with him.” Fu Yuanchuan leisurely sorted out the little fish’s hair, braiding it according to the tutorial on his light brain.

Fu Yuanchuan had a thorough understanding of the imperial leader, “He’s merely a maniac with his mind filled with experiments, it’s a fluke for him to ascend to this position, and what kind of achievements can a person expect him to achieve”

Jun Qingyu blinked.

He felt there was more to this than meets the eye, but after much consideration, he didn’t know what it was so he simply didn’t ask anymore.

There would be new comments as soon as the latest hot topic was refreshed, and when he saw someone asking about the admission number, Jun Qingyu stopped and tapped on it to take a look.

[To accept only 50 people is too few, even though the patients are not included, but it’s really too little.

If you would like to add to your meal, you have to go queue up again.

Wuuuuu…In the first place, I didn’t know it would be so delicious, so I casually ordered some, but it was too late when I wanted to order some more.

Shucks! If I knew, I would have ordered each of everything.]

[In fact, I think there’s already a lot.

When you calculate the output of the fruits and vegetables and the number of fruits and vegetables used by the marshal, the output has doubled.

You can’t make things too difficult for them with the new variety.]

[After eating it for the first time, I found a hotel nearby to stay.

I’ll come first thing tomorrow morning to queue up!]

[Wake up, their opening hours have changed, their post states that the store will open in the afternoon.]

[I know.

If the store opens in the morning I have to queue up in the early hours of the morning.

You have to know there are many people there competing with you for the quota of 50.

Moreover, the store is very quiet, it’s not messy even if there’s a lot of people there, and there’s even a faint fruity fragrance.]


Was it so popular that they had to queue up so early in advance

Jun Qingyu thought about the sea of people outside when he came.

it seemed like…if they didn’t get up early to queue, they really could not secure a quota.

But still, the quota of 50 set at the beginning could not be changed at will.

The fruits and vegetables from his space were not only for the store.

After adding the other quantity used on the marshal’s end, it was good enough for the quota of the store to be set to 50.

Some people have already started to check in at the surrounding hotels, planning to come over the next day to queue up to buy some desserts.

The flow of visitors here was low and the attractions have closed down and thus, the hotels nearby would naturally not be able to escape the fate of closing down.

At present, it could be considered as a nearby hotel, but it was an hour’s drive away.

While thinking about it, Jun Qingyu indistinctly heard some movement outside, and when he looked up, he saw Shi Kaixin’s silhouette appearing outside.

He seemed to be talking to someone, and once the other party had left, he pushed the door to come in.

Shi Kaixin took note to lock the door before he walked up to the front desk and said, “Marshal, some of the customers who came in a rush to the desert store outside have already left and more than ten problematic ones have been apprehended.

I have let Yu Zhi take them back to check their identities.”

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows.

More than ten

He knew people would be arranged to come here, but he didn’t expect there would be so many.

Based on the number of ordinary people who came here, it was considered a lot for more than ten people to come over.

This number did not exceed Fu Yuanchuan’s expectations.

There might be more than one force that had some thoughts for this dessert store, “Once you have kept them in check, wait for them to come over to claim them.”


After a pause, Shi Kaixin added, “By the way, Marshal, someone in the queue earlier asked me who owned these stores next door—he would like to rent them to open a store.”

Shi Kaixin only knew they used these storefronts to set up a fake store, but he really didn’t know who these storefronts belonged to, therefore he didn’t say anything superfluous and just said he would help him to inquire.

Jun Qingyu was stunned when he heard that.


The dessert store he opened could only be so big, and it would not be expanded in the future, so he had no use for the stores outside at all.

For his own protection, Fu Yuanchuan bought all the storefronts on the entire street all at once.

It was also such a shame that so many vacant storefronts were not used.

Yet, Fu Yuanchuan did not make this decision but lowered his head to ask the little fish, “Do you have any plans to rent them out”

It was clear he wasn’t asking him, Shi Kaixin realised it at once when he heard those words, “Oh…it turns out to be the madame’s, as expected of the madame.

This should be an investment.”

Only a few people had come here before, and the price of buying an entire street was about the same as buying one with great customer traffic at the market price, which was utterly expensive.

It had only been so long since the influx of people here had increased.

For all one knew, the tourist attractions could be revived, and the value of these stores could be imagined.

Likewise, the dessert store was too special, and its value might not only rise in the near future, but it was also possible for it to be of inestimable value.

Jun Qingyu considered it.

It was certainly not for sale, and it was much better to rent them out since they were vacant, but now that so many people were eyeing them, there might be problems when it came to renting.

In the event someone sneaked in, didn’t that mean a bomb was planted at hand It was easy to know a person, but it was very difficult to understand a person’s heart, not to mention someone he didn’t know very well.

After much thought, he still felt it was a bad idea to rent them out, and so Jun Qingyu said, “Let’s leave them vacant for the time being and talk about renting them out next time.”

“Alright, I’ll follow suit with madame’s arrangement.” Shi Kaixin merely asked out of curiosity, and when someone else asked him in the future, he would be able to reply to them.

With the matter settled, Shi Kaixin didn’t stay any longer, he said as he pointed outside, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to work, Marshal.

I haven’t checked all the information about the people that were caught and I’m afraid Yu Zhi won’t be able to manage it alone.”

“Go ahead.”

Once Shi Kaixin left, the dessert store became quiet in an instant.

Fu Yuanchuan tidied up the little fish’s hair and said, “Let’s clean up, it’s time to go back.”

“All right.”

Late at night.

Jun Qingyu sat on the soft chair by the window, looking at his light brain every once in a while.

Three hours have passed since Fu Yuanchuan went to a meeting.

The content of the meeting was mainly concerning the new variety of fruits and vegetables.

It stood to reason Jun Qingyu should attend this meeting but because the video meeting involved several other marshals, he did not tag along.

He planned on waiting in the bedroom for Fu Yuanchuan to come back but it took too long.

After thinking about it, Jun Qingyu put away his light brain and got up to go downstairs.

Seeing that this situation would not end in a while, he prepared supper to send it over to him.

It was better to eat some nutritious food late at night, staying up late was exhausting.

Jun Qingyu found some ingredients from the refrigerator and took out a chicken to make soup.

The chicken had been cleansed and the method was also simple.

Put the seasoning bag and chicken together in water to boil, skim the foam off the first time, then cover it with a lid for it to cook.

The specialised pot used to cook the chicken had high efficiency and it could stew the chicken until the meat became tender and soft, separating from the bones, in half an hour at the earliest; and simply add a pinch of salt to flavour it at the end of the cooking process.

For the main course, he used the sliced bread at home to sandwich a few pieces of meat and fruits and vegetables, making a simple meal.

Jun Qingyu cut some more fruits, intending to let him eat them after supper.

After the chicken soup was cooked, he placed it on a tray to serve it with the other food that had been prepared.

Standing in front of the meeting room door, Jun Qingyu supported the bottom of the tray with a hand and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Jun Qingyu opened the door when he heard those words, “Are you still having a meeting”

“Yes.” Fu Yuanchuan made a move to turn off his webcam and microphone, “Something wrong”

Perceiving Fu Yuanchuan’s actions, Jun Qingyu shook his head.

He walked over with the tray and placed it beside him, “I made you something to eat.

If your meeting runs over very late into the night, remember to eat before you stay up late.”

Fu Yuanchuan held Jun Qingyu by his waist.

He covered the bowl of chicken soup with a lid, but it still could not block the fragrance of the chicken soup.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t eat but rather, he coaxed the little fish, “Are you tired I’ll be done soon.”

“Take your time.” Jun Qingyu glanced at the screen of the virtual computer, which was divided into several parts, and there was a person in each part.

Only the part at the bottom corner was black.

It should be where Fu Yuanchuan’s video was.

Fu Yuanchuan said softly, “Why don’t you sit here for a while I…”

“No.” Jun Qingyu leaned over and kissed the side of Fu Yuanchuan’s face.

He smiled as he said, “I’ll go take a shower and wait for you so that we can go back and rest together.”



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