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As soon as Fu Yuanchuan left, the house became quiet.


Shi Kaixin smiled as he moved closer to look at the cute little mermaid and said, “Hello little mermaid, you should know who I am……”


Before he finished, Jun Qingyu kept a straight face, sank directly to the bottom without even looking at him.


Shi Kaixin: “”


You weren’t like this when you were together with the marshal!


Jun Qingyu had a look of indifference.


When he thought of the cute and coquettish little mermaid in Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, Shi Kaixin envied him.


Shi Kaixin looked at the little mermaid getting into the shell and said, “Okay, okay, go to sleep.

I won’t disturb you.”


“Tell this brother if you are hungry, brother will get you something delicious to eat.”


Jun Qingyu hugged the soft cushion and closed his eyes to catch up on his sleep.


However, the doorbell rang not long after he closed his eyes.


Jun Qingyu opened his shell in a hurry and swam out.

Was Fu Yuanchuan back


Maybe he forgot something.


Shi Kaixin went over to open the door.


Jun Qingyu tilted his head to take a look, “Ee……ya” It was a couple that came.


Seeing that the person was not Fu Yuanchuan, Jun Qingyu was dispirited and he retreated into the water.


Shi Kaixin said, “Uncle Fu, Auntie Fu.

What are you doing here”


Jun Qingyu lazily spat out bubbles.

Their last names were Fu, they shared the same name as Fu Yuanchuan.


Their last names are Fu!


Jun Qingyu looked at the two people at the doorway in surprise.


In the original text, wasn’t the person who took advantage of when Fu Yuanchuan wasn’t at home to steal the legion token, Fu Yuanchuan’s father, Fu Yanghong!


That’s not right.

Why did Fu Yanghong come He even brought Fu Yuanchuan’s mother along.


He felt that this wasn’t like that stealing scenario in the original text.


The original text had very little description about Fu Yuanchuan’s parents; except for that one time when they stole something, they were hardly in the plot.


He also didn’t know what they were up to this time.


Jun Qingyu thought about it.

He sat on the shell and observed those two people.


Fu Yanghong was burdened with worries as he said, “Yuanchuan has not contacted home for a long time.

We were worried about his health so we found time to come over to take a look at him.”


Fu Yanghong walked in while he was speaking, he said in distress, “Look at this, it doesn’t even look like home.”


Fu Yanghong sighed, “We asked him to return home but he didn’t return.

And what kind of life did he live out here”


He was Fu Yuanchuan’s elder but Shi Kaixin was not good at conversing so he spoke tactfully, “Marshal is not at home right now.

Uncle Fu, how about the both of you go home first and wait for the next time……”


“No need, there’s nothing we have to do anyways.

It’s fine if I wait here for him to come back.” Fu Yanghong pulled off the dust cloth on the sofa on his own and sat down.


Jun Qingyu looked at Fu Yanghong.

It was said that one’s appearance was affected by one’s heart.

This person appeared to be a tough nut to crack.


He was a heartless old man who sold his own son.


He actually put on an act as a compassionate father.

If he did not know the plot, he might have been deceived by him.


Fu Yanghong noticed the fish tank on the coffee table and said, “This mermaid is the one that Fu Yuanchuan brought back”


Shi Kaixin said, “Yes.”


Fu Yanghong said in exasperation, “Why does it look so fierce I don’t have the faintest idea how he bought one with such a terrible temper, he should buy one with a better temper.

How is it going to treat his illness”


Jun Qingyu raised his brows.

I didn’t cause any problem for you but you came to provoke me, based on what are you worthy of doing so


Jun Qingyu swam up to the surface of the water, holding a stone that was used as a decoration from the bottom of the fish tank and tossed it towards the corner of Fu Yanghong’s mouth, “Eeeeeeee.”


Fu Yanghong said, “This will be……Ah!”


The round stone directly hit his left eye!


Fu Yanghong suddenly saw stars and was dizzy, “You——!”


Fu Yanghong gritted his teeth and whipped over a backhand slap.


Shi Kaixin’s attention had always been on the little mermaid.

Upon seeing this, he promptly took a sudden big stride forward to carry the fish tank and held Fu Yanghong’s wrist back by force.


Fu Yanghong was so angry that he coughed, “Shi Kaixin!”


Before Fu Yuanchuan left, he was reminded repeatedly to put the safety of the mermaid first.


Shi Kaixin directly made a move without thinking about it.

After a while, he swiftly let go of Fu Yanghong’s hand.

He sheepishly said, “Uncle Fu, this mermaid is the marshal’s most treasured possession, he’s just messing with you.”


Jun Qingyu gave a light snort underwater.


The woman to the side, who was quiet all along, spoke softly, “Old Fu, stop making a fuss.

Yuanchuan will quarrel with you again when he comes back in a while.”


Fu Yanghong was in a bad mood, “What did I do What did I make a fuss about”


When the couple spoke with each other, Shi Kaixin lowered his head and made a helpless expression at the little mermaid.


It’s too difficult for me.


Suddenly, a noise came from the study upstairs.


Shi Kaixin was startled, “Who’s there!”


Soon after, he ran over without a word while carrying the fish tank in his arms.


Fu Yanghong and the woman were stunned, their faces had a somber expression.

They looked at each other and hurriedly stood up to follow along.


Shi Kaixin was standing in front of the door of the study, he was expressionless as he peered inside.


After seeing this, the woman came forth to pat Shi Kaixin on the shoulder and said, “Little Shi, don’t be paranoid.

Come on.

Come out with auntie.”


Shi Kaixin turned a deaf ear to what was said.


He walked into the study, placed the fish tank down as if nothing had happened and then abruptly kicked through the wooden cabinet under the desk!


“Ah!” The man curled up inside rolled out pathetically.


Jun Qingyu only took a glance at the man before he retracted his gaze.

He did not recognise the man.


What was more deserving of his attention was Fu Yanghong and that woman.


Before this, he suspected that this was not in line with the original storyline.


But he was sure of it now.


This was when the legion token was stolen in the original text, as for why the number of people has changed……


The corner of Jun Qingyu’s mouth became slightly pursed.

The Fu Yuanchuan in the original text was alone and there was also no mermaid present so when he left, the house would be empty.


But he was here now and Fu Yuanchuan left Shi Kaixin to protect him.

If this happened, it’s not easy for them to steal if there was someone at home.


That’s why there was a change.


They came as soon as Fu Yuanchuan left, the timing was so precise.


It looks like Fu Yuanchuan was really surrounded by the eyes of the imperial leader.



In the beginning, Jun Qingyu didn’t dare to reveal that he could talk because he was afraid of this.


Although mermaids can understand the speech of interstellar people, they could not speak the human language.

This was the common understanding in the interstellar.


If the leader of the empire knew that he could talk, he was afraid that even if he wanted to stay by Fu Yuanchuan’s side, he couldn’t.


The facts prove that he was right to be cautious.


That scum of the empire……


With this much effort in a moment, Shi Kaixin caught the man, who came in to steal things in the study.

He seized him and dragged him out.


Jun Qingyu noticed there was something wrong with the woman so he stood up and shouted, “Eeeeeeee.”


Shi Kaixin stopped, he couldn’t empty his hands to carry the mermaid, “Little fish, wait for a moment, I……”


“I’ll carry him.” The woman walked over with a slight smile and said, “I’ll help you to carry him out.”


The little mermaid just had a conflict with Fu Yanghong so Shi Kaixin was not at ease.

He said, “Auntie, you don’t have to.

It’s fine to let it stay here on its own for a while.”


But the woman paid no heed and reached out her hands to carry the fish tank.


Jun Qingyu saw that the timing was opportune.

He swung his tail, using the force to leap out of the water surface and grabbed the tassel tied to the woman’s waist.


After clinging to the tassel, Jun Qingyu lost his strength and fell directly onto the floor.


Fortunately, the height wasn’t high and the floor was padded.


“Ah!” The woman seemed to be startled, stumbled on her foot and almost stepped on him.


Jun Qingyu saw the situation and made a quick decision to roll to the left.


The woman stepped on nothing and was thinking about her next move when she heard Shi Kaixin’s stern shout, “Don’t move!”


He was about to step forward when his thigh was hugged by the thief.


The woman was startled and took a quick look at Fu Yanghong.


Fu Yanghong rushed forward by two steps, grabbed the woman’s wrist and pulled her over, “Why can’t you even hold a fish tank!”


Looking at the mermaid lying on the floor, Fu Yanghong thought about his eye that still ached.

He gnawed his teeth and a hint of ruthlessness flashed across his face.


Jun Qingyu realised that something was not right.

He saw Fu Yanghong swatting the fish tank held in the woman’s hands.


The fish tank filled with water fell straight towards him!


Shi Kaixing’s pupils abruptly constricted and he kicked the thief, who was hugging him.



He rushed out, shot his hands out to catch it but brushed past the falling fish tank.

He watched helplessly as the fish tank fell.




Jun Qingyu wanted to dodge when a sudden sharp pain shot through his wrist.

He slumped back down before he had the time to move.


There was a ‘bang’.


The fragile glass broke into pieces and scattered all around.


“Little fish!”


In that split second, Jun Qingyu seemed to see Fu Yuanchuan’s figure at the doorway.

He lost his consciousness before he had the time to speak.


The glass fragments mixed with the heavy coloured rock setting and various aquatic plants, covered an area that was sealed off, pinning the little mermaid underneath to death.


The study was completely quiet.


Shi Kaixin’s eyes swept across the mess and slowly looked up at Fu Yuanchuan, who was standing at the doorway.

His voice trembled, “Ma-marshal……”


The next moment, a tyrannical and agitated mental energy engulfed the entire study.



This is……did I die


Jun Qingyu knitted his brows.

It didn’t feel like it and it didn’t hurt at all.


Jun Qingyu slowly opened his eyes, he found himself in a vegetable field with a bunch of grapes growing promisingly by his side.


This is……




Jun Qingyu glanced at his wrist.


He didn’t die but also reopened his space


Jun Qingyu couldn’t help but beam with joy.

Since his space was opened, he could give fruits and vegetables containing spiritual energy to Fu Yuanchuan to eat.


In this way, Fu Yuanchuan could recover more quickly from his illness.


When he thought of Fu Yuanchuan, Jun Qingyu froze.

He seemed to have seen Fu Yuanchuan returning just now!


Jun Qingyu didn’t have time to take care of everything in the space.

He closed his eyes, revolved his spiritual energy and reappeared in the study.


There was a maximum movable range in and out of the space.

Jun Qingyu chose the maximum range of movement.

When he came out, he landed in an open space not far from the debris.


He looked around, the study was a scene of turmoil and the floor was a complete mess.

The area where Jun Qingyu was located was the only clean space in the study.


The pile of debris from the fish tank was still in place but a heavy pile of stone and soil had been parted to the left and right.


There was blood on a glass shard of the fish tank, he must have cut his hand by accident when he tore apart the pile.


When he raised his head to look, he could see something that seemed like blood mixed with pale golden fish scales on it.


Jun Qingyu recognised with a glance that those scales were the ones he had shed and dropped before; he already stuffed them into the fish tank.


Now that the fish tank was broken, the fish scales got stuck in the stone and soil.


On top of that, there was a faint smell of blood in the room.


Those who didn’t know would have thought that the mermaid had been……


Jun Qingyu only took a glance and shifted his line of sight away.


At this moment, the house was very quiet and not a single person could be seen.


Jun Qingyu wrinkled his brows.

From when he entered the space to when he came out, it was merely a few minutes.

How did the study become like this after a while


At this strange moment, Jun Qingyu heard voices from outside.


“Marshal, marshal, calm down……”


“Tranquilliser, where’s the tranquilliser!”


“Come over and help——!”


It appeared to be very chaotic outside, the sound of fighting was mingled with the sound of various things shattering into pieces.


Jun Qingyu faintly sensed Fu Yuanchuan’s mental energy in the atmosphere.


Even a person like himself with such a dull perception of mental energy could sense it.

It was visible to what extent Fu Yuanchuan’s mental energy had gone on a rampage.


Jun Qingyu shouted, “Eeeeeeee!”


Fu Yuanchuan, you can’t have an accident……


But in the midst of the chaos, the voice of the mermaid was clearly too faint.


Jun Qingyu pondered over it and simply sat up in place, releasing spiritual energy.


If there was no contact, the spiritual energy would only float on the surface.


Jun Qingyu did not expect this bit of spiritual energy was enough to appease Fu Yuanchuan.

He only wanted to make Fu Yuanchuan realise that he did not die and was still here.


It seemed a bit too far away.


Jun Qingyu pursed his lips, crawled forward and continued to release his spiritual energy.


It was too troublesome to probe out the distance.


In the end, he might as well crawl while he released spiritual energy.


Since he wasn’t in the water, the mermaid moved very slowly.


The living room was a mess and the woman remained unconscious as she lay on the floor.


Fu Yuanchuan clutched Fu Yanghong’s neck with a cold look, constantly tightening his fingers.


Fu Yanghong’s face flushed as he was suspended in the air and he flailed both his hands at Fu Yuanchuan’s hand but he was unable to shake him off.


Several of his subordinates collapsed to the floor.

They were unable to stand up under the pressure of Fu Yuanchuan’s mental energy.


“What should we do What can we do about that!”


“It’s over.

Something terrible is going to happen……” Shi Kaixin wiped the blood from the corner of his lip, he was thinking of heading over to stop Fu Yuanchuan.


But he saw Fu Yuanchuan had suddenly stopped and got rid of Fu Yanghong from his hand.


Shi Kaixin thought Fu Yuanchuan had regained his consciousness and called, “Marshal”


Fu Yuanchuan shot a glance at him.


Shi Kaixin was stifled as he met those pair of red eyes.

Something wasn’t right, he was still in the midst of a mental energy outbreak.


But how……


Shi Kaixin looked at Fu Yanghong, who was crawling away on the floor in a pathetic manner.

He couldn’t understand, “Ma……”


Fu Yuanchuan turned around and slowly walked to the hallway, he stopped at the doorway of the study.


Jun Qingyu felt the lighting in the room become dim all of a sudden.

He raised his head to take a look, Fu Yuanchuan was looking down at him.


Fu Yuanchuan was in a very bad state.


There wasn’t enough time to think about it, Jun Qingyu extended his hands towards him at once, “Eeeeeeee!”


Fu Yuanchuan stiffened as he approached the little mermaid, he slowly crouched down and held out his hand.


The little mermaid’s hand fell on his palm.


In an instant, his restless mood was gently appeased.


The monstrous sea of fire set off by mental energy was gently suppressed by spiritual energy.


Fu Yuanchuan gently held the little mermaid in his hand and wiped the bloodstain off his cheek with his thumb.


His tensed heart seemed to have found the place where it belonged.


He held the treasure he had lost and then regained with great peace of mind.


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