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Jun Qingyu held his hand tightly, he chuckled and said, “I am also looking forward to it.”

Whether it was before or after transmigrating into this book, Jun Qingyu had a vague concept of the Spring Festival, he only knew it was a day for a family reunion.

He didn’t have a family, so he naturally wouldn’t take note of events like this, he could distinguish between if it was a holiday or not from the decorations on the streets.

But now it was different, Jun Qingyu thought about it and then asked, “Do we have to prepare anything in advance”

It appeared that in some places a lot of things had to be prepared for the New Year.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “You don’t have to, I’ll get everything ready.”

“All right.”

Fu Yuanchuan said he would prepare it but Jun Qingyu thought he would start preparing a few days before the New Year and he didn’t expect to frequently see all kinds of new items appearing at home half a month before.

Some were sent by courier, some were delivered to the door by Shi Kaixin, and he even came across the construction team coming in to renovate when he woke up early in the morning.

Jun Qingyu took a bite of his bread as the sound of the machine running filled his ears, but the noise coming from it wasn’t all that loud.

Fu Yuanchuan handed him a glass of warm milk and coaxed, “It’ll be over soon.”

“If you keep doing this, aren’t you going to renovate the entire house once through at this rate” Jun Qingyu thought of the places that had been touched in the house recently, it really felt like a refurbishment.

Fu Yuanchuan felt that there was nothing wrong with renovating the entire house, “As they say, a new year is a new beginning.

These decorations came along with it when this house was bought.

Take a look at what you don’t like and we can take the chance to change it altogether this time.”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “I don’t know much about decor and so on, you can do it.”

When the decor got ruined or did not look good then, it would be a problem.

“Ok, you can take a look at it once everything has been settled and we’ll change anything you don’t like.” The design plans were shown to the little fish prior to the refurbishment, but if it was not comparative to the fine prints post refurbishment, he could change it at any time should he not like it.

Bzzt! Bzzt!

Just then, his light brain vibrated twice.

Fu Yuanchuan put down the cup and turned on his light brain to check the messages.

Shi Kaixin: [Marshal, I have something to report!]

Shi Kaixin: [The confidant of that person came to me earlier.

He said that he wanted to invite you to a video conference.

He also said that he had something important to discuss with you.

I asked what it was exactly about, but he just refused to say and he even sent me a string of characters.

He told me to send this to you and you’ll understand.]

Fu Yuanchuan had blocked all of that person’s contacts, including everyone around him.

Thus, that person could not find Fu Yuanchuan and could only contact Shi Kaixin.

Shi Kaixin: [Here’s the string of characters.] 

He copied and pasted it directly—a string of characters was sent over.

Jun Qingyu found that Fu Yuanchuan didn’t speak and Jun Qingyu keenly realised that there seemed to be something wrong, “Did something happen”

While looking at this string of characters, Fu Yuanchuan’s expression did not change in the slightest.

He merely shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, I—there will be a meeting.

It’s related to the imperial leader.

Don’t go to the store for a few days.”

“Alright.” Jun Qingyu didn’t ask for a reason, he directly agreed to it.

The dessert store was supposed to be closed today.

It had been open consecutively for half a month and he temporarily decided to take a few days off.

He originally planned to rest for only two days.

Jun Qingyu posted an article on his light brain to extend his break but while doing so, he recommended the link to his online store.

The fruit and vegetable juice sold on his online store was not the same as those in the physical store.

The online store sold fruit and vegetable juice that were juiced in proportion to the interstellar fruits and vegetables.

Even if it was taken for testing, nothing could be found.

When the link was posted, Jun Qingyu had made a special indication.

These two stores were different but no matter which one it was, it was much better than drinking the fruit and vegetable juice extracted solely from the interstellar fruits and vegetables.

[I have been checking in every day for the past half a month, I’ve been passing these two rest days counting each second but now, it’s more than two days!]

[Store owner, are you busy again You’ve probably been too tired recently, remember to take a good rest.]

Jun Qingyu thought for a while and replied to this comment: [The marshal has been a bit busy recently and he feels uneasy about me going to the store alone.

When he’s done with his work, he’ll accompany me to open up the store.]

He feared word would spread that he was sick and it would be a little awkward to be seen doing something when he went out.

The comment section: []

[What marshal Huh These words seem wrong no matter how I look at them, did I miss something]

[Let me see who else doesn’t know that the dessert store is opened by the marshal and his man!]

[The hell! Are you for real! Isn’t the marshal single When did he even have a man!]

[Thank you for the A2A.1 I was personally there, I heard it straight from the marshal’s mouth that he was with his man, that staff with long golden hair is his man!!!]

[Boohoo…So that’s why the marshal refused when I asked for his contact details.

Excuse me, am I on the marshal’s assassination list now Is it too late to say that I’m your CP fan]2

[Wait a minute…Does any one of you remember that this is the marshal’s account This tone of speech is obviously that man’s!]

[It’s killing me, it’s killing me.]3


Jun Qingyu’s fingertips froze.

He had forgotten to reply using Fu Yuanchuan’s tone of speech.

Yet, deleting his comment at this point in time seemed odd.

After much consideration, Jun Qingyu raised his head and looked at Fu Yuanchuan innocently.

“What’s wrong”

Jun Qingyu handed his light brain over to him silently.

Fu Yuanchuan took one look at it, “It’s good, your explanation is very clear.”

Jun Qingyu was stunned.

What he was struggling with was not the explanation, “Wouldn’t it be not so good to let them know that someone else is using your account”

“What’s so bad about it” Fu Yuanchuan held the little fish’s hand and returned his light brain back to him, “Can’t my man use my account to send messages Who dares to say it’s no good”

Jun Qingyu was amused by Fu Yuanchuan’s words.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Drink the milk first, it’ll get cold soon.”

Warm milk was more suitable for the little fish.

If it was too cold, the milk itself would have a strong taste and the small fish wouldn’t like it.

“Mhm.” Jun Qingyu took a sip obediently.

He was more receptive to milk than the strange-tasting nutritional powder.

After having breakfast, Fu Yuanchuan kissed the little fish and said, “I have a meeting to attend.

The meeting this time might take longer, you can go to the pool downstairs to play for a while if you’re bored.”

Jun Qingyu tried asking, “Is it longer than the previous meeting you had together with the marshals”

“Yes…” Fu Yuanchuan said after deliberation, “It should be a bit longer.”

Jun Qingyu nodded.

Basically, he could judge the magnitude of the matter from the duration  of Fu Yuanchuan’s meeting, “Go get busy.”

Before going upstairs, Fu Yuanchuan picked out a tub of strawberry ice cream and placed it on the table.

He stroked the little fish’s hair, turned and left.

Jun Qingyu glanced at the ice cream, he wasn’t in a rush to eat it.

Instead, he sought Wen Chengyao to ask about the situation.

So much time had elapsed, so why hasn’t the scene of the imperial leader’s laboratory that Yaoyao spoke of not been released

In comparison with their efficiency in the past, it was a bit too low this time.

Jun Qingyu: [How is the preparation for the video of the laboratory coming along]

Wen Chengyao: []

Looking at that question mark, Jun Qingyu didn’t understand what he meant by it.

Wen Chengyao: [Didn’t I send it to Fu Yuanchuan long ago He said that he would make his own arrangements for the release of the video himself and there was no need for me to interfere.]

Jun Qingyu lifted his brows. 

Make his own arrangements

Although he didn’t know what Fu Yuanchuan planned to do, it didn’t prevent him from thinking that Fu Yuanchuan was reliable.

Jun Qingyu replied to him with a ‘Got it.’ emoticon and then turned off his light brain.

The renovation outside was still ongoing.

At first, Jun Qingyu wanted to go back upstairs to lay down but thought better of it and sat in the living room to watch TV.

Fu Yuanchuan said that the meeting would take a long time and he really didn’t come down after a considerable amount of time.

Jun Qingyu extracted fruit juice to pass the time and he unknowingly packed a few boxes.

Fruit and vegetable juice containing a little universal life energy had a longer storage time than ordinary fruit and vegetable juice.

Even if no preservatives were added, they could still be stored for about a week and the taste would exactly be the same as those which were freshly squeezed.

Fu Yuanchuan came out to find the little fish once the meeting had ended.

He saw that he had moved a chair to sit at the counter, with a hand supporting his chin, and the other was adding fruits and vegetables to the juicer, “Are you still busy”

“I’m bored so I’m making some more.” When Jun Qingyu saw Fu Yuanchuan coming over, he threw all the fruits and vegetables in his hand into the juicer, “What did he say in the meeting this time It feels like you’ve been there for a long time.”

Fu Yuanchuan retrieved a piece of wet tissue to assist the little fish in wiping his hand, “It’s nothing special.

It’s simply in response to the recent matter.

He was in a rush to find me and wanted my help.”

Jun Qingyu gradually raised an eyebrow, “He should know that you have something to do with this matter right now, so why would he ask you for help”

If they covered it up well in the beginning, the appearance of the dessert store later basically brought it to mind.

Even if there was no evidence, there should be suspicion to some extent.

If he was looking for someone to help, the last person he should look for was Fu Yuanchuan.

Or…the imperial leader was used to thinking of Fu Yuanchuan as a pushover that was wrapped around his fingers in the past and he had not dropped that habit at present.

After a pause, Fu Yuanchuan said, “He probably got some information on his end.

After all, the standpoints of several marshals are not clear and he might also want to use the fruits and vegetables to fill in the blanks.”

Just that what he said was simply speculation, with no concrete and credible data.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “I asked Shi Kaixin to check the concrete data.

We’ll just ignore him for the time being before the report of the data comes out.”

Whilst not agreeing to the other party’s proposal and not rejecting it either to extend the timeline.

The best solution was to wait for the concrete data to come out before responding to the data.

Fu Yuanchuan helped the little fish fill the last few bottles of fruit and vegetable juice.

As he placed them in a box, he noticed the ice cream he had placed on the table before.

Thinking that the little fish had eaten it, and all that was left was an empty box, he picked it up, intending to throw it away.

As a result, when he picked it up, he simply found that it had not been eaten.

Rather, it had been placed here the entire duration and had melted.

He could still feel the coldness of the ice cream when his fingertips touched the packaging lightly.

Jun Qingyu was flabbergasted when he saw the situation, only then did he realise that he had forgotten to eat it.

Earlier, he kept thinking about when Fu Yuanchuan would finish his meeting.

While squeezing fruit juice and thinking of the matter, he had completely forgotten about the ice cream.

Fu Yuanchuan put the strawberry ice cream back into the fridge to freeze it, took out a box of peach-flavoured ones and removed the lid.

Using a spoon to scoop out some, he fed it to the little fish, “I’ll go online later to order a custom-made formal outfit.”

“A formal outfit” Jun Qingyu bit into the ice cream and questioned, “You’re buying it for me”


Jun Qingyu refused, “You don’t have to, I don’t even go out much.” Generally, he wouldn’t even go to any important occasions.

For situations where formal wear was relatively required, he also had suitable wear and there was no need to buy new ones.

While feeding the little fish, Fu Yuanchuan said, “I have an invitation here.

We have to go there in a few days but we don’t have any clothes suitable for this occasion at home.

Let’s custom-make a new set.”

Jun Qingyu blinked, “What is this invitation for” 

It felt very grand.

“It’s for a birthday banquet.” Fu Yuanchuan stated, “The 90th birthday of the imperial leader.”


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