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Several marshals stood up in succession.

Their expressions were unpleasant, those familiar faces were all people around them!

A marshal amongst them even more so clenched his teeth and glared at the screen.

In it, he saw his aide-de-camp who had unexpectedly perished before.

“Qiu Kelin, get out! Someone! Kick this door open!” The imperial leader gritted his teeth and shouted in front of the closed door, “Someone! Somebody!”

“Mr Fu, I hope you can provide me a reasonable explanation in regards to my aide-de-camp.”

“What is this video trying to show Is that a laboratory The widely circulated laboratory on Planet M on the Internet previously was researching this kind of thing!”

Several marshals would not give the imperial leader any face and they would only ask questions when they came up to encircle him.

“No! All of you, calm down!” The imperial leader didn’t admit it in any case, “I vouch for my honour that I have never been involved in any experiments.”

No sooner had the words left his mouth, the sound of footsteps was heard from the video footage.

The imperial leader’s face turned pale in an instant, “Switch it off! Pull the switch! Where’s the management staff! Are they all dead!”

One of the irascible marshals bellowed, “I’ll see who dares to turn it off!”

With the sound of footsteps nearing in the video, a slightly younger face of the imperial leader appeared in the video, “How is the quality of this batch”

“Don’t worry, sir.

Although it is not as good as the first batch, it’s still the best quality in recent times.”

“Send me a list once you’ve worked it out.”



The conversation ceased and the sound of departing footsteps struck the eardrums of everyone present like a blunt instrument again and again.

After an unknown period of time, someone whispered, “That’s the personal guarantee that you didn’t participate in the experiment”

“What the hell is going on here!”

“Damn it! That’s a human being! I thought the news about Planet M was fake and never paid attention to it.

I didn’t expect——”

Viewing it up to this point, Jun Qingyu instantly realised.

Wasn’t the origin of this video the one that Yaoyao had mentioned

Calculating based on the time period, these people on the screen should be the second batch of experimental products.

Once the finished products came out, they were sent to the corps of the various marshals by the imperial leader, but they died in succession after a few years.

When the imperial leader saw that he couldn’t knock the door open, and no one came forward after he shouted for so long, he indistinctly realised something and glanced at Fu Yuanchuan with malicious eyes.

Forcing himself to calm down, he explained, “This is nothing more than a synthetic video uploaded by someone who intentionally hacked into my computer program.”

“If not, think.

If I really participated in the experiment, I would certainly hide my identity under tight wraps.

How could I strut into the surveillance like this and leave any visual evidence Isn’t that causing trouble for myself”

Some people who were filled with righteous indignation were stunned, this explanation seemed to make sense.

Exposing this too openly would make people think that something was amiss.

Who wouldn’t do this sort of act surreptitiously Now that there was still a video and it was a high-definition video of his face seen from the front, this made it intriguing.

Seeing that everyone’s emotions had stabilised, the imperial leader proceeded to say, “Moreover, why do all those people above happen to be deceased imperial officers Not a single one of them is an outsider.”

“Experiments like this have uncertainties and experiments that include people have a lot of unforeseeable events.

If we were to discuss based on the video, these people all survived on the same day, then don’t you think the probability of success for this experiment is a little too high 100% Who would be able to do this”

“In order to discredit me, they even forgot to include the failed experiments.”

The unspoken implication was that those people’s faces weren’t authentic and it was handled so seamlessly that people couldn’t see the traces at the later stage.

It was impossible for everyone on the screen to survive in a real experiment and someone would definitely die.

Jun Qingyu said flatly, “How do you know that there have been a lot of unforeseeable events without participating in the experiment”

The smile on the imperial leader’s face tensed up, “I’m simply making an assumption.”

Before Jun Qingyu could say anything, the imperial leader suddenly went on the offensive, “I’ve been eager to ask you, what do you want to do by bringing so many people here to my birthday banquet Let me guess, you didn’t bring the whole corps here, did you”

Jun Qingyu ignored him, pretending not to have heard it.

The imperial leader had called for such a long time but no one came, it was obvious that they had been restrained, including the one inside.

If matters were as Jun Qingyu had anticipated, it was very likely that Shi Kaixin was hiding in there, waiting for Qiu Kelin to come in and restrain him.

After that, he played the experimental video prepared in advance; however, it was still difficult to rely on this to trample their opponent to death.

At present, it wouldn’t end well whether the corps entered or not.

Still, Fu Yuanchuan did not evade the question from the imperial leader, “Of course, I brought them here.”

He said it like it was a matter of course and the imperial leader was stupefied for a moment.

All eyes were simultaneously on Fu Yuanchuan.

To have brought his entire corps here, it was evident what he wanted to do at this point.

Did he not care about his reputation anymore The matter on the laboratory had not yet been confirmed and it had not fallen completely on the current imperial leader, but he downright led his corps to surround the Imperial Palace; this could not be justified.

The imperial leader raised his eyebrows and gritted his teeth, “Fu Yuanchuan, what are you trying to do”

Fu Yuanchuan responded with a straight face as if he was making a report, “I received news that a Zerg has sneaked into the Imperial Palace.

In order to ensure your safety, I specially sent my corps to surround the Imperial Palace, waiting to catch a rat in a trap.”

“Surely, you jest! Where did that Zerg come from!” The imperial leader said coldly, “There are still so many marshals here.

I advise you to calm down, don’t do anything that will make you regret it for the rest of your life!”

Fu Yuanchuan ignored his provocation, “Before it’s too late.”

The imperial leader was stunned, “What”

“These are your last words.”

Jun Qingyu looked at Fu Yuanchuan in a daze, then he saw him take his hand out of his pocket and placed it on his waist.

Following the motion from Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, he had his back turned to the imperial leader and he couldn’t see anything.

All he could hear was Fu Yuanchuan saying close to his ear, “Shi Kaixin.”

In the next moment, Jun Qingyu buried his head into Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace and his ears were also covered.

A sharp and shrill roar sounded at the same time.

Even when Jun Qingyu was well-protected by Fu Yuanchuan, he could still hear the noise.

The others trembled as they were caught unprepared and quickly covered their ears when they came back to their senses.

“What are you doing!”

“Quick, stop it! Quick, stop it!”

“My goodness…This sound…”

Mixed in the shrill noise, the muffled cries of pain weren’t as distinct.

The sound of clothes ripping was ephemeral as well.

Fu Yuanchuan watched that person change with cold eyes, but the expression on his face didn’t change in the slightest.

The murderous intent in his eyes was brewing but at this moment, the shrill sound seemed to have decreased.

The warmth on his ears made Fu Yuanchuan stunned, but he could only see the little fish’s pale golden hair when he lowered his head, and his eyes gradually became gentle.

When that shrill sound gradually became softer, it didn’t disappear completely, but it was not as sharp as it was before.

Even though there was a turnabout, everyone present was still dizzy and were unable to recover.

At this time, someone suddenly took a deep breath, pointed to the front and shouted, “Look!”


“What’s going on Where did the Zerg come from!”

Faintly hearing their voices, Jun Qingyu secretly shot a glance up from Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace.

There was no sign of the imperial leader where he stood earlier and there were only ripped pieces of fabric left to the side with a black Zerg lying there.

The Zerg seemed to be very weak and the sound moments ago was an extreme onslaught to the Zerg.

It lay motionless on the ground, making a faint chirp from time to time, which meant that it was still alive.

The imperial leader turned into a Zerg in full view of the public.

Upon realising this point, Jun Qingyu’s hanging heart settled down.

He knew it was impossible for Fu Yuanchuan to just think about relying on that video to pull the imperial leader down.

Yet, it turns out that this person was no longer a human being

With so many pairs of eyes watching, even if the other party regained their human form, he couldn’t quibble with the fact that he had integrated with a Zerg.

The mermaid egg containing a Zerg was closely related to the Planet M laboratory.

If the Zergs and the mermaids were part of the experiment, then Zergs and humans would have already been on the list of experiments.

If the experiment was considered reliable, it was also possible for the imperial leader to participate in the experiment himself.

After all, the life span of the Zergs was the longest amongst all of the life forms known in the interstellar.

The power grasped in his hands was too tempting and he didn’t want to die early, thus he participated in this experiment.

After understanding the reason, Jun Qingyu silently retracted his gaze, intending to hide in Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace again.

However, as soon as he hid back in, the hand on his ear that helped him block the sound followed.

Jun Qingyu was astonished for a moment.

If Fu Yuanchuan had been covering his ears for him the entire time, wouldn’t his actions just now be…Not only was it discovered, but Fu Yuanchuan also took the initiative to raise his hand to avoid blocking his line of sight.

Once he had realised this point, Jun Qingyu looked up with his eyes cautiously and sure enough, ran into a pair of smiling eyes.

Thinking back on his childish little actions earlier, Jun Qingyu couldn’t refrain from pursing his mouth.

With a soft grunt, he lowered his head and ignored him.

Fu Yuanchuan patted the little fish lightly on his back and coaxed, “Are you afraid”

Jun Qingyu didn’t look up and shook his head in his arms.

Though a big Zerg was different from a small Zerg hidden in an egg, it was essentially the same thing.

He had seen the small ones before, so he wouldn’t get frightened by the big ones.

The scene of the imperial leader turning into a Zerg was so shocking that everyone couldn’t come back to their senses.


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