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Fu Yuanchuan didn’t give them much time to react, “Shi Kaixin.”

With his voice heard, the door at the back opened and Shi Kaixin dragged Qiu Kelin out.

As Shi Kaixin walked, he said in a loud voice, “The imperial leader was eaten into and parasitised by a Zerg, becoming one with the Zerg.

After the marshal learned of this information, he wanted to make it public, but how could he do so It is difficult to convince the public with just the information on paper; therefore, he deliberately arranged to let him revert to his Zerg appearance in front of everyone so that everyone can see it with their very own eyes.”

“Now, as you can see—if you have any questions, I will answer them one by one.”

Leaving Qiu Kelin behind, Shi Kaixin calmly faced everyone’s sceptical look.

Although everyone was curious, they weren’t idiots.

If they asked right now, didn’t it mean that they had doubts about this matter and were questioning Fu Yuanchuan’s actions

The imperial leader had become a Zerg in front of so many people, so what was there to question

Seeing was believing and it was enough to prove everything.

Ultimately, no one spoke, even the marshals who fought on the battlefield to kill Zergs.

With how many brothers around them dying under the clutches of the Zergs, it was still all tears of blood, and they abhorred the Zergs.

Watching with their very own eyes that the imperial leader had now become a Zerg⁠—the empire they fought so hard to protect.

It was actually rotten and corrupted to this extent!

They didn’t even notice that the imperial leader was parasitised by a Zerg!

The faces of each marshal were unprecedentedly heavy, taking a trip down memory lane, mourning the passing of their companions.

All of their sacrifices seemed to have turned into a joke and each of them was the creator of this joke.

Marshal Tordis opened and shut his mouth.

He too was shocked that the imperial leader had become a Zerg but now was not the time for him to lament.

He asked, “What’s going on with the experiment in the video just now”

Shi Kaixin nodded and explained, “Everyone is well acquainted with those officers, all of them came out of the laboratory, and successful experiments will be placed in the corps of the marshals by the imperial leader in various ways.”

“Based on my conjecture, he considered it as cultivating spies, because the people who have been experimented on are top-notch in terms of physique and mental energy.

Under the condition of not knowing how they appeared, everyone would train them as outstanding talents.”

“It’s more convenient to strive for a high position in all of the marshals’ corps and it’s also better to work for him.

It’s just that the experiment destroys the body and they won’t live for long, that is why there are cases of death and disappearance.”

Several marshals were silent when they heard this.

The brothers in their memories, who they risked their lives with, had become the imperial leader’s spies who laid in wait by their sides to ambush them.

No one could recover from this change for a while.

Qiu Kelin sat blankly in place.

He was also surprised by the experiment, but he was loyal to the imperial leader.

Qiu Kelin exclaimed, “No! No! He’s lying! Mr Fu did not have any dealings with the Zergs, he was framed and turned into one!”

“He turned into a Zerg in front of so many people, what are you making excuses for”

“That’s right.

I’m really speechless.

I didn’t expect the imperial leader to be a Zerg, he even clamoured about fighting against the Zergs to avenge our fellow countrymen.”

Qiu Kelin shook his head and justified, “That’s not true! There is something that, as long as it is attached to a person for five minutes and then controlled and activated, Zerg parasitism can be completed; and with the use of sonic attacks, it can catalyse Zerg parasitism and cause a person who has just completed the parasitism to become a Zerg.”

“Are you for real Why didn’t I know that there was such a thing”

“I’ve never heard of it…”

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t say anything, yet there were others refuting it.

Listening to various rebuttals, Qiu Kelin gritted his teeth and said, “That’s an experimental product from the laboratory.”

The noise suddenly quieted down.

Earlier, everyone had seen what the laboratory was like, and even humans were involved in the experiments.

The kind of thing Qiu Kelin talked about might not necessarily exist.

“Furthermore, one’s position must be very close to be able to do so.

Ruling out the people around me, only Marshal Fu who spoke to Mr Fu earlier will be able to do it.

The person can’t be too far when activating the controller.

If Marshal Fu hasn’t left from when the time of the incident happened, then the controller must still be on him.”

After a pause, Qiu Kelin stood up and said, “As long as we check if Marshal Fu has a controller in his possession, then we’ll know whether Mr Fu was really parasitised by the Zerg or was killed!”

Jun Qingyu froze when he heard that, his complexion shifted and he didn’t know what to think.

He reached out and fumbled in Fu Yuanchuan’s pocket.

Shi Kaixin snorted coldly, “Grand Marshal, you think you can check as you wish just by saying it”

Someone next to him muttered, “Is there really such a thing What’s their intention of experimenting with such a thing”

“Who knows, it can strengthen a person who is alive and kicking, to do this…I can’t figure it out.”

Qiu Kelin didn’t look good once he took that in.

This thing was originally intended to be used on Fu Yuanchuan, but it was lost when Planet M had met with a mishap.

He initially thought it was in the hands of the interstellar pirates, yet he didn’t expect it to be in Fu Yuanchuan’s hands!

Qiu Kelin said, “My light brain has a special connection with the controller and it will light up with a red light when it is close to the controller.

If you are really clear, you shouldn’t mind me checking it out, right”

Qiu Kelin smiled nastily, “After all, the marshal shouldn’t want to bear such infamy for no reason.”

Qiu Kelin, who slowly stood up, looked at Fu Yuanchuan provocatively.

He held up his light brain, wanting to step forward.

“Hilarious.” Shi Kaixin stepped forth to thwart him, “The person you pledge your loyalty to is a Zerg, I think that you also check if you are Zerg.”

There is no direct evidence to indict Qiu Kelin, so it was not sufficient for Shi Kaixin to arrest people here, making it difficult to explain to outsiders; given that he was still an officer.

However, if he dared to make a move right now, Shi Kaixin would naturally put him down.

“Get out of the way! Don’t touch me!” Qiu Kelin shouted as he struggled, “If you don’t have a guilty conscience, why don’t you let me check! You basically framed him on purpose, maliciously tarnishing his name!”

“Shut up, you.” Shi Kaixin directly covered his mouth.

However, in the next moment, Qiu Kelin’s arm fell off without any warning.

Previously, Shi Kaixin had met such an android at Marshal Tordis’s place and had experience, he easily pressed Qiu Kelin down to the ground without even looking at his falling arm.

“Don’t play this game with me.”

The person next to him was befuddled, “This, this, this…why would his arm!”

“Has Qiu Kelin suffered an injury before Did he get fitted with a mechanical arm”

“Looks like it.

It’s well-made and quite stimulating.”


His arm slid on the ground and the light brain he was holding was also thrown out, and it unsteadily stopped before Fu Yuanchuan.

Shi Kaixin’s eyes widened sharply when he saw that.

Fu Yuanchuan was about to kick away, but Jun Qingyu grabbed his cuff and shook it.

Upon seeing that, Qiu Kelin slowly grinned, “As long as it is within the range, it will light up with a red light if it detects the presence of the controller…”

Having said that, his light brain that did not respond for a long time, made Qiu Kelin’s heart gradually sink.

Qiu Kelin widened his eyes in panic, “This can’t be possible! How could this be possible!”

He was certain that Fu Yuanchuan used that thing, “Did you hide it That’s not right…there will be a reaction as well if it’s hidden, this can’t be right…”

Fu Yuanchuan lowered his eyes and glanced at the light brain, and then glanced at his little fish eating a piece of strawberry candy in his arms.

Jun Qingyu chewed up the candy and his eyes curved like a crescent moon at him.

“This is such an embarrassment, hurry up and pick up your arm.

I know you can’t make heads or tails right now, but you can’t wrong people at will.”

“That’s right.

That’s right.

If Marshal Fu did not expose his true identity, there would still be trouble in the future.”

Qiu Kelin refused to acknowledge that.

He believed that there was an issue with Fu Yuanchuan.

Even if Shi Kaixin put him down to the ground, he still yelled, “Fu Yuanchuan, if you’re capable, take out what’s in your pocket! I can tell that there’s something in there!”

“No way…why are you so stubborn” The people to the side could not bear to watch it anymore, what do you call this This was called blind allegiance!

“Marshal Fu, why don’t you show it to him Look, this person appears to have lost his mind.”

“What are you looking at” Shi Kaixin said irritably, “You all are crazy, you believe what that lunatic says”

“If you have the ability, take it out! You have a guilty conscience! Just because my light brain didn’t light up doesn’t mean you’re cleared!” Qiu Kelin felt remorseful.

It was true that his light brain was connected to the controller and it was also true that the controller would light up with a red light.

He was so sure that there was something wrong with Fu Yuanchuan and he fundamentally did not think of faking it.

Yet…how did Fu Yuanchuan hide it! High-tech equipment and jammers could not block it out completely, what did Fu Yuanchuan do

Shi Kaixin blocked his mouth with a cloth strip, “Shut up for me.”

In response to this, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Xiaoyu.”


“Hold out your hands.” Jun Qingyu held out his hands once he heard that.

Fu Yuanchuan placed all the snacks in his pocket on his little fish’s hands, then he proceeded to take off his coat and turned it upside down.

Nothing fell from his empty pockets.

“My husband doesn’t like the food in the banquet, and in my pockets, are all the snacks I’ve prepared for him.”

Fu Yuanchuan said indifferently, “Are you satisfied with this result General.”


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