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Under the photo, a series of code was written: [DG0001]

Jun Qingyu instantly thought of several experimental products that appeared in the video at the birthday banquet of the former imperial leader not long ago.

DG was practically hung on the bedside of all of the beds, followed by a series of numbers.

These documents…

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips slightly and his fingers pressed against the paper, he didn’t know if he should continue reading it or not for a period of time, but Fu Yuanchuan called him to come up here, as if he wanted him to see this.

Forcing himself to calm down, Jun Qingyu flipped to the second page of the document and a line of words came into view.

Person in charge: Fu Yanghong

On it, all kinds of time stamps were recorded timely, as well as the data during that time stamp, and various time stamps of memory erasure operations.

The memory erasure surgery in the Interstellar Era was closely related to the individual’s willpower.

If people with strong willpower had to do this surgery, it might not be enough to clear these memories after one or two times.

He feared that Fu Yanghong was a psychological implication imposed on him when he was weak after the operation.

In order to better control this experimental product in the future, they most likely replaced Fu Yuanchuan’s memory.

The person, who was in charge of the experiment at the beginning, became his father in his memory.

Jun Qingyu’s fingertips brushed over the documented time of several surgeries and his heart felt a little uncomfortable.

It must be unpleasant for his memory to be forcibly erased.

Following that, there were various experimental records aimed at strengthening mental energy.

It was even predicted that after mental energy was strengthened to a certain range, the carrier could not bear it until only death awaited them, and the mental energy might cause large-scale damage—this point was written down there as well.

However, in the experimental records on the final page, none of them were particularly outstanding.

Perhaps this was the early stage of the experiment and the detection in all aspects was not perfect.

After the last experimental juncture, there were no experimental records.

Jun Qingyu guessed that it might be because it was deemed as a failed experiment so no one recorded it.

The former imperial leader sent Fu Yuanchuan into the corps, as he had arranged for the other experiments, probably because he wanted him to die on the battlefield.

In spite of that, he didn’t expect Fu Yuanchuan to not die but rather, he took over that corps.

It might also be from this time that Fu Chengyu realised Fu Yuanchuan’s strength and found that the experiment did not fail as well.

It should be because there was an error in the data and the success of the strengthening of his mental energy was not detected by the instrument.

Fu Yuanchuan, who had amnesia and was powerful, had naturally become the most powerful force to be reckoned with under Fu Chengyu’s possession.

With Fu Yanghong present, Fu Chengyu didn’t have to worry that this force would get out of control.

According to the timeline, when Fu Yuanchuan destroyed the experimental base at the start, he might not even know where he came out from.

As a result, Fu Chengyu was angered by this, which led to a series of follow-up suppression against him, including Fu Yuanchuan’s gradually worsening condition.

It was also possible that Fu Chengyu later had another more obedient experimental product, and thus he gave up on Fu Yuanchuan and used this method to make him disappear from the eyes of the public.

Realising this, Jun Qingyu harboured more anger towards Fu Chengyu who was parasitised by a Zerg.

It was still too good for him to be parasitised by a Zerg!

This sort of person was simply a brute!

There were only experimental data on the first few pages and the subsequent pages behind were a bit worn out, they didn’t look brand new and it felt like they had been frequently flipped through; otherwise, the papers would not be damaged to this extent.

Jun Qingyu put the experimental data aside and carried on flipping through.

These should be Fu Yuanchuan’s arrangements after he fell ill.

In it, Jun Qingyu also saw Fu Yanghong’s name.

In this document, Fu Yuanchuan mentioned the protection of Fu Yanghong.

Jun Qingyu guessed that Fu Yuanchuan should not have recovered his memory at that time.

It was more like knowing that he was seriously ill and making arrangements for the aftermath.

After flipping a few more pages⁠—sure enough⁠—the protection of Fu Yanghong turned into surveillance, and it was at this time that Fu Yuanchuan should have recovered his memory.

At that point, Fu Yuanchuan was seriously ill, and even if he regained his memory, he could do very little.

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

There was a deep blood feud between Fu Yuanchuan and Fu Chengyu, but he recovered his memory at such an awkward point.

Even if a little earlier, he could avenge himself.

Seeing these, Jun Qingyu roughly understood why the little mermaids refused to approach Fu Yuanchuan, because Fu Yuanchuan’s mental power was strengthened by illegal means, and his mental energy was very aggressive.

Others would get scared, not to mention a little mermaid.

Moreover, it was true that a little mermaid could treat mental energy illnesses, but a mental energy illness like Fu Yuanchuan’s should be difficult to cure just by relying on ordinary little mermaids.

Even he himself had spent a lot of effort to treat Fu Yuanchuan.

Jun Qingyu thought.

His spiritual energy was much higher than that of an ordinary little mermaid’s too.

Even if an ordinary little mermaid was bought back by Fu Yuanchuan, it should not have much effect.

The next few pages wrote about Fu Yuanchuan’s itinerary.

Ever since he recovered his memory, his itinerary had been between going back and fro from his home and the Imperial Palace.

Just that for each time, he’d write all kinds of words of refusal at the end of the itinerary.

It should be that Fu Yuanchuan went to the Imperial Palace to find Fu Chengyu then but was rejected for various reasons.

At that time, Fu Yuanchuan was no different from a dead man in Fu Chengyu’s eyes and naturally, he wouldn’t meet him.

After that, the records stopped for a few days, and there began to be records of going to the mermaid breeding base.

Even if he didn’t buy a mermaid, he insisted on going, except for the days when he was too ill to go out, he would go there at least once the rest of the time.

Jun Qingyu thought that it might be because he wanted to rely on a little mermaid to cure his illness and then take revenge.

When turning this page and looking at the next page, Jun Qingyu’s hand froze.

That’s not right.

This isn’t right!

If these documents could be placed here, it meant that Fu Yuanchuan had read them.

After Fu Yuanchuan recovered his memory, he knew that his mental energy was different from that of an ordinary person’s, so a little mermaid could not cure his illness.

He should also understand this, then why did he go to the mermaid breeding base

He flipped the document and stopped on one page, Jun Qingyu traced a sentence with his fingertips.

After mental energy was strengthened to a certain range, the carrier could not bear it until only death awaited them.


Jun Qingyu was stunned for a moment.

At that time, he saw Fu Yuanchuan at the mermaid breeding base.

It turned out that…at that point in time, Fu Yuanchuan was far more desperate than he thought.

He didn’t go with the idea of letting a mermaid cure his illness.

He never thought he would survive.

He just wanted a mermaid to help him slow down the physical damage caused by the strengthening of his mental energy, and also to prevent a carrier from being destroyed after the gradual strengthening of his mental energy, thereby prolonging his life.

He wanted revenge, even if it was only a temporary delay in the strengthening of his mental energy, delaying for some time.

He didn’t dare to hope that he would live, he just wanted a little more time.

The mermaids clustered on the shore swam away as he approached and the scene of them fleeing in all directions was bound to hurt him.

Before he came, Fu Yuanchuan had experienced such a scene many times.

Isn’t this just pushing him into the abyss of death again and again

When his mental energy couldn’t be suppressed anymore, Fu Yuanchuan’s last look at the mermaid breeding base was more like his last struggle before he was powerless to take revenge.


Then, when he saw him…how did he feel

His tears condensed into a teardrop and roll down from his eye, and turned into a silver-white pearl before touching the document.

With a soft sound ‘thud’, Jun Qingyu seemed to come back to his senses all of a sudden.

He put all the documents on the table, turned around and ran downstairs.

“Fu Yuanchuan——!”

In the garden, Fu Yuanchuan was busy preparing supper for his little fish, and he froze when he heard the sound.

Fu Yuanchuan, who was not even afraid in the face of death, did not have the courage to turn back at this moment.

Tears blurred his eyes as Jun Qingyu stopped running and walked towards Fu Yuanchuan, step by step, “Yuanchuan…”

His voice was a little hoarse and Fu Yuanchuan was startled.

He subconsciously looked up and saw tears pooling from the corners of his eyes.

He breathed for a while and hurriedly welcomed him with a hug.

He patted him gently on the back and coaxed, “Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Looking at such a little fish, Fu Yuanchuan had no idea what to do, “It’s alright, what’s wrong Did you get scared”

Fu Yuanchuan thought.

Something that could make his little fish cry like this should be the experimental products in the document.

“If you are scared, then I’ll…”

Jun Qingyu shook his head but when he opened his mouth, he was choked with emotion and unable to speak.

He could only cover Fu Yuanchuan’s mouth to prevent him from making random guesses.

After calming down, he asked in a hoarse voice, “The time you saw me at the mermaid breeding base, did you know that you couldn’t take a mermaid back”

Fu Yuanchuan did not expect to hear this question, he raised his hand to wipe the tears away from the corner of the little fish’s eyes, and then he said softly, “Yes.”

“I couldn’t suppress my mental energy at that time.

I can feel it, just those few days.”

He couldn’t predict when his infinitely growing mental energy would erupt, but he could feel the level of frailty in his body.

He went there then with the idea of taking a look one last time.

“Then how did you feel when you saw me” Jun Qingyu blinked and his tears, making his vision hazy, condensed into teardrops and slid down from the corners of his eyes.

Fu Yuanchuan said softly, “You were like a ray of light shining through the dark abyss.”

The mermaid pond in the mermaid breeding base had privacy too.

As long as a mermaid does not stick out of the water, it was just a deep pool in the eyes of the others outside.

Fu Yuanchuan recalled that scene.

A pale golden fishtail slid across the water, like a beam of light coming straight to him.

Hearing those words, Jun Qingyu’s tears couldn’t stop flowing down.

Jun Qingyu didn’t cry out loud, he simply leaned into Fu Yuanchuan’s arms in silence and sobbed, occasionally making a very soft sound.

Fu Yuanchuan felt distressed, “Don’t cry, it’s ok.”

He didn’t know why the little fish suddenly thought of what happened when they first met.

It might be due to the experimental data, with which, he made an association.

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips and asked softly, “So, you know that you would soon…why did you still buy me”

Fu Yuanchuan only remembered that he was very entangled at the time, “In fact, I thought about it for a long time before I decided to buy you back.

Although this wasn’t good, I still didn’t want to give up.”

How could he be willing to let go of a little mermaid, whose eyes were wholeheartedly fixed on you

Looking at the little fish in his arms, Fu Yuanchuan’s expression became all the more tender, “Also, the situation was more complicated at the time.

If you showed your favour to me and l left you there…I was afraid you would get bullied.”

Even though the mermaids in the mermaid breeding base rarely stuck together but under that circumstance, he would always unconsciously consider a lot.

What if the little fish was bullied by the other mermaids in a place that he couldn’t see

Fu Yuanchuan thought.

When he took the little mermaid away, he had already thought about the path of the little fish.

Even if he died, that sole ray of light in his decades of darkness, could still be happy and live leisurely.


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