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Chapter 74

Listening to the unspoken implication in Jun Qingyu’s words, a shadow of a smile emerged on Fu Yuanchuan’s face, “If you’re so naive, you will suffer loses when you go out.”

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows and justified, “Then I won’t go out.

I’ll just stay by your side all the time, you will definitely protect me, won’t you”

Fu Yuanchuan’s throat constricted, looking solely at the little fish with an earnest gaze, he said softly, “Yes.”

Jun Qingyu imitated Fu Yuanchuan’s movements, lifting his hand to stroke his hair, “It’s getting late, let’s go to bed.”

There was no conclusion for so many matters today, and tomorrow would definitely be busier; not only that, they would be deeply involved in those matters and they wouldn’t be for a while.

If they stayed up late at this point, there will be no time to rest in the future.

Fu Yuanchuan carried the little fish, returned to their bed and while doing so, turned off the lights.

Jun Qingyu vaguely heard something and he subconsciously frowned.

He was dulled with sleepiness and didn’t want to open his eyes.

Soon after, he swiped his hand to the place next to him, wanting to lean on Fu Yuanchuan and continue with his sleep, but his hand was met with an empty space.

“Mmm…” Jun Qingyu knitted his brows and tentatively scrabbled his hand around once more, undoubtedly no one was there.

He opened his eyes with difficulty, but he didn’t spot Fu Yuanchuan in their bedroom, rather, there was a faint sound of water running coming from the bathroom.

Knowing that Fu Yuanchuan was still there, Jun Qingyu closed his eyes once more and shouted, “Yuanchuan…”

Not to mention, he had just woken up and his voice was a bit husky, and the volume of his voice was low.

It was loud in his opinion but when it fell into Fu Yuanchuan’s ears, it was like a kitten scratching you lightly.

On the contrary, it didn’t hurt but it felt soft and cutesy.

Fu Yuanchuan sat on the bed and sorted out the scattered strands of his hair by tucking them behind his ears, “Are you awake Go wash up, we’ll go on a trip out later.”

“Don’t want to.” Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and nuzzled against it, “I’m very tired…”

Seeing the little fish’s weariness, Fu Yuanchuan glanced at the time, it was a little early.

However, there were many things to do today and he wanted to solve everything before the New Year so that he could have a peaceful New Year with the little fish.

Fu Yuanchuan thought for a while and said, “How about you turn into a little mermaid, so I can take you with me.”

This way it wouldn’t interfere with the little fish catching up on his sleep.

Jun Qingyu, who was half-asleep, obviously didn’t think about it and slurred, “Mmm…I don’t want to go out.”

Fu Yuanchuan softly appeased him, “But there are a lot of things to do today.”

Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s arm tightly when he heard those words, his closed eyes never opened, and he whispered, “Let me sleep for another minute.”

“In that case, I’ll head downstairs to prepare breakfast first, come down when you wake up.”

“Ok.” Jun Qingyu simply agreed.

Hearing that, Fu Yuanchuan leaned over and kissed his forehead.

He quietly extracted his hand, straightened out the edge of the quilt, turned and left their bedroom.

Their bedroom was quiet, but Jun Qingyu couldn’t sleep and after thinking about it, he simply got up and went to wash up.

His feet were nearly off the stairs.

Jun Qingyu looked at Fu Yuanchuan, who was busy in the kitchen, and walked over and hugged him from behind, “What are we eating today”

“Codfish and steak.”

Fu Yuanchuan turned down the heat, held Jun Qingyu’s hand around his waist and placed it into the edge of his apron.

“Mmm” Jun Qingyu tilted his head and poked him.

“This way you won’t get scalded.” Fu Yuanchuan cut a small piece of the codfish and fed it to Jun Qingyu once he blew on it, “Try it.”

Jun Qingyu took a bite, “It’s delicious.”

The codfish itself was very tender and the codfish in the Interstellar Era was superb.

It was very delicious if a little bit of Himalayan salt was added during pan-frying.

Fu Yuanchuan turned off the fire, brought out the codfish and steak, and said, “Get ready to eat.”

“Ok.” Jun Qingyu turned around to get the tableware.

Although there were many things to do later, breakfast was relatively peaceful, and the matter outside had presumably not gotten out of hand.


Given that the incident happened in the Imperial Palace and needless to say, the aristocrats who witnessed the incident dared not to spread this incident out, it went without saying that Fu Chengyu’s subordinates wouldn’t dare to make a scene either.

It was an indisputable fact that they become a Zerg in front of so many people and the last thing they wanted to do was to make matters big before there was conclusive evidence to bring about a turnaround in their fate.

Moreover, they could not move their troops.

Fu Yuanchuan led his corps to surround the Imperial Palace in the name of the siege of a Zerg.

If they utilised their troops, it could not be justified and it might leave a matter of derision.

The attitudes of several marshals were unknown and they might not become their helping hands.

Compared to Fu Yuanchuan’s calmness, there was a real dilemma on the other end.

After breakfast, Jun Qingyu and Fu Yuanchuan got into the car to go to the Imperial Palace together.

Shi Kaixin stayed here all night, and the follow-up that involved a large implication had to be personally sorted out by them, so as not to have any news flowing out.

Both Yu Zhi and Shi Kaixin waited by the car.

After Fu Yuanchuan came down, Yu Zhi stepped forward and said, “Marshal, everything is ready.

Marshal Tordis and the rest of them are all waiting in the meeting room.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan turned around and helped Jun Qingyu get out of the car, “Let’s head over there now.”

“Wait a minute.” Jun Qingyu considered it before he said, “It must be boring inside, so I’ll wait for you outside.”

“You’re not going in”

Jun Qingyu gave a light cough and said, “I want to go for a walk outside.”

Met with this situation, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t ask any more questions.

He raised his hand and touched the little fish’s hair, “Shi Kaixin, protect him well.”


Before leaving, Fu Yuanchuan exhorted, “Above all, pay attention to your safety and don’t go to any dangerous places.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head obediently, “Mhm.”

Seeing Fu Yuanchuan’s figure disappear into the corridor, Jun Qingyu stopped smiling and asked, “Where is Fu Chengyu Take me there.”

Shi Kaixin: “……”

What about agreeing not to go to dangerous places!

Shi Kaixin said helplessly, “Sir, Fu Chengyu still hasn’t recovered from his appearance as a Zerg.

As such, it’s too dangerous to go there.”

In spite of the fact that special sound waves were used when detaining a Zerg to weaken its strength, Shi Kaixin didn’t think that Jun Qingyu would just stand outside the cage and watch after he suggested finding Fu Chengyu.

“The combat power of a Zerg is very high, even if it is suppressed by special sound waves, it would still be dangerous to get too close.

Moreover, the strength of the Zergs lay not only in its high offensive power, its defence was insurmountable as well.

Sometimes, it is even difficult for a mecha to attack head-on and leave some traces on the shell of a Zerg.”

“Fu Chengyu hasn’t completely lost his mind yet.

After what happened yesterday, he would certainly be furious, thereby it’s more so dangerous.”

Jun Qingyu nodded, it seemed like these words had sunken in for him.

Shi Kaixin was overjoyed and was about to introduce other places suitable for taking a walk in the palace, when he heard Jun Qingyu’s cold voice, “Lead the way.”



“Got it.”

Jun Qingyu just felt that if the conclusion for Fu Chengyu’s life was becoming a Zerg, it was still too good for him.

There were no signs of movement on the Federation’s end for the time being, but it would not be long before there was news.

Fu Chengyu’s trusted aides would definitely spread the news of Fu Chengyu’s incident.

When the time came that Fu Chengyu must be sent to the Federation in order to avoid a war, Fu Chengyu who had turned into a Zerg, would likely still be well cared for.

Jun Qingyu felt bothered just thinking about that possibility.

Shi Kaixin led the way at the front and moved ahead the entire way.

He made his way through and no one even came to question his identity.

Jun Qingyu glanced to the sides, they encountered three patrol teams in the corridor, the security here was tight.

Shi Kaixin scanned his identification information and said before entering, “Sir, let’s take a look from outside the cage.”

Standing next to the cage, he could clearly see a Zerg curled up inside.

Its form was not small in size, approximately the same size as a suspension car.

Jun Qingyu was not in a rush to do anything, rather he asked, “Is there any surveillance here”

Shi Kaixin quickly replied, “Yes, 360 degrees with no dead angles.”

Jun Qingyu nodded.

Seeing that Jun Qingyu didn’t speak, Shi Kaixin was really relieved.

He was afraid that Jun Qingyu would say the following words of ‘switch it off’, which was truly a recipe for disaster.

Jun Qingyu walked up to Fu Chengyu and asked, “Has he been locked up here this entire time”

“That’s right, he will be here until the final plan has been discussed.” Shi Kaixin explained, “The supervisory for the monitoring is split between each marshal.”

On the account that they would be greatly involved, it was safest to let every marshal do it.

“Every…” Jun Qingyu blinked, he squatted in front of the cage, and secretly released his universal life energy to leave an imprint on him.

Zergs had a very clear perception of universal life energy.

The Zerg, which closed its eyes from the very beginning, opened its eyes in an instant.

It raised its eyes and glared at Jun Qingyu fiercely.

Jun Qingyu met his gaze without any avoidance, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised as he said softly, “We will meet again.”


Shi Kaixin heard his voice but didn’t hear it clearly.

There was no one else here, so he subconsciously thought he was talking to him, “Sir, what are you talking about”

“It’s nothing.” After leaving an imprint on it, Jun Qingyu didn’t plan to stay any longer, thus he turned around and said, “It’s a bit boring here, let’s leave.”

“Yes!” Shi Kaixin was naturally glad that Jun Qingyu was willing to leave here.

It was dark inside the house, in contrast to the harsh sunlight outside.

Jun Qingyu narrowed his eyes, “Don’t speak a word of me coming here to Yuanchuan.”


“Send me the shift for when each marshal is responsible for.

Yuanchuan is too busy, I will take care of the time he is responsible for.”

“Ah…” Shi Kaixin was dumbfounded for a moment.

He didn’t have the timetable in his possession at the moment, but it would be sent to the aide-de-camp as a matter of priority after this matter was determined before they handed it over to the marshal.

Thus even if he didn’t have it now, he would get it soon.

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows, “Is there a problem”

Shi Kaixin considered before he said, “I might have to report to the marshal first.”

“I’ll go and tell Yuanchuan, you can just send it to me directly.” He moved forward as he said that, a cool breeze blew over, bringing a flower down from a tree, which happened to fall before Jun Qingyu’s eyes.

Jun Qingyu raised his hand to catch the flower before it landed.

It smelled rather fragrant.

He played with the flower in his hand and said absentmindedly, “There is a command priority between affirmative action.

Do I have to be more rigorous”

Shi Kaixin abruptly realised the point he had overlooked and quickly shook his head, “I will transfer the timetable to you once it has been sent to me.”


The duration he came out wasn’t short and it was almost noon when he walked back to the meeting room.

Usually, a meeting between the marshals would not be held continuously and there would be breaks in between.

Jun Qingyu leaned against the wall and waited by the door, not going anywhere.

The sound insulation of the meeting room was so good that he couldn’t hear anything from outside.

When the meeting ended, the lock of the meeting room door automatically opened with a ‘click’, Jun Qingyu returned to his senses and walked to the door.

Watching Fu Yuanchuan come out, Jun Qingyu put the flower, whose petals were about to drop off due to his fiddling, into Fu Yuanchuan’s front pocket.

The arc of Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved like a crescent moon, “It looks good.”

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t see what it was but he could smell a very light floral fragrance, “Did you go to the garden to play”


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