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Chapter 75

Jun Qingyu said, “Since I was bored, I wandered around.”

Fu Yuanchuan nodded and walked out with the little fish, “The meeting may continue into the evening.”

“Is it very troublesome” Jun Qingyu surmised that the meeting time would be longer, but he never thought it would be so long.

He knitted his brows and conjectured, “There’s movement on the Federation’s side”

If it weren’t for the intervention of the other forces, only a few marshals would discuss the succession to the throne, and there would be no need to take such a long time.

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan deliberately suppressed this matter, but the Federation’s infiltration into the Empire was obviously not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

Coupled with the variety of small actions by Fu Chengyu’s people, he received news from the Federation early this morning.

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips slightly.

They made their move so hastily, was Fu Chengyu from the Federation

He was afraid that his status was not low.

When the news came, it was nothing more than asking them to release Fu Chengyu or asking them to send Fu Chengyu back to the Federation.

There might be other matters involved, but Jun Qingyu felt that those were not important at all.

The most important thing was Fu Chengyu.

Despite the fact that Fu Chengyu was parasitised by a Zerg, he had not lost his awareness yet and he could be restored with a small manipulation.


The news from the Federation came too soon and there was inevitably a feeling of being tied up if they did anything more against Fu Chengyu.

Initially, Jun Qingyu wanted to take his time, but now it seemed that it might be too late if he took his time.

He had to pick up his pace.

Jun Qingyu’s lips pursed up slightly, “The Federation attaches great importance to Fu Chengyu, to even protect this kind of garbage.”

He was obviously a lunatic with an extreme personality and raising him up to a high position wasn’t enough.

Now that something happened, they still wanted to protect him.

The approach of the Federation was very baffling.

“Don’t be angry.” Fu Yuanchuan coaxed, “I’ll tell you when the result of the negotiation comes out.”

As for the process of those discussions, there was no need to tell the little fish, he would be angry listening to it.

“All right.”

The meeting lasted for several days, and after a neutral marshal switched sides, they chose to send Fu Chengyu back to the Federation.

It wasn’t a delivery, the Federation would personally come in person to receive him, probably because they were afraid of what they would do on the way.

Given that if something happened to Fu Chengyu in the Empire, the Federation could still hold them accountable; but if the starship disintegrated in the interstellar space, and Fu Chengyu dies in a black hole in the galaxy, then the Federation would not be able to find a reason to hold them accountable.

In the next few days, Jun Qingyu did not go to the Imperial Palace, and Shi Kaixin came to the house to protect him when he got this information, gossiping with him in the passing.

Jun Qingyu, who knew this information, just raised his eyebrows unperturbedly and asked, “Soliciting empathy”

Even if this was a matter of switching sides, shouldn’t they figure out the pros and cons of each side

Shi Kaixin helplessly shrugged his shoulders, “It couldn’t be helped.

His brother is Marshal Abbott, he solicited empathy in private and persuaded them.”

Shi Kaixin was rather speechless as well when he heard that news, but it really couldn’t be helped.

Unless they could persuade the other neutral marshals, otherwise this matter could only be settled.

Since there had not been a war on a large scale for the longest time, it wasn’t a bad thing to send Fu Chengyu over to avoid a war.

Jun Qingyu didn’t know how to assess it for a period of time.

Soliciting empathy Had the Peace Faction shrunk to such an extent

“Based on the number of people”

“If the marshal had a brother, what else could they have done” Shi Kaixin followed Fu Yuanchuan all the way, so he naturally knew the strength of Fu Yuanchuan.

Speaking of brothers, Shi Kaixin recalled another matter, “I’ve heard the marshal say that he had a younger brother before, but he lost contact with him in that battle with the Federation, he’s most likely dead.”

“Mhm.” Jun Qingyu didn’t ask any more questions, he only said flatly, “Since they’re sending him, so be it.

It’s not such a big deal.”

“It’s not a big deal How can that not be a big deal” Shi Kaixin was alarmed.

Now that the Federation could pressure them under control for one person, then they could control them even more later on.

When Fu Yuanchuan ascends to the throne, doesn’t that mean they had to continue giving those resources Fu Chengyu gave to the Federation before

Some marshals only cared about their short-term interests and didn’t look at the long-term.

Shi Kaixin was extremely peeved.

“It’s useless no matter what we say, it’s a foregone conclusion.” Jun Qingyu poured him a cup of tea, “Drink it.”

Shi Kaixin took a sip, “If you ask me, let’s just fight with them and get it over with.

I went and checked the rollover yesterday on how much Fu Chengyu gave to the Federation.”

“The fruits and vegetables on the Imperial Marshal’s end are distributed according to the quantity.

As a result, they are abundant over there, and those that are tasty are given priority to the Federation too.

It’s extremely maddening.”

Shi Kaixin was upset when he thought about it.

Moreover, the main point was that those items given were not presented as gifts or for diplomacy but were passed through under the table, and they couldn’t get them back.

Jun Qingyu couldn’t help but feel speechless when he heard those words.

No wonder the taste was unpleasant.

No matter how they were planted, it was unlikely to be so uniform, ergo the good batch was picked out.

“It’s not just some scarce resources, many planets have become the Federation’s without our knowledge.

Despite the fact that those planets are inhabitable and no one is on them, they’re still the Empire’s even if they’re dilapidated.

Surreptitiously giving it over.

Alas, there isn’t really anything I can say.”

After thinking for a while, Jun Qingyu asked, “What kind of person is that Marshal Abbott”

“If you ask me He’s nothing good.

He’s no good at anything he does, a lazy good-for-nothing.

He inherited the corps from his father and it almost fell apart due to him.”

Shi Kaixin didn’t have the least bit of a good impression of him now and he naturally couldn’t say anything nice, “Forget it.

Forget it.

I won’t mention him no more.

The marshal should be back.

Sir, I’ll take my leave.”


Jun Qingyu also heard the sound outside, “Go ahead.”

Jun Qingyu picked up his light brain and opened the schedule recording the time every marshal watched over Fu Chengyu, which Shi Kaixin had sent to him earlier.

After confirming the time, Fu Yuanchuan just happened to walk in.

He got up with a cup of warm tea, “It’s been tough for you.

I added some honey, try it to see if it’s good.”

Fu Yuanchuan took the cup of tea and wasn’t in a rush to drink it.

He kissed his little fish and asked, “You didn’t go out to play today”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “I heard Shi Kaixin talk about Fu Chengyu’s matter at home.”

The result of the negotiation on that matter was unsatisfactory.

Fu Yuanchuan no longer intends to deal with Fu Chengyu through the negotiation, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”


Fu Yuanchuan sat on the sofa, drinking tea.

Jun Qingyu thought about it for a while and went around to massage his shoulders, “Are you still going for a meeting tonight”

“No, this matter has a foregone conclusion.

There’s no need to waste any more time.” Fu Yuanchuan felt that talking to them was a waste of time, so it was better to solve this matter simply.

“What about the matter of the throne” Jun Qingyu couldn’t help thinking about it.

Being put under control like this, his life would be no better even if he ascends to the throne.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “We have not come up with a conclusion yet.”

Jun Qingyu was convinced those marshals were first class at dragging them down.

Letting Fu Yuanchuan resolve it on his own was much more simpler than letting them discuss it.

“Don’t think about it anymore, rest early today.” Jun Qingyu put his arms around Fu Yuanchuan from behind and rubbed against him affectionately, “Let’s go take a bath.”

“It’s a bit early, it’s not dark yet.”

“It will be dark after a bath.”


Fu Yuanchuan got up from the sofa across, picked up the extremely daring little fish behind him and hugged him.

Jun Qingyu subconsciously wrapped his arms around his neck, “Mmm…slippers.”

“You don’t need it anymore.”


Matters were in the final stage today, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t come back too late, but it was past 9 o’clock when he came out of the bathroom.

The little fish leaned into his embrace and fell into a deep sleep.

Fu Yuanchuan adjusted the constant temperature in the room and touched the ointment on the little fish’s legs before he went to sleep.

After being busy for several days, Fu Yuanchuan only realised that he was tired the moment he lay down and fell asleep before he knew it.

In the dead of the night, universal life energy slowly spread out with the scent of sleep aid.

Jun Qingyu waited with bated breath for the smell of the aroma to spread out and Fu Yuanchuan, who was beside him, didn’t seem to notice it.

The scent of the sleep aid was harmless, but it would cause people to sleep more deeply, prolonging the duration of their sleep.

“Yuanchuan Yuanchuan” Jun Qingyu opened his eyes and tried to wake him up.

At first, he whispered but he was met with no response.

Then Jun Qingyu raised his voice and yelled, but there was still no response.

Upon seeing this, Jun Qingyu quietly withdrew from Fu Yuanchuan’s arms, slowly put the pillow into his hands before he turned around, and got out of bed to change his clothes.

The temperature late at night was still a bit low, but Jun Qingyu didn’t care about that and moved headlong into the darkness.

The heavily guarded palace was still brightly lit.

The teams on patrol were arranged by each marshal and all the groups were scheduled to patrol times to ensure that the Zerg locked inside would not be allowed to escape.

In the surveillance room, a man sneezed, “Every single day—isn’t it fine to just chop off its legs—we still have to stay up all night to keep watch.”

“Tsk, didn’t they say it was a bigshot You can’t chop them off even if you say so, you just have to get through these remaining few days.”

“If you ask me, the decisions made by the people above are at the drop of a hat.

People like us got implicated and have to work overtime every day.”

The other man shook his head, “Don’t you…Eh Did the screen flicker just now Did the screen freeze Is it just me Do you want to report to the marshal”

“Flickered I didn’t even look at it.

How would I know if it flickered or not” With that said, the man still raised his hand and pressed the communication device, “Reporting in! There is an abnormality in the surveillance.”

There was a crackling sound on the other end, which seemed to be connecting to the signal.

After a while, a steady voice came over, “Did it escape Don’t bother me if it hasn’t escaped.”


The man shrugged his shoulders, “Look, the marshal doesn’t care at all.

Besides, where can he escape to with the sound waves So many people outside are taking watch.

I’m going to sleep.”

“Hey, you…”

The sound of the surveillance room entered Jun Qingyu’s ears, he adjusted the volume with two taps of his fingertips and walked under the surveillance.

After three seconds, no exclamation was heard by his ears.

The authorisation to invade earlier should have come into effect.

A short invasion modification could cover him for ten minutes.

For Jun Qingyu, these ten minutes were enough.

Jun Qingyu put on some gloves and walked slowly to the front of the cage.

Fu Chengyu was sleeping as well.

The huge Zerg had its eyes tightly shut and its snoring could even be heard in the enclosed room.

They had not dealt with Fu Chengyu for such a long time and Fu Chengyu must be able to guess what the Federation had done on the outside.

That was why he was even more fearless.

At first, there was anger and various emotions but now, he was calm like he was on a vacation.

Seeing this, Jun Qingyu did not painstakingly suppress the sound of his footsteps.

As Zergs have extraordinary hearing, Fu Chengyu who was fast asleep, suddenly opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the source of the sound.

In the darkness, a figure slowly walked out.

Fu Chengyu narrowed his eyes and he looked at the other party cautiously.

Jun Qingyu stood in front of the cage, with the tip of his finger resting on the iron bars of the cage.

There was a crunching sound.

Fu Chengyu’s pupils suddenly contracted, startled by the other party’s approach.

Jun Qingyu threw away the garbage in his hand, raised his eyebrows, and said coldly, “We meet again.”


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