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Marshal Tordis scratched his head as he watched the two of them get into the suspension car, feeling that he, too, should find a wife.

Looking at it, Fu Yuanchuan who didn’t even know what was celebrating a festival, actually took the initiative to mention the Spring Festival.

Although it was a trivial matter, it was enough to see that the details of his life were changing.

Marshal Tordis looked at his aide-de-camp beside him, “Duan Hengjin…”

“Yes” Duan Hengjin felt something was amiss when he saw that look, “Marshal, I have a date for the festival this year.”

After a momentarily pause, Duan Hengjin said, “The schedules of all the aides-de-camp are fixed.”

Marshal Tordis: “”

So I’m the only person not in a relationship

Marshal Tordis narrowed his eyes, keenly aware that something was off, “Wait a minute, I remember as of today, your annual leave will only be available at the beginning of next year”

Duan Hengjin nodded, “Yes, I plan to request a leave of absence from you at the end of this year.”

“I’m not approving it!”


Marshal Tordis patted his chest.

That felt better!

Fu Yuanchuan looked at Tordis outside the car window, then reached up and drew the small curtains.

Jun Qingyu was lying on Fu Yuanchuan’s lap.

The seat was so long that he could lie down completely.

He shook the hem of Fu Yuanchuan’s clothes and asked, “Is the matter on the Federation’s end very troublesome”

“You don’t have to worry with me here.” Fu Yuanchuan assisted the little fish in tidying his hair, conveniently taking off his mask, allowing him to lay more comfortably.

Jun Qingyu blinked, briefly musing over it, “That Marshal Abbott…I think he’s a little strange.”

Additionally, the attitudes of those in the Federation were also very peculiar.

They did not express much anger towards Marshal Abbott.

It was reasonable to say that, despite not knowing the full circumstances, Marshal Abbott’s negligence led Fu Chengyu to have an accident by the looks of it.

Since the people of the Federation cared so much about Fu Chengyu, they would naturally look at Marshal Abbott with a solemn mien and speak harshly to him, but it seemed like they had no intention of targeting Abbott.

Wasn’t that inconsistent with their original intention

Fu Yuanchuan coiled the ends of his hair around his finger, “He might not be a citizen of the Empire.”

Jun Qingyu looked up in surprise, “Marshal”


“……” The corners of Jun Qingyu’s mouth twitched minuscuely as he struggled to find the right words to express himself.

It made sense why the Federation dared to be so unbridled.

The Federation’s boldness did not stem from Fu Chengyu but rather, Fu Chengyu was emboldened by the Federation.

So long as the Federation’s power stretched out far enough, Fu Chengyu could safely be the Imperial Leader of the Empire.

Even the marshals were…so all the more they had to look into the identities of the rest.

Fu Chengyu was fundamentally crippled and Jun Qingyu didn’t know if his mind could recover, but his body certainly could not be rehabilitated.

Be it in human or Zerg form, he could never stand up again.

He had no chance of recovery, even with the interstellar’s advancement in medical treatment.

Fu Yuanchuan caressed his little fish’s cheek and coaxed, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved up into crescents and he nudged against his hand as he stated, “I’ll help you, let’s solve these issues together.”

“All right.”

The Federation’s infiltration of the Empire took place over a period of time; the matter between the Federation and the Empire was not done in a single day or two.

The Federation was so much at ease that it even permitted a facility as significant as the mermaid breeding base to exist in the Empire.

It couldn’t be resolved in a short amount of time even if they wanted to.

There was no sign of activity once the Federation brought Fu Chengyu back, they should be discussing their follow-up measures.

The Empire was equivalent to the Federation’s inexhaustible resource pool, so it was unlikely that they would give up on it so easily.

On the contrary, the people of the Federation in the Empire were a bit tricky, and there was no valid reason to deal with them.

If they used too much force, it might backfire.

Jun Qingyu wasn’t in a hurry to see their response.

They would have more time to get ready for the Spring Festival if they were attempting to save Fu Chengyu.

But before that…Jun Qingyu felt that he should deal with Fu Yanghong first.

Fu Chengyu–the mastermind behind him–had fallen, how could Fu Yanghong who executed his orders be left off the hook

Taking advantage of the time Fu Yuanchuan was cooking downstairs, Jun Qingyu took his light brain and sent a message to Shi Kaixin.

Just that, Shi Kaixin was not yet aware of his identity as a mermaid and he shouldn’t know the existence of Fu Yanghong yet based on Shi Kaixin’s memory.

After giving it some thought, Jun Qingyu typed: [Yuanchuan told me about Fu Yanghong and said you sent him to a psychiatric hospital.

Which hospital is it Send me the address.]

Shi Kaixin shouldn’t be very busy at the moment, his reply was quick: [Does Sir want to go there]

Jun Qingyu: [It’s almost the New Year.

Although he’s an adoptive father, I think it’s better to go and see him.

Even if he has a bad relationship with Yuanchuan, his identity must still be taken into account.]

Shi Kaixin: []

Something was fishy.

His tone was off in some way.

Shi Kaixin was in a panic.

You don’t seem like you would be visiting him but rather, sending him off–the sort that was at his very last moments.

Jun Qingyu: [Send me the address.]

Shi Kaixin gave it some thought, [Sir, will the Marshal accompany you there]

Jun Qingyu: [Enough talk.]

Only then did Shi Kaixin feel that his tone was normal as he looked at those clear and succinct words.

There it was.

How could Sir explain so much to him

The address that should be sent has been sent.

Shi Kaixin usually went over there to visit him during his free time, not to check how he was faring but to check whether he was still alive.

He had to report it if he died.

Jun Qingyu got the address and sat in front of this computer to source out all the details about the mental hospital, including the surveillance.

He needed to know the exact location of everything that might capture his figure.

Fu Yuanchuan’s computer had authorised access, and with Fu Yanghong in the mental hospital, the location where surveillance was set up was clearly marked.

He noted down these locations, which would be useful at night.

Once all was set, Jun Qingyu stretched and went downstairs to find Fu Yuanchuan.

In the last few days of his free time, he decorated every single part of the house plainly, giving it a festive New Year vibe.

Jun Qingyu yelled as he sprinted downstairs on the red plush carpet, “Yuanchuan, let’s carpet the corridor upstairs tomorrow.”

He didn’t need to wear slippers because the entire room was carpeted.

Jun Qingyu felt uncomfortable wearing shoes after spending so much time as a mermaid and he didn’t even want to wear them at home.

“Ok.” Fu Yuanchuan cut a piece of bacon and gave it to the little fish, “Try it.”

Jun Qingyu only took a bite because he didn’t want to get his hands messy—it was moderately salted, “It’s delicious.”

After dinner, Fu Yuanchuan started preparing the ingredients for New Year’s Eve family dinner tomorrow.

There were numerous things to prepare and it would be too late if everything was prepared on the day itself.

In addition, some that had to be marinated ahead of time could be prepared right now, and those stir-fry vegetables and the like could be stir-fried tomorrow.

Despite there being only two people, the preparation was extensive.

Just three types needed to be marinated beforehand and tomorrow, there would only be more dishes to prepare.

It was only natural for it to be more lavish as this was the first New Year they were spending together and the significance of their registration was extraordinary as well.

Fu Yuanchuan cut a plate of bacon and turned around to put it into the refrigerator.

Jun Qingyu pondered for some time before he said, “Let’s bake a cake tomorrow and then make some fruit platters or something.”

Fu Yuanchuan was responsible for the main dishes.

He made some desserts, and also things such as fruits for after dinner and fruit juice too.

After putting away the bacon, Fu Yuanchuan continued to process the remaining ingredients.

He looked at the little fish watching him intently beside him and said, “There’s ice cream in the fridge.”

“Ice cream Didn’t I finish it” Jun Qingyu had a vague recollection of having consumed the last one.

Jun Qingyu opened the fridge and saw that several drawers in the freezer were full of ice cream.

Fu Yuanchuan’s voice came from behind, “I bought some new ones.”

Jun Qingyu arched his eyebrows.


Most of the ice cream was strawberry flavoured, while a small portion were other flavours.

Jun Qingyu chuckled softly.

The last time Fu Yuanchuan purchased ice cream, the quantity of each flavour was the same.

He chose the strawberry one, went back and ate while leaning against the edge of the table, observing Fu Yuanchuan.

Jun Qingyu fed Fu Yuanchuan a mouthful of strawberry ice cream and said with a smile, “We might need to stay up late tomorrow and register during the day as well.

Let’s rest early today.”

Fu Yuanchuan nodded, “Okay, wait for me to get the rest of the ingredients ready.”

“Mhm.” Jun Qingyu wasn’t in a rush to leave either.

After eating his ice cream, he only went back to the bedroom together with Fu Yuanchuan once he was done.

Since its last use, the sleeping incense had been kept in the drawer.

Compared to the previous time, when he was somewhat unaccustomed to using universal life energy to incite the movement of the scent of the sleeping incense, it seemed to be smoother this time.

In the past couple of days, there had been no news from the Federation.

Fu Yuanchuan has been sought out by a number of marshals of the Empire, but they have all been turned down by him; they didn’t even get the opportunity to meet him in person.

Jun Qingyu didn’t get the chance to go to the mental hospital to trouble Fu Yanghong.

Seeing that this was the last day, he would use the sleeping incense for the second time.

Soon after Fu Yuanchuan fell asleep, Jun Qingyu quietly left the room.

The security in the psychiatric hospital was undoubtedly lax compared to that of the Imperial Palace.

Fu Yanghong was still asleep when Jun Qingyu entered.

The kind of ending Fu Yuanchuan arranged for Fu Yanghong was his business; Jun Qingyu was only there to add his own name to this ending.

Besides, being locked up in a mental hospital by itself was insufficient to atone for what Fu Yanghong did.

Not only Fu Yanghong, he would even find a way to take care of the other laboratory personnel, one after another.

It was just that Planet M was currently having more issues and it wasn’t a good idea to start for the time being.

The Federation was involved in the experiment at Planet M and he didn’t know how many experimental products were created from when the initial stage of the experiment was established up to the present.

If there was really a fight, the experimental products might be a great helping hand for the Federation.

Currently, Jun Qingyu didn’t bother to think all that much.

He looked at Fu Yanghong, who was sleeping soundly before him.

He didn’t even greet him before efficiently using up the remaining half of the thread he used to deal with Fu Chengyu, and silently disappeared into the darkness.

Everywhere in the villa was guarded and places such as the windows were of the utmost importance.

In simple terms, it was the kind of situation where a barricade would come down as soon as someone approached the villa.

Jun Qingyu always entered through the main door after Fu Yuanchuan had slept.

He had intended to take a shower and then go back to the bedroom like he had the last time, but as he entered through the door, he unexpectedly noticed the lighting above the stairs.

Fu Yuanchuan, who was cutting the carpet, heard the sound and glanced back.

There seemed to be some surprise in the depth of his eyes.

Jun Qingyu came back much earlier than the last time, but after seeing him face to face, he didn’t pry, “You’re back.”

Jun Qingyu: “”

Wh…Why did it seem like Fu Yuanchuan was greeting him after he returned from a daytime stroll

Fu Yuanchuan cut the carpet precisely at the right size and said, “Go take a shower first.

I’ll come to find you after I finish laying the carpet.”


Jun Qingyu was perplexed.

Was there something wrong with Fu Yuanchuan, or was there…something wrong with him


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