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Chapter 78

Fu Yuanchuan saw the little fish standing in the doorway for ages without moving.

After thinking about it, he got to his feet and walked over, setting the carpet he had cut halfway down.


Jun Qingyu blinked and subconsciously placed his hand behind his back.

He made haste in coming back from the outside without delay, so his hands still had some blood on them.


Fu Yuanchuan kept silent when he perceived the little fish’s movements.

As if to reassure Jun Qingyu, he reached out to him and took him into his arms, “Okay, don’t be afraid.”


Jun Qingyu opened and shut his mouth.

He was a little taken aback to find that Fu Yuanchuan always appeared to be calm and collected in front of him.

No matter what happened, he took care of these little detail about him in all respects.


“Are you hurt”


Jun Qingyu’s fingers trembled, “No, this is someone else’s blood.”


Fu Yuanchuan nodded his head and walked to the bathroom with his arm around his waist, “Go get cleaned up.”


Jun Qingyu got led forward by his strength and heard Fu Yuanchuan ask, “Is it only on your hands Did some get on your body”


“It didn’t.” How could such a simple thing like that hurt him In front of him, wasn’t Fu Yanghong just like a little chick That is, he didn’t have much combat capability before he became a little mermaid, otherwise, Fu Yanghong would be the one to run rampant.




Jun Qingyu put his hand in the water and soaked it.



Seeing that, Fu Yuanchuan hugged him from behind and dipped the hand sanitiser in to help him wash the blood off his fingers.


Jun Qingyu moved his eye to the side, he could see the side view of Fu Yuanchuan’s earnest and gentle face.

He pursed his lips, kissed him gently and asked, “When did you realise I wasn’t there”


Fu Yuanchuan grasped the hands of the little fish.

He used the hand sanitiser once more and replied nonchalantly, “Not long ago.”


Not long ago


Jun Qingyu tilted his head.

The effects of the sleeping incense could not have only lasted for such a short duration of time.


Therefore, the only possible explanation was…


“Does the sleeping incense have no effect on you” When Jun Qingyu was buying them, he found a variety of incense that could cause a person to lose consciousness from its scent.

There were some oral ones as well, but they would cause some harm to the body one way or another.

He searched for a long time before he found one that did no harm.


“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan explained, “I’ve used them a few times before, but after using them too much, they gradually didn’t work anymore.”


Fu Yuanchuan didn’t go into detail on the specific situation in which the sleeping incense was used, but with those words, Jun Qingyu could subtly deduce something from them.



Wait a minute.


Jun Qingyu was momentarily stunned.

If sleeping incense was ineffective to Fu Yuanchuan, didn’t it mean that it was ineffective when he used it for the first time!


He tentatively called Fu Yuanchuan’s name the first time but got no response from him, relative to the second time when he left directly.


After thinking about it carefully, he went as far as to pull out a pillow and position it in Fu Yuanchuan’s arms when he left; afraid that Fu Yuanchuan would wake up when he noticed something was amiss with his arms empty.


But…When he returned, the pillow in Fu Yuanchuan’s arms seemed to have disappeared!


Jun Qingyu realised with hindsight, “Fu Chengyu becoming brain-dead, was it your doing too”


“Did you go out with me on that day” Jun Qingyu didn’t pay attention to whether there was anyone following behind him.

He didn’t notice anyone following him with his degree of perception


“It doesn’t count.” Fu Yuanchuan said lightly, “I was a little later than you and went the other way.”


“Mmm…” Jun Qingyu nodded.

If that was the case, it was normal for him not to notice Fu Yuanchuan.


No wonder.

His universal life energy would cause Fu Chengyu to have a memory lapse.

He was classified under the kind that completely didn’t know what happened at all and it all happened when he slept.


Jun Qingyu asked, “Is it possible for Fu Chengyu’s intellect to recover”


“It’s impossible.” Fu Yuanchuan did it himself and naturally knew the extent of the damage dealt to Fu Chengyu.


Jun Qingyu calmed down when he heard those words, “That’s great.”


Speaking of this, Jun Qingyu had one more question, “Why didn’t you go out with me this time”


If Fu Yuanchuan had gone with him, they might not have run into each other on the stairs.


“To not implicate the Federation, you can settle the other matters.” Fu Yuanchuan would only follow after the little fish to protect him when he might encounter danger.


Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows.

Does this count as Fu Yuanchuan’s recognition of his strength He said after some thought, “I’ll take a shower first, I’ll tell you something when I come out later.”


Jun Qingyu was still used to taking a bath before doing anything else once he returned from the outside.


“All right.”



After a brief wash, Fu Yuanchuan hadn’t come back yet when he came out; Fu Yuanchuan should have gone out to lay the carpet.


Things were a tad bit complicated.

Jun Qingyu sat on the edge of the bed, carefully thinking about what he had to say.


After Fu Yuanchuan packed up, he came in and saw Jun Qingyu sitting in a daze, not exactly in the best state of mind, “Is it very difficult”




“If you have not collected your thoughts, you can choose not to say it.” Fu Yuanchuan touched his damp hair and helped him blow dry his hair as usual.


Jun Qingyu shook his head and said, “I’m just organising my thoughts.”


“No rush.”


He was aware that the little fish’s situation did not span over a day or two.

It was only natural that a brief delay would not matter after such a long period of waiting.


“I am not an interstellar mermaid.

To be precise, I wasn’t a mermaid previously.”


“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan could tell from Jun Qingyu’s daily routine.


Jun Qingyu was also made aware of the fact that Fu Yuanchuan had discovered it.

He said with a smile, “The universe may have many planes of existence and there are also many undiscovered worlds.

The previous world I lived in was the Earth of the 21st century.”


“In that world, there was a place called the Special Operations Group.

At that time, the cosmos had not yet been explored by science and technology; contrariwise, there were many countries on the planet.

The Special Operations Group was made up of talents with special abilities from all over the world.”


“Consisting of some matters related to metaphysics, which is…the kind that catches ghosts, meets them and offers them salvation.”


“The Special Operations Group solved some relatively dangerous situations without the knowledge of the common people.”


Fu Yuanchuan said thoughtfully, “Which organisation are you from”


Jun Qingyu shook his head, “The Special Operations Group is a worldwide organization with many rules, there are various problems but less profit.

It’s too much trouble.

I received an invitation because of my space ability, but I didn’t join them.”


“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan also felt that based on the little fish’s temperament, he would prefer it to be more relaxed, rather than be confined by shackles.


Nevertheless, he knew that it would be pertinent for Jun Qingyu to bring up the Special Operations Group at this point as well, so he waited quietly for his following words.


“Special Operations Group has an organisation that is in opposition.

It can probably be compared to the corps and the interstellar pirates, the conflict of interests between them is very obvious.”


There were many with special abilities, but the resources on the planet that allowed them to upgrade it at that time were limited.


In a well-developed organisation, what you receive might be the resources you brought back.

After handing them over, you would only end up with a little bit left in your hands after layers upon layers of exploitation.


Unfair treatment would naturally give rise to some people who felt resentful.


Jun Qingyu leaned on Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder, quietly avoiding the warm air blowing his hair and he said, “The distribution of resources was uneven, and as time went on, more people felt it was unfair.

In the end, they simply left altogether and set up an organisation outside.”


“At first, the members of this organisation still relied on snatching the Special Operations Group’s tasks.

Later on, it might have developed too fast that no one could contain it.

Ultimately, it became an organisation that really resembled the interstellar pirates.”


Including some matters, they were no different than the interstellar pirates.

Perhaps in some matters, they were more excessive than the interstellar pirates.


However, Jun Qingyu hadn’t forgotten to say, “I was not born yet when the organisation was established and I didn’t know of it until I joined this organisation later afterwards.”


What they did before had nothing to do with him.


Hearing the unspoken implication of his words, Fu Yuanchuan chuckled softly.

He caught the little fish who was trying to escape, trapped him in his embrace and blew dry his hair.


Jun Qingyu made a soft ‘hmph’ and continued, “I haven’t received systematic training, but after I received the invitation from the Special Operations Group and refused, the members of that organisation approached me.

There was nothing great about their attitudes; their attitudes couldn’t be more different than those from the Special Operations Group.”


Compared with the sincere invitation of the Special Operations Group, that organization was obviously far from good enough.


Threats were inherent in their behaviour.

Perhaps because they were accustomed to a robber’s style of work and were unable to keep it in check when they invited newcomers.


Fu Yuanchuan asked, “He invited you to join their organisation”


Jun Qingyu nodded.


“So you agreed”


Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved up into crescents and said tactfully, “Nope, I superseded him.”


Fu Yuanchuan raised his eyebrows.



Those who could come out to recruit talents should also not be any wastrel.


When Jun Qingyu first joined, he started off in the position of a leader.

Although the organisation’s reputation was nothing good, there was no shortage of training that should be provided, rather it was well established.


Jun Qingyu said, “Then after a few years, that organisation became mine.”


The organisation changed hands and Jun Qingyu couldn’t get used to some of the things the organisation had done before.

He took action to rectify its culture.

Despite the fact that they were in opposition to the Special Operations Group, they were only antagonistic in their work.


Fu Yuanchuan praised him while blowing his hair, “You’re amazing.”


Though the little fish kept it simple but judging from his description, this organisation was very large.

For its owner to change in a short period of time, the little fish might have experienced some training as well.


Jun Qingyu bit him and said dubiously, “Humph…perfunctory.”


“I’m not being perfunctory.” Fu Yuanchuan coaxed while picking Jun Qingyu up and putting him on his lap, “Tell me the next time you go out to do something.”


Jun Qingyu tilted his head to lean on his shoulder and asked, “Then will you let me act alone”


“It depends on the situation.” Fu Yuanchuan wouldn’t lump different situations together, it was much better to analyse specific events in detail.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Naturally not if it’s a dangerous matter, but if the risk factor is very low–the kind I can help you with remotely, you can go by yourself.”


Jun Qingyu was astonished for a moment.

There wasn’t a specific way to measure the two.

He questioned, “So what is considered dangerous and what is considered low risk”


“If I think it’s dangerous, it’ll be considered a dangerous matter.”


Jun Qingyu: “”


Then if Fu Yuanchuan felt that everything was dangerous, wouldn’t that mean…he couldn’t do anything


Fu Yuanchuan simply left a single sentence and there was no other explanation for this sentence, “You should rest, we still have to register during the day.”


When Jun Qingyu heard rest, he subconsciously looked out of the window, then he stood there bug-eyed.

He asked in scepticism, “What time does the registration place open”


“Right at 6.”


Jun Qingyu pointed to the specks of light that seeped in through the gap of the window and said, “It’s dawn.”


Fu Yuanchuan gave it some thought, “We can go and register in the afternoon, let’s rest first.”


Jun Qingyu didn’t even feel tired, “I don’t want to rest.

Let’s proceed to register, are you tired”


“I’m not tired, but I’m afraid your body can’t stand it.”


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