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Chapter 80

“Huh” Jun Qingyu arched his eyebrows.

A few days

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t elaborate and Jun Qingyu just felt a surge of tension in his waist.

A hint of a smile showed in his eyes, “That…If it’s a few days, don’t we have to pack them up in advance”

It was only natural to cover the dishes and put them in the fridge should they not be able to finish the food.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it all go to waste when they returned in a few days

As Fu Yuanchuan remained silent, Jun Qingyu cleared up the table.

He placed what should be in the refrigerator in the refrigerator, and what should be in the dishwasher in the dishwasher.

The cleaning robot stood at the door blankly.

Jun Qingyu cleaned very meticulously, not sparing even the corners in particular, and Fu Yuanchuan helped him to clean up as well.

After all that was done, Jun Qingyu thought about it and said, “Let’s clean up the living room too.

There’s also the study upstairs.

The robot doesn’t go in there very often, and…Ah!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jun Qingyu only felt that everything in front of him turn to a different orientation.

By the time he came back to his senses, he was carried by Fu Yuanchuan on his shoulder.

Jun Qingyu couldn’t help laughing out loud.

He reached out and poked Fu Yuanchuan’s waist, “Didn’t you say to take a shower first”

Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand and patted him lightly, “Mhm, let’s take a shower.”

The curtains have not been opened, there weren’t the slightest of gaps and they blocked all the possibility of sunlight seeping through.

Jun Qingyu opened his eyes in a daze, he couldn’t tell whether it was day or night for some time.

He reached out to grab his light brain over the bed but as soon as he made his move, it led to a chain reaction of him feeling sore all over his body, “Um…”

Jun Qingyu frowned.

He lifted his hand by a bit and put it back down.

It was almost like he had been training in the training room for several consecutive days, then woke up after burying his head in the quilts.

Not only did he feel sore, his eyes were also a little dry–probably from crying too much–and there was a tingling sensation in his throat.

His whole being seemed to be stripped of his own consciousness like he wasn’t himself.

Just thinking about it, the hand resting on his waist tightened, Jun Qingyu subconsciously said, “No more…”

His voice was low and a little hoarse.

“Mhm, does it hurt” Fu Yuanchuan touched the ointment on the bedside table, “Let me see.”

“……” Jun Qingyu looked at the tube of ointment and vaguely recalled that it was applied before they did it one more time.

However, this ointment had ingredients that reduced the swelling, regardless of what happened afterwards, it still worked quite well when applied.

After applying the ointment, Jun Qingyu lay in Fu Yuanchuan’s arms and whimpered in a low voice, “It hurts.”

“Where does it hurt”

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

He felt uncomfortable all over, but he didn’t say anything else.

He leaned forward and said, “I want a hug.”

Fu Yuanchuan wrapped his arms around the little fish, patted him on the back and coaxed him, “How about you go to the medical cabin and lie down there for a while if it’s unbearable”

The medical cabin was generally used to treat diseases and he should be able to use it right now.

Jun Qingyu has never used that thing and he didn’t even consider using it, and to use the medical cabin exclusively for a situation like this…

“I’m not going.” Jun Qingyu thought better of it, “Lie down with me for a while.”

He would be fine after laying down for a little longer, it wasn’t such a big issue.

“Ok.” Fu Yuanchuan didn’t have work to do these few days before and after the New Year.

It was only natural for him to lay down and accompany the little fish.

Even so, he didn’t just lay down, he gave the little fish a massage to bring him relief from the uncomfortable stiffness.

After a brief period of silence during which Jun Qingyu felt as though he was about to fall asleep due to his extreme exhaustion, he faintly heard someone talking into his ear, “Are you hungry”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, languidly not answering him.

Upon seeing that, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t disturb him anymore and gently stroked the little fish’s long hair to coax him to sleep.


When Jun Qingyu woke up again, the soreness in his body felt much lighter than last time.

At least he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable when he raised his hand or made other movements.

Fu Yuanchuan maintained his previous motion, waiting for the little fish to wake up.

Jun Qingyu narrowed his eyes drowsily, “What time is it”

“It’s almost 9 o’clock.” Fu Yuanchuan switched on the night light.

The curtains didn’t seem to make much of a difference because it was already completely dark outside.

Watching the little fish nuzzling into his arms, planning to continue his sleep, Fu Yuanchuan quickly said, “Eat something before going back to sleep.”

Even though the little fish was given nutrient solution halfway through, and the nutrients that should have been supplemented were sufficient, it was still not the same as actually eating something.

“I don’t want to eat.” Jun Qingyu closed his eyes and murmured, “Are you hungry If you’re hungry, you should head down and eat something.”

“I’m not hungry, but you should really eat something before going back to sleep.” Fu Yuanchuan handed him his own light brain, “Play with my light brain.

Don’t go to sleep yet, I’ll be back soon.”

“Mmm…give me a kiss.” Jun Qingyu opened his eyes with difficulty when he heard him.

Although he was very tired, he would choose to listen to Fu Yuanchuan.

Looking at the soft little fish, a touch of warmth emerged on Fu Yuanchuan’s face.

He leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, “Be good.”

Jun Qingyu hugged a pillow and let out a sigh of relief, “Come back soon.”

“All right.”

Watching Fu Yuanchuan leave, Jun Qingyu fumbled to pick up his light brain.

After switching it on, he instinctively glanced up at the date on it.

…Has it been two days since the day they registered That’s not right; after some careful calculation, it should have been more than two and a half days ago given that it was night now.

Jun Qingyu blinked.

No wonder he was so tired.

The light brain in his hands was Fu Yuanchuan’s.

Jun Qingyu’s own one was still at the bedside table, but he didn’t feel like taking it.

On top of that, there was no news he was interested in, so he didn’t take his own.

At the top were some New Year’s wishes pinned on the trending search list.

Jun Qingyu browsed through them once before scrolling down, the ones below were the genuine trending searches.

Then he saw Fu Yuanchuan’s name in the first place on the trending search list, it took him by surprise and he was immediately refreshed.

Why was Fu Yuanchuan’s name on the trending search list at a time like this

The person involved: Fu Yuanchuan–these words were clearly in the first place.

He quickly tapped on it to see and found that it was nothing serious, but a post congratulating his registration.

The time was also on the day they registered and it was not on the most recent trending search.

It should be because it had not fell from the trending search ever since it entered the list.

The news should not have been released by the staff.

Jun Qingyu thought they were rather low-profile and they didn’t draw any attention when they arrived or left; he didn’t expect them to be on the trending search on that very same day.


Blogger: [A CP fan happened to meet Marshal Fu at the registration office.

The marshal personally brought his partner to register.


The accompanying picture was the nameplate of the registration office, not a picture of Fu Yuanchuan and Jun Qingyu.


Oh my! Is this marketing account trying to hit their year-end KPI1 How dare you gossip about the marshal]

[I spied on the CP Super Topic.

You’re really something.]

[Have they truly registered It’s hard to believe that the marshal would find himself a partner in his lifetime.]

[The marshal himself admitted he was his partner.

Registering their marriage was only a matter of time.

His identity has long been determined.]


There were many miscellaneous comments and also many people participating in the discussion.

If not, it would have been impossible for it to stay on the trending search list for so many days and not descend from it.

Some were curious about whether this was genuine or fake.

Some gave their blessings.

There were all kinds of comments.

There were also some marketing accounts that have been keeping the momentum.

Recently, the probability of Fu Yuanchuan appearing on the trending search list was relatively high.

Inclusive of the time he had a war of words with Fu Chengyu, as well as the opening of the dessert store later on–all of them were in Fu Yuanchuan’s name.

The Imperial Army officials did not give a definite answer and none of them could tell what was going on.

However, the CP fans were very happy and they wrote fanfictions in high spirits.

Jun Qingyu read a few and screenshotted them.

There were also a lot of direct messages sent to him.

Jun Qingyu picked a few who asked about the dessert store back then to reply to, then he opened his personal homepage and revised the opening hours.

[I’ve been so tired lately, thus I will have to extend my days off.

In line with this, I will increase the quantity of fruit and vegetable juice sold online, which can be regarded as a small compensation for the extension of my days off.]

Everyone was at home during the Spring Festival with nothing to do and the hour was still early.

Not many people would go to sleep so soon.

Just as Jun Qingyu posted it on Weibo, there were soon comments, and the comment section was howling in grief.

[Wuuahhh…My happiness is gone.]

[I had to hold back my tears when I saw this post on Weibo during the New Year.

I almost forgot what the fruits and vegetables in the dessert store taste like.]

[You lot only care about eating, but I’m different from you guys.

I would like to ask if the one online is the marshal or his partner]

[The hell! The perspectives of you, sisters, are so strange that it made me start to wonder.

His husband should be the one in charge of the dessert store, right All right.

It doesn’t matter who is online, I only have one thing to say: Congratulations on the registration!]

After giving it some thought, Jun Qingyu replied with an emoji of a cat beneath his comment.

[!!! They have truly registered!]

[The person himself replied! Ahhh! I’ve been satisfied with this bit of public display of affection for the New Year.]

[Hey, you should have said so earlier.

I had less food for New Year’s Eve dinner before this and it supported me through.]

The following comments were refreshed one after another.

The comments were pushed down before Jun Qingyu could look at them and it was too cumbersome to scroll down.

It just so happened that he heard the door open at this time, he closed the light brain and didn’t look at it anymore.

He got up and dragged the table beside the bed over.

He simply did it while seated on the edge of the bed.

It could be dragged easily and conveniently because it had wheels underneath.

When Fu Yuanchuan entered the room, he noticed that the little fish had already set the table up, so he immediately set the tray of late-night snacks on the table, “I made something simple, I’ll cook you something delicious tomorrow.”

Fu Yuanchuan hurried upstairs as soon as he was finished because he knew that time was of the essence at night and worried that the little fish would become anxious while he waited.

When Jun Qingyu looked at the various dishes on the table, he noticed that they didn’t seem to be last time’s leftovers and should have been freshly prepared.

Dessert consisted of an ice cream scoop, which was served after the main course.

During the meal, Jun Qingyu pondered and said, “Many people on the Internet asked if the matter about the registration was genuine or fake.

I replied om a comment congratulating our registration.”

Fu Yuanchuan nodded when he heard those words, “It’s fine, it’ll be the same even if you announce it.”

The Imperial Military Department’s public relations division was open all year long.

They typically broke this kind of news, but Fu Yuanchuan did not inform them of the registration, so the public relations division was unsure whether the outcry over their registration that went viral on the Internet was true or false.

“Mhm.” After eating half a bowl of rice, Jun Qingyu ate the ice cream while holding onto the bowl.

When Fu Yuanchuan saw that, he took the leftover rice from the little fish and put it into his own bowl before pouring another bowl of soup for him.

After he had finished eating, Jun Qingyu lay back on their bed, intending to rest, but he caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye.


He froze for a split second.



Was this box there before

He didn’t ever remember it being there.

Jun Qingyu took the box at the bedside table with suspicion and put it under his light brain.

Not opening the lid rashly, Jun Qingyu raised his voice and asked, “Yuanchuan, what is this”

Fu Yuanchuan cleaned up the dishes and handed them to the robot.

He turned around and glanced at it, “Pearls.”

“Pearls” Jun Qingyu echoed what Fu Yuanchuan had said.

He opened the box and found it was full of tiny pearls.

Some of which were more rounded, while others were more irregular in shape, “Did you buy them”


When Fu Yuanchuan uttered that single word, Jun Qingyu was shocked and had a strange feeling that something wasn’t right.

In the next moment, he only heard Fu Yuanchuan say, “You cried them out.”


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