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Jun Qingyu: “…”

As he contemplated the reason why a mermaid’s tears would become pearls, Jun Qingyu shut the lid in silence.

He set the box of pearls on the bedside table, slid back under the covers, and wrapped himself snugly under the quilt.

He buried his head in the sand out of habit by pulling up the quilt to cover himself.

In response, Fu Yuanchuan was unable to contain his chuckle.

He went forward to help him lift the quilt, “Don’t get smothered by it.”

Even though the quilt he was covered with was woollen and very light, one would still feel breathless after staying in it for a long time.

Jun Qingyu grabbed onto the quilt and didn’t loosen his grip.

His head carefully emerged from the top, “What are you keeping those pearls for”

Listening to the little fish speak like this, sounding very aggrieved in a low hoarse voice, Fu Yuanchuan coaxed, “I’ve kept the ones before as well and placed them all together.”

Jun Qingyu mulled over it.

The ‘before’ he was referring to, could be said to be the time he knew about Fu Yuanchuan’s past history, but the pearls at that time obviously could not fill this box.

In other words, these past two days he…

Thinking of that, Jun Qingyu’s cheeks flushed a little again.

“They’re pretty.” Fu Yuanchuan’s earnest expression was undisguised.

Jun Qingyu tightened his grip on the quilt.

He thought that the ones that fell on the ground or in the bathroom would be thrown away as garbage, but he didn’t expect Fu Yuanchuan to put them away.

Fu Yuanchuan put away the box of pearls to keep them for future use and first coaxed the little fish to rest.

Jun Qingyu was nodding off already.

He was the kind of person who would fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, even though he had been awake for some time.

It was more fitting to go to fall asleep after having eaten one’s fill.

After a while, only the sound of shallow breathing was left in the room.

For some time, Fu Yuanchuan lay down with him.

Since his light brain kept blinking, he picked it up and turned off his notifications out of concern that it would disturb the little fish’s sleep.

He thought as he studied the documents on it.

While Jun Qingyu slept peacefully, he rose up discreetly and walked to his desk to process the documents.

Jun Qingyu slept in a daze, half-awake as he opened his eyes, he unexpectedly found that his side was empty.

“Mmm…” Jun Qingyu knitted his brows and subconsciously looked for Fu Yuanchuan’s location in the room.

When he saw the man at the desk, he lifted his quilt and rubbed his eyes as he walked over.

Fu Yuanchuan noticed the little fish coming over and leaned back to make room for him so that he could sit down.

Leaning into Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace, Jun Qingyu asked muddle-headed, “What are you doing Is it the Federation”

His voice grew softer and softer.

His last few words had the sound of a humming coo and he was almost asleep when he said that.

Fu Yuanchuan supported his waist and whispered, “It’s not the Federation, it’s some other miscellaneous matters.

I have to deal with the chaotic ones in advance.

It’s not dawn yet.

Go back to bed and get some more sleep.”

The corners of Jun Qingyu’s mouth moved.

He appeared to be muttering something to himself, but Fu Yuanchuan didn’t hear it clearly and the little fish in his arms was already asleep.

Fu Yuanchuan was left with no alternative except to hold the little fish tightly and use one hand to operate the keyboard, process the documents that needed to be processed as quickly as possible, and then carry the little fish back.

There were numerous matters, considering that he hadn’t had the time lately to deal with those documents because he had been accompanying the little fish.

The number of emails accumulated was numerous, not to mention documents.

The room’s lights were not switched on.

Just by relying on the little light from the virtual screen of the computer, it wouldn’t be blinding and it wouldn’t disturb the sleeping fish either.

After processing the last document, Fu Yuanchuan carried him back to bed.

After some thought, he applied ointment on him again.

The recovery capability of a mermaid was not lacking, it was just some redness and swelling.

It would be fine without soaking in water once the ointment had been applied a few more times.

The next day.

Fu Yuanchuan received news from Shi Kaixin early in the morning.

Shi Kaixin: [Marshal, Fu Yanghong’s condition is abnormal.

I went to the medical team to see him, his condition appears to be very serious.]

Fu Yanghong’s test report was attached, which pointed out human bone deficiency.

Shi Kaixin had been keeping an eye on Fu Yanghong all along.

There was only the previous time when Jun Qingyu expressed his desire to visit that Fu Yuanchuan ordered the temporary suspension of Fu Yanghong’s care; the only time Shi Kaixin didn’t look after this end, something happened.

Now that he had started to look into it, he discovered a problem and hurried to report it to Fu Yuanchuan.

Fu Yuanchuan: [Is he dead]

Shi Kaixin: [Not yet.

It’s strange.

The examination results show that he can live normally, but his bones have become threads that hold him together.]

Living did not appear to prolong his life, rather it was like prolonging his pain.

Fu Yuanchuan: [Don’t worry about it if he still lives.]

After Fu Chengyu’s downfall, Fu Yanghong didn’t play much of a role and living was just a way of atonement.

Now that Jun Qingyu had helped to deepen the degree of pain, he would presumably reflect more thoroughly.

Shi Kaixin: [Roger!]

He set down his light brain and prepared to lay down beside the little fish in a moment, but as soon as he looked down, he was met with the little fish staring at him with his eyes open.

“Are you going to be busy after the New Year” Jun Qingyu thought about Fu Yuanchuan’s previous workload, he basically didn’t even have much time to rest.

He frequently stayed up late with the busy Fu Yuanchuan during the time he was a little mermaid in the beginning.


“I might be a bit busy.” In fact, Fu Yuanchuan had been purposefully exercising control over his working hours, synchronising as much of his official business as he could to a set time for uniform processing.

Such that apart from a few urgent documents, he could take time out of his busy schedule to accompany the little fish.

Rather than letting the little fish sit by his side, dryly looking at all these boring documents.

Jun Qingyu smiled and threw himself into his arms, “We can rest up more and go on a stroll around while you’re not busy.”

Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head and kissed the little fish’s forehead.

He said, “Ok, where do you want to go”

Jun Qingyu mulled over it.

If they went out on a trip, it wouldn’t be enough with just these few days left, they could only go for a walk on the Main Planet.

However, as a development-oriented planet, the recreation of the Main Planet was not high.

In comparison to some specialised tourist planets, the Main Planet can be said to be lacklustre.

Apart from many amusement parks or artificial ornamental botanical gardens, there was nothing else.

Jun Qingyu didn’t care about this.

Even the most boring of places would become fun when a person goes out with someone they love.

After pondering for a while, Jun Qingyu asked, “Will there be many people going out during the Chinese New Year”

Interstellar people’s life was relatively fast and it was also very common for them to be busy at work all week.

Coupled with the reduction of holidays, the Spring Festival was considered the only mini vacation.

There would definitely be a number of people coming out to enjoy themselves.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t know much about how other people spent their Spring Festival and he didn’t go out much during the festival and spent most of his time in the camp.

Despite Fu Yuanchuan’s lack of understanding, he could check it right now.

Referring to the information shown on his light brain, he said, “It’s not too bad.

There are few locals on the Main Planet, most people will go home to celebrate the New Year during the Spring Festival.”

“Then let’s go and have a look at the aquarium” Jun Qingyu didn’t usually go out much and now, he casually proposed to go out and have fun.

He had already been to the amusement park and the botanical garden mentioned before, but the only place he had not been to was the aquarium.

“Yes, but…” Fu Yuanchuan stopped mid-sentence and looked down at the little fish in his arms.

Jun Qingyu blinked innocently, “What’s wrong”

Fu Yuanchuan placed one hand on his cheek and slowly closed the distance, “There is a fish at home, do I still have to go out to watch fish”

Jun Qingyu was stunned for a moment and soon after, his eyes curved up like a crescent.

He raised his head and kissed the corner of his mouth, “Let’s not go then, it’s enough for you to look at me.”

Fu Yuanchuan’s real intention was to tease the little fish, but he did not expect to get such a response.

Looking at Jun Qingyu, who had no sense of crisis, Fu Yuanchuan helplessly rubbed his cheek with his curled-up fingers.

“Let’s get up and go to the aquarium.”

“Ah…” Jun Qingyu prolonged his last syllable, looked at him innocently and asked, “How could you go and look at fish other than me”

It was undoubtedly the little fish who proposed to go to the aquarium in the beginning but now, he clearly put this suggestion out of his mind.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t bother about these insignificant details.

He stated his careful analysis, “The fishes outside are ornamental fishes, they’re not like you.”

Jun Qingyu smiled and said, “What’s the difference”

“They can’t be eaten.”


Jun Qingyu’s expression froze.

He had a bad feeling listening to those words and his waist ached.

Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Are we still going to go and see them”


He hadn’t left their bedroom for the past few days and he was also idle at home, so it was better to go out for a walk.

The aquarium was close in proximity to the mermaid breeding base–literally right next door.

It was probably done to comfort the patrons who visited the mermaid breeding base but did not bring a little mermaid home by giving them another place to interact with fishes.

The person in charge of the mermaid breeding base should be extremely upset at such blatant freeloading.

Yet, there was nothing that they could do.

They bought this land themselves and built this aquarium.

Naturally, there was no need to give the mermaid breeding base prior notice.

Moreover, the mermaid breeding base would appear petty if they were to fuss over it and it would be detrimental to their image.

The previous wave of online public opinion caused the popularity of the mermaid breeding base to plummet.

Although their audience was the nobility and those above, but in the eyes of the general public, this place was obviously not the high-end place that sold little mermaid like before.

Jun Qingyu glanced at the mermaid breeding base.

The flow of people there was also much lesser, the news on the Internet still had an impact on them.

Fu Yuanchuan bought the ticket and said, “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Not paying any more attention to the mermaid breeding base, Jun Qingyu held Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and walked in.

The aquarium was usually quite popular.

Tickets had to be booked in advance in the past but now, one could enter directly after purchasing tickets.

The New Year was so mystical.

Some places were very lively and others were very deserted.

They scanned their tickets for entry after purchasing their tickets.

It might be because the aquarium was relatively large and there were fewer tourists, so everyone would deliberately look for places with fewer people and more empty places.

As soon as they entered, the place down here was rather empty.

Lilting pure music filled the aquarium, accompanied by a rhythmic water flow, lulling visitors into tranquillity.

By the entrance, there were two barrel-shaped water columns.

He had no idea what kind of material they were made of, but it was transparent and the tiny fish swimming inside could be seen.

The many species of fish were very unfamiliar to Jun Qingyu.

In retrospect, he could roughly tell the difference between a mermaid and an ordinary fish, but he didn’t know what ordinary fish were further subdivided into.

The water column was directly connected to the roof and the tiny fish in the water could intuitively be seen from the top to bottom.

They came in a variety of colours and the stripes on their bodies varied.

Even if there were so many fish in this fish tank, it wouldn’t even feel crowded because they were small.

“This place has so many species of fish…” With that said, Jun Qingyu paused midway.

He blinked as he involuntarily made eye contact with Fu Yuanchuan.

He wasn’t looking at the fish tank at all.

Jun Qingyu tilted his head and seemed a little surprised, “What are you looking at”

Fu Yuanchuan’s eyes reflected Jun Qingyu’s figure.

He lifted the long hair on the little fish’s cheeks and moved it behind his ears.

He smiled as he said, “I’m looking at my fish.”


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