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Chapter 83

Tordis touched the collar of his shirt, sensing something wasn’t quite right, “Uh…What I mean is, that the relationship between the Federation and the mermaid breeding base is tense at the moment.

I can’t say for sure when they’ll get the mermaid breeding base back, so wouldn’t it be more difficult to buy a mermaid then”


Moreover, because of the tension in their relationship, Fu Yuanchuan would have a higher chance of going to the battlefield in the future.

Similarly, the odds of injury and illness would increase as well.


These might be particularly challenging to treat if there was just one little mermaid.


After all, his little mermaid was incomparably exhausted when he treated him before.


Marshal Tordis was undeniably a little uneasy from being stared at, “Ahem.

You do, however, have a new selection of fruits and vegetables that should be able to serve its role with mildly curative properties.

It’s not important whether you choose to purchase a mermaid.

Simply having one at home to pamper will do.

It’s not good to buy too many either.

Besides, your little pale golden mermaid is attractive and has a good temperament.

You can’t find another like him in the whole of the interstellar.

What other mermaid do you need One is enough.”


“The quality of a mermaid outweighs the quantity.

What liveliness do you need If you need liveliness, one-on-one is the most ideal.”


Listening to the whole bunch of patching, Jun Qingyu apathetically retracted his gaze and leaned back into Fu Yuanchuan’s arms.


Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head and asked, “Would you like to eat more”


The temperature in the aquarium was low, so the remaining meatballs would go cold if they weren’t consumed soon.


“I’m done eating.” Jun Qingyu still planned to taste the other foods following after.

After eating all the meatballs, he would definitely not be able to eat anything else later.


After hearing that, Fu Yuanchuan ate the remaining skewers of meatballs, and threw the box and the sticks into the rubbish bin.


The little pale blue mermaid was just swimming slowly in the water and it only approached Jun Qingyu after spotting him.

Now that it saw Marshal Tordis coming over once more, it didn’t remain here any longer.

It turned around and swam away.


It was so obvious he didn’t want Marshal Tordis to catch sight of him.


Marshal Tordis hurriedly chased after him, saying as he ran, “I’m going after the mermaid! You guys have fun.”


Jun Qingyu swallowed.

There were very few people in the aquarium and it was very quiet as well.

Marshal Tordis appeared to prop up the entire aquarium, depending on his own ability to make it lively.


However, he heard someone talking ahead of him.


Presumably, they were almost at the rest area in the middle.


After considering it, Jun Qingyu bypassed the rest area and continue to another path with Fu Yuanchuan.


While strolling through the aquarium, Jun Qingyu had the impression that they had not come to observe the fishes but rather, to take a stroll in a scenic area.


The floor space of the aquarium was not small.

They walked slowly and leisurely, stopping for a snack from time to time, and it was nearly evening when they came out.


Jun Qingyu stretched, turned around and faced Fu Yuanchuan with his arms outstretched, “Carry me.”


“Do your legs hurt” Fu Yuanchuan asked, but he had already picked up the little fish.


“It doesn’t hurt.” Jun Qingyu smiled and wrapped his neck around his neck, acting spoiled as he said, “I don’t want to walk.”


“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan carried the little fish tightly and walked towards the carpark.


Although the car had a push-button ignition and it would automatically pull up in front of them, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t use it.



When they returned home, Jun Qingyu unexpectedly found that there seemed to be people inside the villa, it wasn’t the villa where they lived, but the ones next to theirs.


No one else should be able to enter without Fu Yuanchuan’s permission, and doing it in such a way that it didn’t seem to be a problem was strange.


Jun Qingyu asked, “What are they doing”


“Refurbishment.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “The small villas on the side have remained empty and unoccupied ever since I purchased this courtyard.

It’s the perfect time to renovate and make use of it.”


“Is there any major event happening” To make use of it at a time like this, Jun Qingyu first thought of protection during the war.


Fu Yuanchuan shook his head, “It’s for you to use after the refurbishment.”


Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows in doubt.

He refurbished the villas on his own accord for him to use


As he wondered, the preceding supervisor ran over, “Marshal Fu! Everything has been dispatched according to the blueprint requirements you have given us and it will be completed in about a week.”


“The water injection can be connected to the swimming pool underground.

That way the scope will be larger.”


“If you have any other requirements, feel free to mention them, we can change it any time.”


Jun Qingyu didn’t understand the first half of the sentence but connected to the swimming pool…


“You changed it into an aquarium” During the time they were at the aquarium, Jun Qingyu recalled that Fu Yuanchuan had previously asked him if he liked it.


“It’s different, just a reference to the design layout.” Moreover, there would be many fishes in the aquarium, but it was different here–there would only be one fish here.


Fu Yuanchuan sought to change it in the past, just that he was never given the opportunity to.


A little mermaid could use the villa’s underground swimming pool, but a large one would be unable to complete even a few laps.

If he swam at top speed, he could swim from one end to the other with just a flick of his tail.


Prior to this, he didn’t know how to change it.

Now that he knew what Jun Qingyu liked, changing it was made much simpler.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Just do it according to the drawings.”


“All right.

I won’t intrude on you anymore, I’ll be on my way.” The supervisor nodded, turned back and ran over to continue his work.


Jun Qingyu blinked, “I believe that the underground pool is good enough.” He didn’t even go to the pool quite often, it felt a bit wasteful now that the swimming area had been expanded.


“It’s too small there, it’s better to expand it a little bit.” Fu Yuanchuan stroked Jun Qingyu’s hair.

Dust would inevitably fly out in the air next to the construction site.

They didn’t stand outside to watch anymore, “Let’s go back and rest for a while.”


After a day’s walk, Jun Qingyu was indeed a little tired.


This was not due to a lack of physical strength.

The major cause was that after standing for an extended period of time, his waist would certainly ache, and that made him feel weary.


Lying on the sofa, Jun Qingyu hugged a square-shaped pillow.


From the moment he came in, Fu Yuanchuan had been going back and forth between the kitchen and the living room; every time he came out, he would grab some food, causing the table to be nearly full.


Just as Fu Yuanchuan set down the cut fruits and prepared to head back to the kitchen once more, Jun Qingyu quickly grabbed him.


“That’s enough, don’t take anymore, I can’t finish it.” Jun Qingyu grabbed his hand and shook it from side to side, “Sit down and keep me company for a moment.”


“Do you feel unwell” Fu Yuanchuan pulled out a tissue and wiped the water off of his fingers.

He sat down and kneaded his waist for him, “If you feel very unwell, you had better go to the medical cabin to lie down for a while.”


Jun Qingyu shook his head and rested on his lap.

He laid on his side and looked at him, “I’ll be fine with some rest.”


Fu Yuanchuan tidied his hair behind his ears so that it wouldn’t be pressed down when he lay down, “There are some fruits on the table, you can eat some.”


“I don’t want to move.” Jun Qingyu clasped Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and tucked it under his cheek.

He was unwilling to take any action.

He merely wanted to rest in silence.


In response, Fu Yuanchuan opened a pack of dried fish, “Eat some”


Generally speaking, the food intake of mermaids was a lot.


Yet, the little fish had never liked eating much, and even after becoming a human, he ate rather little.

To compensate for his diet, Fu Yuanchuan could only feed him some snacks occasionally.


Jun Qingyu bit the dried fish delivered to his mouth and ate slowly.


Fu Yuanchuan was scared the dried fish would fall and be dirtied, so he held onto it and fed it to the little fish.


After slowly and leisurely finishing an entire dried fish, Jun Qingyu leaned in close to devour the seasoning powder on Fu Yuanchuan’s fingers.


As his fingers felt the warmth, Fu Yuanchuan froze.

His thoughts circulated under the depths of his eyes as he looked at the little fish who was full of smiles.


Jun Qingyu seemed to be completely oblivious.

He reached out to hold his wrist and said as he tilted his head, “Give me another one.”


“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan took another one and fed it to him, and he said solemnly, “Eat more.”


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