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Chapter 85

Jun Qingyu and Fu Yuanchuan had been sending each other emojis during the journey.

They actually didnt have anything to say, he just wanted to be in contact with him.

Shi Kaixin silently replenished his tea to the side.

Jun Qingyu sent a message to Fu Yuanchuan as he watched the suspension car drive into the street of the dessert store: [Ive arrived, you should get back to work too.]

Fu Yuanchuan: [Alright, stay safe.]

Jun Qingyu put away his light brain, got out of the car and entered the dessert store through the back door.

Even though he stated the store wouldnt be opened recently, many people were still in the vicinity.

They probably came here to test their luck, or to see how the place was and visited to take photos as well.

Jun Qingyu had already analysed the data on the effect of the quantity of spring water on Yaoyao.

Now what he had to do was to find a way to make a medicine where spring water could not be detected and this medicine must have the ability to eliminate the aggressive mental energy of an experimental product.

The reason why test subjects would have an effect on people with strong mental energy was because of aggressive instigation.

It was only natural for a pan of boiling oil to explode after a drop of water fell in.

However, there was an issue with elimination as well.

When Jun Qingyu treated Fu Yuanchuan, if the consumption of universal life energy was converted into the amount of spring water to use, the amount wasnt little and it wasnt convenient to carry.

He couldnt have everyone watching him take water out of his space either.

Impractical and time-consuming.

Their enemies werent stupid, they would run when they sensed abnormality.

Jun Qingyu ruminated on making the medicine first before considering how to hide the existence of spring water in the medicine.

Since he wasnt a professional experimenter and was uncertain whether chemicals in the experiment would react with spring water, it was best to simply use fruit and vegetable juice.

The subject of the experiment was Yaoyao, and after the medicine was made, fruits and vegetables could be substituted with other things at will, even water.

Once he was ready, Jun Qingyu said, “Shi Kaixin, go next door and call Yaoyao to come over.”

“Yes, sir.”

The person in question was just next door, Shi Kaixin went to call her and came back pretty fast.

When Yaoyao came in, she was stunned when she saw Jun Qingyu, as if she didnt expect Jun Qingyu to be there right now.

Yaoyao smiled and said, “Didnt you say recently that the dessert store wouldnt be open Marshal Fu set off today, I thought you would go with him on the battleship.”

Jun Qingyu fiddled with the test tubes he had prepared.

He lightly raised his jaw to indicate the seat in front of him, “Sit down.”


To save time, Jun Qingyu didnt beat around the bush and went straight to the point, “I have prepared something that should be able to suppress your chaotic mental energy, but it hasnt been tested yet.”

Yaoyao nodded and asked, “What do you need me to do Just let me know.”

Jun Qingyu said, “Release your mental energy to the greatest extent possible.”

Yaoyao hesitated for a moment.

Despite consuming the food from the dessert store, it only played an auxiliary role to her mental energy, and her mental energy could not be completely suppressed.

Therefore, if she released all of it now, it could even achieve an attack of mental energy at its peak.

It wasnt a question of whether to release it or not.

Yaoyao was torn, “Im afraid it will hurt you.”

Jun Qingyu dared to do this experiment, and clearly, he wouldnt risk his life, “You wont, just release your mental energy.”

Having said that, Jun Qingyu turned on the defences in the dessert store, which could isolate her mental energy.

On the contrary, Shi Kaixin shouldnt be able to stand Yaoyaos mental energy.

Jun Qingyu said, “Shi Kaixin, go to the car and wait for me there.”

“Its all right, sir.

Ill be fine here.” There was still someone else in the dessert store, so how could Shi Kaixin leave

Although Yaoyao didnt look like she could beat sir, he would in no way allow him to be alone in a room with anyone.

If something happened, there was no turning back.

Jun Qingyu thought for a while and said, “In that case, stand behind me.”

Shi Kaixin was stunned.

He felt as if their identities had been switched, “Sir, if the experiment is dangerous, you should be the one standing behind me.”

What kind of bodyguard hides behind his employer Wasnt he just asking for his pay to be docked

“This is an order.”


Shi Kaixin stood behind Jun Qingyu and kept a watchful eye on Yaoyao.

Yaoyao smiled in response and she said, “So Ill begin”


After receiving a response, Yaoyao began to release her mental energy.

While she released it, she was also looking at Jun Qingyus expression.

She planned to halt the moment Jun Qingyu felt something was awry.

She could still manage to control it for a short period of time, but there would be some side effects.

However, when she saw that Jun Qingyu looked calm and did not seem to feel her dispersing mental energy, Yaoyao put her mind at ease and focused on releasing her mental energy.

When Jun Qingyu felt that her mental energy was dispersed sufficiently, he handed her a test tube, “Hold onto this.”

Yaoyao caught those words and held onto the test tube, and her mind went blank in a split second.

Rather than consumption, Jun Qingyu thought there would be an effect just by tossing the medicine over–that was too tedious.

It would probably shatter immediately, or be fired at with something similar to a gun, but these conjectures obviously could not be achieved right now.

The simplest way was to hold it with ones hand, which could be almost as effective.

Jun Qingyu also felt the change in her mental energy, “Are you all right”

Yaoyao nodded.

She looked at the fruit and vegetable juice in the test tube in her hand.

Her thoughts flowed in the depths of her eyes but her face didnt reveal anything.

She asked, “Is this the kind I usually eat”

There seemed to be something added to it…

“No, those two are the same thing.” Jun Qingyu could not tell her in detail and could only provide her with a vague idea, “Can your mental energy still be pulled out”

Yaoyao lowered her eyes and collected her thoughts, “I should be able to if I put down the test tube.”

Jun Qingyu said, “Put it down and do it one more time.”


Jun Qingyu prepared a whole box of test tubes.

Each with a different concentration.

He tried them one by one and took an intermediate value.

“Remuneration.” Jun Qingyu put the test tube back into the box and gave it to Yaoyao along with the box.

Yaoyao could feel the universal life energy inside just by holding it and she smiled after hearing that, “If such a thing happens every single time, Ill come here every day.”

She opened one and took a sip.

The universal life energy was abundant and the taste was good as well.

It tasted better than the desserts she ate regularly.

“Are you doing any experiments on mental energy suppression” Yaoyao shook the test tube and inevitably surmised, “Is the war this time related to the experimental products”

Based on her own presumption, what Yaoyao could think of was the test subjects.

“Yes.” Jun Qingyu didnt keep it from her either.

So long as the test subjects appeared on the battlefield, everyone would know when word got around.

Others would probably guess what they were, but those who knew the inside story could definitely guess it at first glance.

“Are you going to the battlefield” After saying that, Yaoyao shook her head and said somewhat as if she was answering her own question, “This is difficult to control.

If you dont go personally, its very likely to cause problems.”

Jun Qingyu lowered his head and recorded the data, leaving her to speculate.

As Jun Qingyu refused to acknowledge, Yaoyao didnt feel awkward, and pretended to ask nonchalantly, “Store owner, do you know how to operate a mecha In places like the battlefield, it is very dangerous to not know how to operate a mecha.”

It could be said that in the event of an accident, there was no chance of escape.

If one knew how to pilot a mecha, they could still fly some distance and find a nearby planet to land safely.

If one placed their hopes on the escape pod, they could only bet on their luck.

Jun Qingyu said in the passing, “No.” 

It took mental energy to operate a mecha.

Interstellar people more or less had it, but mermaids didnt.

Yaoyao smiled faintly, seeming to finally lead the conversation to this, “Is it due to low mental energy My brother has a mecha that can be controlled even with low mental energy.

How about I give you one on my own initiative”

Jun Qingyu closed the record book and looked up.

Yaoyao smiled meekly without any harm.

“I dont mean any harm.

I just wanted to…” Yaoyao tapped the row of test tubes with her fingertips, her intention clear.

“In addition to this.” Jun Qingyu asked indifferently, “Conditions.”

“In addition to this I really cant think of anything at the moment…” Yaoyao counted on Jun Qingyus desserts, so how could she make any excessive demands

Moreover, she wasnt lack anything, except for fruit and vegetable juice and the additional things added by the store owner in the fruit and vegetable juice; she didnt care about anything else.

Jun Qingyu didnt want to owe her a favour, “Then theres nothing to talk about.”

The corners of Yaoyaos mouth were pursed.

They couldnt come to an agreement on the fruit and vegetable juice, but she had already said that.

If she took back her words, it would obviously take away the favourability that she had accumulated with great difficulty prior to this.

She pondered before she said, “How about revoking my brothers warrant”

Jun Qingyu was taken aback when he heard those words and did not answer immediately.

Upon seeing that, Yaoyao said, “Is it difficult for you If its difficult, Ill change it to another…”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “Lets revoke the warrant.”

If it hadnt been mentioned by Yaoyao, he would have forgotten about it.

Now that Fu Yuanchuan was the Imperial Leader of the Empire, wouldnt Fu Yuanchuan have to pay so much money if someone really caught Wen Chengyao

It was better to revoke it.

In response, Yaoyao drank her last mouthful of fruit and vegetable juice, “Ill return and find my brother, and ask him to send the mecha over as soon as possible.”

“The price”

“This kind of mecha has just been developed and it hasnt been circulated on the market yet.

Its hard to fix a price.

Just forget about the cost, Its not too late talk about it in the future when the price is set.”

With that said, Yaoyao got up and said once she paid the bills, “Ill be on my way.

Feel free to contact me anytime should you need me to release my mental energy.”

Shi Kaixin shut the door after sending Yaoyao away and couldnt help but comment, “Sir, I have never heard of a mecha that can be controlled with low mental energy.

Dont let the interstellar pirates make this up to fool you.”

If there was such a mecha, mental energy wouldnt be used during the assessment for the corps.

One must know that those with unqualified mental energy could not join the Imperial Corps.

Jun Qingyu said calmly, “Find someone to investigate this.

Since there is a manuscript about this research, there must be records.”

As they didnt know whether it was true or false, they just had to check for records.

Not to mention, he certainly couldnt pilot an ordinary mecha without mental energy.

The interstellar pirates had a wide range of connections and he wouldnt lose anything even if he tried it.

If possible, he could go to the battlefield to fight alongside Fu Yuanchuan.

Thinking of this, Jun Qingyu turned on his light brain and couldnt resist sharing this news with Fu Yuanchuan.

[Yuanchuan! I have extremely good news!]

However, he momentarily froze after sending it.

It seemed that mechas operating on low mental energy had never been seen before and Fu Yuanchuan shouldnt know that such mechas existed.

Jun Qingyu reasoned that if he sought Fu Yuanchuan after he learnt to control the mecha, Fu Yuanchuan should be very surprised.

If he stated it now, there would be no such feeling of surprise.

Jun Qingyu thought about it and decided to keep the element of surprise.

[Forget it.

Itd be no surprise if I tell you now.

Ill tell you later.]

As soon as he sent it, he received a message from Fu Yuanchuan: [Lets not wait for later, lets talk about it now.]

Fu Yuanchuan had the impression that the little fish wanted to say something, but he was concerned it would come as no surprise once he declared it.

He coaxed patiently: [To me, everything about you is a surprise, including this news.]

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