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  Su Xiaoman was greeted by a dark room as soon as she woke up.


   Although the sun can be seen, the surrounding was cold, like a basement, the air is filled with an unpleasant sour smell.


    Suddenly faint fragrance of cooked rice filled in.


    Smelling the fragrance of rice, Su Xiaoman's consciousness became much clearer.


    "Pa!pa!" there was a loud noise, and the door made of several wooden boards was violently pushed open,  a woman with a short ponytail entered the room.

Her voice seemed to be about to lift the roof,  " Are you really sick Those of us who chop wood, cook, and wash clothes are not sick , but she is sick even after being so lazy Does she think she is some landlord's wife in this village!"

    "Ever since this Su Xiaoman has entered the door, nothing good has happened to us.

Do you think this is still your parents' house, being lazy all day and doing nothing at homeAre you only think about hooking up with men all day long"


    "Do you still want to marry that Jiang Zhiqing! Well wake up, he is not  even willing to give you a look, you have become a joke in the village, Xie Mingtu, your mother told me to warn you, take care of your wife, Su Xiaoman! She entered our Xie family, will stay in the Xie family, and will die as a ghost of the Xie family."


      A flash of jealousy occured in the woman's eyes looking at Su Xiaoman's face.


      Her lips were of an unnatural red colour, as if a layer of rouge was deliberately applied.


    Sister Xie scolded her in her heart "fox face", then turned her face away from looking at the woman on the bed.

When her eyes fell on the man beside the bed, she felt mockery in her heart.


    Thinking of  this Su Xiaoman, who was so eager to climb high, couldn't get Jiang Zhiqing, and in the end, she lost her face and ended up like this.


    Sister Xie lowered her head and laughed in her heart.


    No matter how beautiful she looks, she is worse than herself, marrying an illiterate idiot.




    Su Xiaoman on the bed blinked, she didn't hear what Sister Xie said.

Meanwhile many kinds of images clashed in her mind, and her hungry stomach was constantly growling, making her unable to pay attention to other things.


    She just wanted to eat.


    The man sitting next to her lowered his head and held out a bowl of rice soup in his hand.


    "Man Man."


    His tone was cautious, his voice was as low as a mosquito, revealing a timid nature.




    Without hesitation, the woman on the bed grabbed his hand, and the man stiffened on the spot.


 Su Xiaoman took over the bowl of rice soup.

The upbringing in her bones made her try to restrain her urge to devour it, but then she raised her head, and slowly drank the bowl of warm rice soup.


    After drinking half a bowl of rice soup, the brain occupied by hunger finally had the energy to think about other things.



    Su Xiaoman was the eldest daughter of the Su family, a wealthy family in Xincheng.

When she was first born, Grandma Su learned that she was a girl and was dissatisfied.

After hanging up the phone, she never asked about her granddaughter.

It was not until Su Xiaoman was two years old that she saw her grandmother for the first time.


    Father Su Chengan is a scumbag and cheats all the time , and her mother is unable to control her husband.

In order to stabilize her position as Mrs.

Su, she dedicated herself to giving birth to a son.

When Su Xiaoman was three years old, Su's mother was finally able to give birth to a boy.

Soon after giving birth to a son, she devoted herself to the younger son.

Her younger brother Su Huai was favored by the whole family and was arrogant and domineering.

As a sister, she would be obliged to let him do everything.


    Su Xiaoman had been beautiful since childhood, with fair skin as snow, a small face , and gorgeous and charming features.

At the age of fourteen , she showed great beauty.


    Mother Su didn't like her appearance very much, she felt that she had a restless face, in order to please her mother, and because the Su family was old-fashioned and conservative, Su Xiaoman's dress was extraordinarily regular, simple Long straight hair, long skirts, low eyebrows and pleasing posture, trying hard to suppress her beauty and charm.


    Although she was the eldest daughter of a wealthy family, she lived on thin ice at home.


    The first time she defied her family was by going to study fashion design.

Although she was ridiculed by her parents, her wish came true.

She got her wish to study design and met a female classmate in the class, Xue Zhenzhen.


  It caused an uproar.


     Nobody expected that Su Xiaoman was not the real daughter of the wealthy Su family, but Xue Zhenzhen was the real daughter of the Su family.


    Su Xiaoman's biological parents were  teachers, her father was a Chinese teacher in an experimental middle school, and her mother was a dance teacher, and her too gorgeous and charming face is inherited from her beautiful biological mother.


    "Must be intentional!"


    "Real and fake daughter! Xue Zhenzhen is the daughter of the wealthy Su family"


    The rich and powerful father Su and mother Su were overjoyed when they saw their biological daughter Xue Zhenzhen:


    "What, the third young master of the Qin family is actually your childhood sweetheart"


    "She really is our daughter!"


    "Come to your parents quickly,"


    Su Xiaoman's biological parents said to her:


    "The only daughter we raised from childhood to adulthood is Zhenzhen.

She is the precious flesh and blood of me and your father, and we can't give up on her."


    "You grew up in a wealthy family and enjoyed real wealth.

Our whole family owes her."




    Young Master Zhu, whom Xue Zhenzhen knew since she was a child, thought that Su Xiaoman was jealous of Xue Zhenzhen, and deliberately framed her, changed her design draft, and made her humiliated in public.


    The battered Su Xiaoman was in a trance and rolled down the stairs.


    —When she woke up again, she found that she had crossed over and became Su Xiaoman, a rural girl in the 1970s.


    Combining the remaining memories in her mind, she found that she was not a simple traveler rather transmigrated in a book.


    Su Xiaoman is a cannon fodder in the book.


   This book is called "Rebirth in 70s Scumbags Meet True Love".

The heroine is Zhang Lili.

Before her rebirth, she married a scumbag educated youth, but was later abandoned by him.

After the rebirth, Zhang Lili saw through the scumbag's true colors, she resolutely abandoned the scumbag and upgraded to the best, finally getting together with Jiang Yantang, the male protagonist.


    Su Xiaoman is one of the characters in this book, and she is also the wife of Xie Mingtu, the biggest villain in the text.


    Su Xiaoman is a beautiful village flower, she wants to climb high branches, but she doesn't care about the young guys in the village, she just wants to find an educated youth from the city to marry, and Jiang Yantang, a child of the rich family, is whom she likes.


    She used all kinds of methods to pursue Jiang Yantang, and finally decides to force him into marriage under the guise of falling into the water.

Who knew that she would be rescued by the poor boy Xie Mingtu, so later she was forced to marry Xie Mingtu .


    Because of marrying a poor boy so suddenly, Su Xiaoman is naturally unwilling and still obsessed with the male protagonist Jiang Yantang.

Who knows that a year later, the second brother of the male protagonist Jiang Yantang went to the countryside to visit relatives and found that the poor boy Xie Mingtu is the actual real child of the Jiang family, and the male protagonist Jiang Yantang was held wrong.


    Xie Mingtu returned to the Jiang family in the courtyard, but was ridiculed by them for being vulgar and not as good as Jiang Yantang, and his wife Su Xiaoman was also obsessed with Jiang Yantang, so, Xie Mingtu is in this book completely blackened and became crazy.

He became ruthless in doing things , thus becoming the biggest villain in the book, and finally had a tragic ending.


    And Su Xiaoman, the wife of the biggest villain, also had a miserable end.


  Su Xiaoman can still remember the plot of this book, because the female partner Su Xiaoman has a similar name to her, and the male protagonist of the book "Rebirth in 70s Scumbags Meets True Love"  is different, other novels all write "true and false daughters", and this author is so talented that he actually wrote that the male protagonist is "the fake son", and the villain male supporting Xie Mingtu is the "true son".


    —a mudslide setting like no other.


    Before the female lead Lili was reborn, she had married a scumbag educated youth, and the female partner Su Xiaoman used the "falling in water method" to successfully rely on the male protagonist Jiang Yantang, but when she followed the male protagonist back to Jiang's house , she was driven back by the Jiang family, and later divorced.

The Jiang family gave Su Xiaoman a lot of compensation.

Su Xiaoman, who held the compensation, mocked and satirized Zhang Lili, who was abandoned by the scumbag.


    Therefore, after the female lead Lili was reborn, she not only wanted to fight against the scumbag, but also to take revenge on Su Xiaoman, who disliked the poor.


Thus her plan failed and she was forced to marry the poor boy Xie Mingtu.


    Although the poor boy Xie Mingtu later became the real child of the Jiang family in the courtyard, the author's intention in writing this is to prove that the female advocate Lili is different from the female partner Su Xiaoman.


    In the beginning, Zhang Lili came into contact with the male protagonist Jiang Yantang, and there were also factors of the male protagonist's family background.

However, in the process of getting along gradually, Zhang Lili had completely fallen in love with Jiang Yantang, no because of his family background.


    Even if he is not the real son and has no prominent parents, the female advocate Lili's love for him is unshakable.


    Zhang Lili loves him because of his talent, they are true love.




  Su Xiaoman and Xie Mingtu are the stepping stones of male and female protagonists.


    Su Xiaoman disliked Xie Mingtu at first, but after knowing that he was the child of the Jiang family , she treated him a little better.

Later, when she returned to the Jiang family and found that Xie Mingtu was not taken seriously, and Jiang Yantang was still treated as the Jiang family's  biological child, Su Xiaoman began to miss the excellent Jiang Yantang again.




    Drinking rice soup, Su Xiaoman tried to recall the plot in the novel: "…"


    Because she didn't read the book very carefully, she only knew the general plot, and then deduced some details based on Su Xiaoman's memory.


    Su Xiaoman is very puzzled.


    Before the female lead Lili was reborn, Su Xiaoman had successfully married Jiang Yantang, but there was nothing to do with the villain Xie Mingtu, and he was not recognized back to the Jiang family.


    And after the rebirth of the heroine, when she intervened, Su Xiaoman failed to marry Jiang Yantang...

And after Su Xiaoman married Xie Mingtu, Xie Mingtu was discovered by the second brother Jiang who came to visit relatives.

He looks like his uncle, so he recognizes the Jiang family.


    Su Xiaoman frowned, feeling that the plot was not quite right.


    —Why did Jiang Erge not recognize Xie Mingtu before the female advocate Lily was reborn


    Su Xiaoman frowned and recalled...she can't remember all the memories in the book.


    She suddenly raised her head and immediately saw Xie Mingtu sitting next to her, this...

This man should be Xie Mingtu, the villain in the original book.


    "Cough cough cough—" Su Xiaoman choked on her own saliva.


    She didn't remember anything else just now, but she remembered the description of the ruthless villain in the book: the villain, Xie Mingtu, is a very handsome man.


 The second uncle and him looked very alike, which made the Jiang family extremely unhappy.




    —A handsome man


    Su Xiaoman's expression at this time became extremely strange, the tall and thin man in front of her, was visually estimated to be over 1.8 meters tall, with a very poor posture, chest bowed, skinny body, wearing gray and tattered clothes with three or four patches, his hair is messy like a hedgehog, and his face is unshaven, like a homeless man on the street.


    This is...

the handsome man


    A handsome man




    Su Xiaoman: "…"


    If Xie Mingtu, who looks like this, appeared in front of the second brother Jiang, even if the second brother Jiang brought a microscope, he would never recognize him who looked like his second uncle.

's biological children.


    Su Xiaoman's mouth twitched, suddenly remembering that the only change before and after the rebirth of the female advocate Lily was that Su Xiaoman married Xie Mingtu.


    Is it...

Su Xiaoman, who dislikes the poor and loves the rich, dislikes Xie Mingtu for being sloppy, so he cleaned up, cut his hair and shaved his beard, so he was recognized by the second brother Jiang who was visiting relatives...


    Su Xiaoman: "…"


    Seeing by Su Xiaoman looking at him, Xie Mingtu lowered his head shyly, Su Xiaoman actually saw the word "poor" from this tall man.


    The former wealthy fake daughter also thought he was really miserable.



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