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In the legendary ruins space, after the Black Winged Horse Ape entered, it was stunned by the scene in front of it on the spot.

The ground that looked like it had experienced a forbidden weapon explosion, the hot sky, and the totem corpse… It definitely meant that this place had just experienced a tragic battle!!

However, after entering, the Black Winged Horse Ape didnt discover any threatening creatures.

The three overlord-level undead that had locked onto it werent very strong according to the Black Winged Horse Apes intuition.

It was impossible for the changes here to be caused by them, so what exactly was going on

Before the Black Winged Horse Ape could investigate further, the Green Scaled Dragon Spirit, the Ice-Eyed Tiger Spirit, and the Mountain Tortoise Spirit moved again.

Dragon Breath.

Ice light.

Flying Rock.

It arrived with a bang.

At the same time, a gray-robed old man flew in the sky in the distance, his gaze green as he walked over.

The Black Winged Horse Apes heart skipped a beat as it realized that it couldnt stay long.

Although they didnt look like much, looking at the cows miserable state, there was definitely great danger inside.

“Is that all ~ ~” Of course, facing the enemys attack, a trace of disdain still appeared on the Black Winged Horse Apes face.

It waved the black light sword in its hands, and the phantom-like sword light instantly resisted the dragon breath, ice light, and flying rocks that attacked in all directions!

This Black Winged Horse Apes strength was indeed extraordinary.

Shi Yu also acknowledged it very much.

After all, its Beast Tamer was ranked among the legends of the Seven Islands.

Bai Chuan, a level-seven Beast Tamer, had contracted seven overlord-level pets!

The number of overlord-level pets contracted by this one person was almost comparable to the number of overlords in the Heavenly Fox Nation.

This was also normal.

In terms of financial resources, excluding the private assets of the totem Fox God, the entire Heavenly Fox Nation could be beaten up by the Ke Yuan Financial Group.


The sword light that was like a violent wind phantom canceled out the dragon breath, ice light, and flying rocks in the smoke explosion.

During this period, the three undead overlords continued to approach the Black Winged Horse Ape.

As for Shi Yu, he rushed over as if he was looking at prey.

Beside him, Ji Mengzhu was silent.

What was he doing…

Shi Yu licked his lips.

What else could he do!

Of course, it was to attract its Beast Tamer through this big monkey!

The light in Shi Yus eyes was still shining.

But soon, his expression stopped.

This was because after the big monkey curled its lips in disdain, it actually turned around and ran.

It flew towards a spatial crack not far away, wanting to return to the outside world.

“Wuer ~ ~”

The Black Winged Horse Ape had almost understood the internal situation.

Its Beast Tamers order was to take a look and go back to confirm if the Black Meteorite Yak was really dead.

Now that the mission was completed, there was no need to fight.

Seeing this, the corners of Shi Yus mouth twitched.

He quickly said telepathically, “Senior Ji, is there no way to seal it here”

Ji Mengzhu said, “No… If this space wants to have the power to seal again, Im afraid it wont be possible without a thousand years.”

“Even if its an internal and external teleportation and sealing of the ruins, Im afraid we have to wait until the ruins are almost repaired.

That attack just now has already completely disturbed the stability of space.”

“Of course, if we only make equipment to strengthen spatial seal-type moves, the ruins can do it, but there has to be another life as the main body.

It can only play a support role.”

Shi Yu sighed.

From the looks of it, he couldnt lure the opponent in through this big monkey.

The other partys speed was too fast, and he couldnt catch up at all.

The opponent was very sneaky.

But at this moment, something unexpected happened.

Ji Mengzhus pupils constricted.

Two voices appeared in Shi Yus ears at the same time.

“Not good, a totem has entered!!”

[Eh, you ran pretty quickly.

Kid, are you alright]

Upon hearing that, Shi Yu, who was flying in midair, smiled and said, “Its one of ours.”

New spatial fluctuations appeared beside Shi Yu, Ji Mengzhu, and the others.

A woman in the battle robe of the Heavenly Fox Nation and a big cat appeared.

The moment they appeared, Ji Mengzhu immediately sensed that this cat was the totem-level life form she had sensed with “Shi Yu” previously.

Ji Mengzhu didnt expect that this Dong Huang guardian… actually looked so harmless.

“Senior…” At this moment, when she saw Shi Yu and saw that the gray-robed old man who saved her was fine, Qu Lings expression was also delighted.

But soon, she and the gem cat also noticed the messy scene in this sealed space like the Black Winged Horse Ape just now.

The corners of the gem cats mouth twitched.

This mark looked like it had just appeared!!

Moreover, why did it feel so similar to Baby Ginsengs self-destruction traces

At this moment, Baby Ginseng and Eleven had already been taken back by Shi Yu, leaving Chi Tong possessing the bone sword.

Similarly shocking was the spirit body following beside Shi Yu.

When it saw this spirit body, the gem cat wanted to rub its eyes with its cat claws.

What the f*ck was going on

Wasnt this the little girl who raised pandas in Ping Cheng

Wait… Looking carefully, the difference was still quite big.

At least, she was much more mature than that little girl.

At this moment, there was no time for the gem cat to think too much.

After seeing the gem cat, Shi Yu immediately revealed a hearty smile.

He said, “You came at the right time.

Help me with something.

If the Black Goat and that Beast Tamer still come in later, well kill them before they come in!”

“If they dont come in and just guard outside.

Well wait too.”

“If they want to run, take the initiative to attack and kill them!”

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