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Vampire and Werewolf love story (web novel version) Twelve Grade Life

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Angel Pov

Today is the first day of 12th grade without my mate. That really sucks but at least I don have to lie to anyone anymore. My classes are normal, but my gym teacher could run like a werewolf. I wonder if he is a werewolf. I thought they didn let werewolves teach yet.

The law for that hasn pass yet. But these days the supernatural and humans live together peacefully in this era. Nathan and Amber graduated. So, its just me, Nick, and Sasha this year. I meet this new werewolf girl name Tina. Shes a freshman.

"So how is school in this town," said Tina.

"Boring and tiring" I say.

"Well, there must be something fun to do here."

"There is a Halloween parade, Christmas party event, some fieldtrip, and a lot of work" I say with a smile.

"Why did I come here" she say

"You know why."

"The shopping obviously," said Sasha.

"Bingo" said Tina with a grin.

"So should we go after school" I say.

"Yes" says both of them,

We go to multiple stores after school.

Few weeks later

Tina is a short girl with light brown hair and blue eyes. She has a muscular body. She exercises daily. I start to join her sometimes. Nick start hanging out with his girlfriend more often.

One day while coming home I seen my mother crying with Kora hugging her. I rush to her and "say what happen."

"Jimmy was kidnapped by some group."

"Ill find him."

I shift to my wolf form and run around the city. I run around for hours and couldn find anything. I rush home and tell my mom. She says "we will call trackers to find him. I say okay.

The next day I see Jimmy on a tree with a girl. She smells like a werewolf. She looks around Jimmy age. I climb the tree and hug Jimmy.

The day before

Jimmy Pov

I got out of school and start to walk home. While walking I get grab and put in a van. They blindfold me and start to drive.

"Where are you taking me" I say.

"Shut up kid" say one of the kidnappers.


e taking you to get some money," said another kidnapper.

"Youll die before you get it" I say.

They kick me in the back, and I yell.

Then suddenly the van stop and I hear yelling.

"What happened"

"Who are you kid"

I hear slashes and bodies falling.

The blindfold is taken off me and I see this silver color wolf with red eyes. The wolf shift to human. Its a girl around my age. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She has a red hood and scarf. She is wearing a red crop top, skirt, and boots.

She turns around and walk away.

I say, "thank you for saving me."

She stops and turn around.

She says "your welcome" quietly with a smile.

She turns back around and walk away.

I follow her and she turns around say "why are you following me."

"Because I don know where I am. Also, my name is Jimmy."

"My name is Hero" she says.

"Can you help me get home."

"Sure Jimmy" Hero says.

Back to the present

I suggested we climb in a tree to see in what direction my house was.

I hear someone call my name. I see it is my sister Angel and she is climbing to us. I hug her and begin crying. I said," I got lost after someone grab me."

"Im just glad your safe," said Angel.

"Yeah, and this girl helped me. Her name is Hero" I point to Hero.

"Hero huh, well thank you Hero."

"It was no problem" Hero said with a smile.

"Hey Hero want to come to our house" I said.

Hero smiles and nods.

My adopted mother and sister hug me when I get home.

Hero origin

Hero Pov

My mom is a human name Rose, and my dad is a werewolf named Johnny. Rose married my dad when I was 3. She left us three years later. She started a new family. Her two sons had J in their names, but I can remember them.

I look young for my age because I stop aging at 10 for 6 years. My dad got a witch mad, and she put a curse on me. I was raised in the country to hunt and survive. At age I was able to turn into a werewolf.

Most kids can turn into a wolf at the age of 10 but I was an exception. Me and my dad move to the city at the age of 14. I was bored and didn like to see people getting hurt. So, I thought to be a hero like my name is.

So, I went around rescuing people. They never thanked me and just ran away instead. I don do this for the thank you. So, I just never expected one.

One day I hear a boy screaming. I go help and get a thank you for once in my life.

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