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"System, Ill trade you 100 million for body enhancement."

There was 100 million less inside Chen Luos bank card, then a red ball of light once again merged into Chen Luos body, and his body was somewhat on fire.

Experiencing this feeling of power enhancement, Chen Luo was somewhat fascinated.

Swinging his fist a little, with the current strength, it should be no problem to beat a cow to death.

"Although its true that I have strengthened a lot, why does it feel like its not worth it?"

The cost was a hundred times higher than before, but the enhancement effect was only three or four times higher than before, giving Chen Luo a feeling of being duped.

{Ding, remind the host, the further you go, the more you pay to strengthen your body, and the next time you consume a billion may not be as effective as this time]

Just like exercising your body, the effect might be great in the early stages, but later, if you want to improve a bit, you need to pay a thousand times more effort.

Chen Luo cursed in his heart for being a pitiful person, but he could only accept it.

It was also right, expecting 100 million to strengthen him into a superhero that was impossible.

"Trade again, Master level fighting skills."

Empty strength without skill was akin to a child playing with a large sword; skills are sometimes more important than strength.

Looking at the scales in front of him, the blue ball of light on the right was the master level fighting skill Chen Luo wanted to trade.

Frantically adding chips on the left side, he spent 150 million Yuan before he could trade over the master-level fighting techniques.

Instantly, countless fighting techniques flooded into Chen Luos mind and turned into his instincts.

It wasn a loss to consume 150 million dollars to master a master-level fighting technique that no one else could master in their lifetime.

"Trading again, storage ring"

[Please select the space size of the storage ring to be traded]

"One cubic meter"

Even if Chen Luo wanted to fit a galaxy of storage rings, he couldn afford to trade them, and he might not even be able to trade one cubic meter of storage rings.

All the money on him is gone now.

[Insufficient chips, please continue to add chips for the host]

"I can afford to refill it now, forget it."

Two hundred and fifty million Yuan could not even exchange for a one cubic meter storage ring.

The value of coins was still too low, but the only thing Chen Luo could get his hands on was money. Although the value of things likes life span, soul and luck were high. Chen Luo would definitely not trade them.

Especially the soul, if you trade the soul, youll be dead.

"System, can you get me an attribute panel out?"

[Please ask the host to obtain it through trade]

Chen Luo was slightly speechless. He hoped this wasn too much of a pity. He thought 500 million was a huge amount of money, but it turned out that it wasn enough at all.

[Ding, consumed 100 million coins. Congratulations to the host for a successful transaction]

"Its barely affordable, but it still feels like a loss to get something that can boost strength, but its nice to get a detailed look at your own profile."

[Name]: Chen Luo


[Personality]: Cautious, greedy for life and death

[Strength]: 53 (normal adult average is 10 in all categories)

[Agility]: 50

[Body]: 57

[Spirit]: 15

[Skill]:Fighting (Master level)

[Money]: 150 million

"Dog system, you actually called me greedy for life and death, believe it or not, if you dare to appear in front of me, Ill hammer you to death with one punch."

Chen Luos expression carried a bit of annoyance.

"Hide that profile column for me."

The stats of all aspects of his body were five times that of an ordinary adult. But what Chen Luo was most satisfied with was his lifespan, being able to live for over ninety years; he hadn bought a lifespan from the system, which meant he wasn a short-lived ghost.

"Now, can I beat the main character?" Chen Luo asked to the system.

[This information needs to be obtained by the hosts trade. This system does not provide it for free]

"Damn it, I knew it."

Chen Luo was already speechless to spit out.

[Ding, the transaction is successful, informing the host of the answer, 40-60 without using a gun, you 4 and Ye Chen 6]

I spent a million dollars to get this information. I was confident, but a pot of cold water came down on me.

What the hell, 40/60, how many 250 million did he spend to increase his fighting power, and he only has a 40% chance of winning?

If he used a gun, it would be a one-nine fight.

Well, Chen Luo still underestimated himself, according to his current strength, even if he used a gun it would at least be twenty-eight to one, not as bad as he thought.

"That guys fighting power; he should be a little superhero."

"Give me master level marksmanship."

[Ding, deal completed]

Consuming 100 million coins, the Master Grade Marksmanship arrived, not expecting it to be 50 million cheaper than Master Grade Fighting.

"Give me another gun, a Desert Eagle with unlimited bullets."

[A real infinite bullet concept and eagle host can afford to trade; thats a sky-high price you can imagine]

"I mean a pseudo infinite bullet Desert Eagle that can auto-fill bullets and doesn need to reload, plus upgrade the resistance to abrasion, so the gun doesn break down before the bullets are finished."

[5 million, can automatically fill 100,000 rounds of bullets, does the host want to trade]

"Thats not a bad price, but 100,000 rounds is no different from infinite bullets to me, give me two."

Chen Luo was not stingy, with these two guns, if he really fought with the protagonist, he would definitely beat him to a pulp.

The two Desert Eagles appeared in Chen Luos hand, perfectly fitting Chen Luos palm, itself tailored to his hand size.

"With two guns in my hand, I have the world at my fingertips, I am Yan Shuangying."

The Desert Eagle was famous, and for normal people it was not really practical, powerful but with a lot of recoil, but this problem was not a problem for Chen Luo.

But there was another problem. The Desert Eagle was bigger than a normal pistol and not easy to carry. Chen Luo was a bit hasty.

"Must find a way to get the storage ring out"

"System, how much does a storage ring with one cubic meter of space need to be traded for?"

[Ding, it takes five hundred million coins]

"Half a billion is not a small amount."

Chen Luo estimated that it would be hard to earn the five hundred million, with Zhao Yingxuan, having just pulled out three and a half billion. It would probably be difficult to get her to pull out more money.

It was also unclear why a storage ring was so expensive.

"It looks like its time to develop the next trading partner, I wonder when the main character will appear."

Perhaps he has already appeared, but with his status as a minor villain at best, he shouldn be targeted by the protagonist to death.

And with his fighting prowess, he would at least have the strength to defend himself.

As long as he didn seek death, his lifes safety would at least be guaranteed. With Chen Luos level of life consciousness, he definitely wouldn seek death.

Although his own villains destiny was irrevocable, at this moment, Chen Luo still embraced the idea of not messing with the protagonist if he could.

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