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chapter 47

The 42nd Whisper

Cheng Yin sitting quietly in the passenger seat and said nothing.

But was frantically sending messages to Xie Ying.

“Ah!!! This is not a dream!!! This is real!!!”

“We’re going on a date!!! A date !!!!”

“And he waited under my house for two hours!!! TWO HOURS!!! He waited for me for two hours!”

Xie Ying: “…… you want to express that he likes you to death, I know, so you can shut up now.

I’m going to study.”

“ Hehehe XD”

Cheng Yin put down the phone, cleared her throat and said, “That …… where do we go”

Chen Yan turned his head, squinted his eyes and smiled.

“Want to go for a little excitement”

Cheng Yin suddenly felt that his smile looks strange and dangerous.

“What, what exciting”

“It’s just …… a dark little room, just the two of us ……”


Then Chen Yan took Cheng Yin to the escape room.

“This is what you said …… a dark little room …… for the two of us …… exciting… …”

“Isn’t this exciting”

It is quite exciting.

Cheng Yin walked next to Chen Yan, watching the shadows of the two on the ground intersect from time to time.

She secretly reached out, touched Chen Yan’s little finger.

“You walk a little slower.

I can not keep up.”

Chen Yan slowed down his pace, did not turn around, but extended his hand backwards.

Cheng Yin pursed her lips and snickered, put her hand on his, Chen Yan immediately tightened his grip.

He he.

Cheng Yin is full of laughter in her head.

“Hello, may I ask if the two of you want …… a six or eight- person game …… ”

The staff saw that there were only two people, Chen Yan and Cheng Yin, and asked.

“Eight players.” Chen Yan said.

“Do you want to wait for someone to form a team for the eight-player game”


“If only two people, it might be too late to solve the secret.”

“That’s okay.”

It’s not the first time that this situation has happened, the staff are used to it, there are always people who are self-confident, but they don’ t care, they charge the money anyway.

So the staff collected the money while instructing.

Cheng Yin lying on the counter looking around.

One moment look at the leaflet, one moment touch the bracelet on the table, completely not listening to the staff.

When the staff saw Chen Yan lowering his head to put on Cheng Yin’s bracelet, he couldn’t help but say, “You two are so sweet.”

He he.

Cheng Yin laughed again in her heart.

But the next second, the staff said: “You are brother and sister, right Your brother is really nice to you.”

Cheng Yin: “……”

Her hand shook for a moment, and her small face turned scarlet with anger.

Chen Yan held back his laughter and kept his head down to put on her bracelet, as if he didn’t hear the staff’s words.

He grabbed another bracelet on the table and put it on himself before saying, “She’s my girlfriend.”

Staff: “……”

The most embarrassed person now is the staff.

“Haha, you guys really look like a couple.”

Cheng Yin said nothing, because she was still immersed in Chen Yan’s “girlfriend”.


The girlfriends that he admitted personally!

Cheng Yin was dizzy as she walked.

It was only when Chen Yan led her to the dark passage that she realized what she was doing now.

After entering the door, the staff “snapped” closed, and they were really the only two people left in the small room.

No, why come to this kind of place for a date

Can you have a little ambience and a little love

But Cheng Yin can say nothing, can only whisper: “Why bring me here ah ……”

Chen Yan was looking at the picture book on the wall, heard Cheng Yin say so, he froze for a moment, turned around and asked: “You don’t like it”

“It’s not that I don’t like it ……” Cheng Yin looked around, “It’s just that it doesn’t suit me ……”

Chen Yan: “What is suitable for you”

Cheng Yin: “Simple, happy, no brainer.”

The goal is quite clear.

Chen Yan thought about it and said, “Then next time I’ll pay attention, this is also my first time dating a girl.

I don’t know what girls like.”

Cheng Yin extracted a certain keyword and suddenly asked, “First time”

“Hmm” Chen Yan asked, “Otherwise”

“Nothing ……” she hung her head and went to look at the cards on the table.

“Come look at this, are these cards crossword puzzles”

Chen Yan walked over, looked at it for half a minute and said, “Yes, the left two columns are from the bottom to the top each number incremented by 3, the third column is from the bottom to the top each number incremented by 2, the rightmost column should be from the top to the bottom each number incremented by 2.”

He filled in the cards according to the pattern, and four columns of numbers appeared.

When he tried the second column, the door in the secret room opened.

“That’s right, that’s right! This is the password!” Cheng Yin was the first to drill through the door, but after walking halfway, she suddenly thought of something, turned back and asked, “You know to read the vertical row with this one, then the letter I gave you ……”

Chen Yan looked at her.

The corners of his mouth held a smile.

Cheng Yin: “……”

Cheng Yin turned her head and walked away, straight to the second secret room.

She walked to the bookcase and Chen Yan also walked over, so she turned her head again and walked.

Walking to the table, Chen Yan also followed her.

Cheng Yin turned her back to him and said, “Don’t come over, I’m still shy …… not …… I’m angry.”

Chen Yan really did not move, but if Cheng Yin turned around, she would see how beastly he was smiling.

“It’s fine if I don’t come over, so who will solve the secret Do you want to stay here with me all the time”

Cheng Yin immediately flipped the notebook on the table.

“I can solve the secret too.”

“Okay, I trust you.” Chen Yan smiled, with a hint of ridicule in his tone, “After all, you can even write hidden poems.

These should not be difficult for you.”

Cheng Yin: “……”

Ten minutes passed, Cheng Yin still did not find the answer to the riddle, and Chen Yan really sat motionless on the sofa.

She was sweating on her forehead and was deeply aware of the unreasonableness of this game.

The staff put the phone away when entering the door, and even if the player screamed inside, there will be no response.

In case they can’t solve the riddle, then they’re going to starve to death in here.

“That …… you come over ……” Cheng Yin yielded, “Look at the top of this wine bottle.

Is there a number “

Chen Yan stood behind her, bent over, and squinted at the wine cabinet.


“It’s the top of the bottle cap.” Cheng Yin said while turning her head to look at Chen Yan, “Above ……”

She was so full of the numbers on the wine bottle that she didn’t notice Chen Yan and her so close together, so one side of her lips gently brushed Chen Yan’s lips.


Cheng Yin’s brain stuck for a moment at this moment, then buried her head and secretly gritted her teeth.

In these three seconds of her brain pause, it was long enough to dissolve shyness into reminiscence.

Trying to capture the feeling of that moment when lips met.

“I ……” Cheng Yin’s head buried lower and lower, “I want it again.”

For a long time, the voice of Chen Yan rang out overhead.

Even though he did not speak loudly, but in this confined space, it fermented the sound to infinite ambiguity.

“Are you sure”

Chen Yan only saw Cheng Yin’s head buried up to her neck.

He lifted Cheng Yin’s chin and saw that her eyes were tightly closed.

A sloppy kiss fell, and Cheng Yin’s closed eyes curled up with a smile.

She drifted a little closer to Chen Yan, buried her head in his chest, hugged his waist, and did not move for a long time.

She is still reminiscing.

After a good while of laughing in his arms, she spilled tiny suggestions from her throat again.

“I want to do it again.”

“That’s not good.”

Chen Yan said.


“There are so many cameras on the roof, and the staff is watching us.”


Finally, Cheng Yin is keeping this koala pose out of the secret room.

No face to see people.

Especially when the sound of staff talking in her ears, she simply reached out to pull Chen Yan’s jacket to cover her face.

No one looks at me, no one.

Waiting to get into the car, Cheng Yin said in a huff: “Why didn’t you tell me there was a camera!”

Chen Yan felt funny, helpless to defend himself: “Before going in the staff said, if you encounter problems you can seek for help, there will always be someone monitor us, you yourself are not listening well.”


Cheng Yin twisted her head to lean on the car window and watched the trees outside recede one by one.

The thought of asking for a kiss under the lens with so many people’s attention made her want to hit her head a little.

“Ah Yin.” Chen Yan drove and suddenly spoke.

“Now can you tell me why you were unhappy the other day”

“Hmm What”

“It was the day I finished the game.” Chen Yan asked, “Yesterday you drank so much wine, because of what”

It turned out to be this matter.

Cheng Yin thought, since she is now Chen Yan’s girlfriend, there are some things she has a position to express her dissatisfaction, right

“Oh …… Sister Jiang Wenwen, I saw her friend circle the other day.”

“How do you have her WeChat”

“She is my roommate’s cousin, she added me.”

Chen Yan had little expression, nodded and said, “Continue.”

“She said she accompanied you to 24 games, so I …… am not happy ……”

“What circle of friends” Chen Yan reached towards Cheng Yin.

“Show me.”

“You don’t see it”

Chen Yan gave her a “you’re talking nonsense” look.

Cheng Yin immediately turned out Jiang Wenwen’s circle of friends to Chen Yan.

“This is it.”

Chen Yan quickly slid the photo, looked at a few times, and returned the phone to Cheng Yin.

“She is my coach’s daughter, who usually takes her with him to the competition site, has nothing to do with me.

I’m not willing an irrelevant person to accompany me to a competition.” Chen Yan said here, lightly, “You do not need to pay attention to her, and blacklist her.”

“You mean …… she’s accompanying your coach”

“No matter who he is, anyway, not me.”

Since Chen Yan came back from a temporary leave yesterday, time is very limited, so he has to go back to Jinzhou tomorrow.

Before getting off the car, Cheng Yin pulled out a pink ribbon leather band from her bag and handed it to Chen Yan.

“This is for you.”

“What’s this”

“Put it on, put it on, quick.” Cheng Yin smilingly stuffed it into his hand, and when he didn’t move, she simply put it on his wrist herself, “From now on, you are a person with a small leather belt.”

Chen Yan let her be and waited for her to put it on before asking, “What does it mean to have a small leather belt”

“It means that you are someone who has a girlfriend.”

Cheng Yin said and pulled open the car door and ran away.

Chen Yan sat in the car, looking at the small leather band on his wrist, shaking his head and laughing.

After a while, he took out his phone and took a picture of his wrist, then flipped out a photo of Cheng Yin in the album and sent it to his circle of friends together.

This photo was secretly saved last month from Cheng Yin’s circle of friends, she was wearing a halter dress and had a big “yay” for the camera, her long hair was casually tied down in front of her chest, with this pink ribbon belt.

So Chen Yan did not write any text, but the meaning is obvious.

However, Chen Yan did not expect, a few minutes later, he stopped at the traffic lights again, open the circle of friends to see the comments, the response differs greatly from what he imagined.

“Crap …… female, female big brother”

“Holy **, Chen Yan did not expect you to have this fetish!”

“Brother, don’t do this.

I’m going to be bent.”

“Sorry, I’m already bent.”

“A good brother is one who acts as a woman when I need one.

Come on Yan sister, waiting for you tonight.”

Chen Yan: “……”

Only Ji Huaijin is slightly more normal.

“A lover finally becomes a brother …… not …… brother and sister finally becomes a lover”


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