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Worldwide Simulation Era Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: The Start of My Feel-good Life: College Entrance Examination Top Scholar at Five Years Old

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“You want to go to primary school Uh...”

Listening to Lin Qiyes baby voice pleading, Mother Lin was in a dilemma.

Her good son was a genius, but she still wanted to play with Lin Qiye every day.

Children were so much fun, especially cute, smart, and healthy children like Lin Qiye.

He was always obedient when fed milk.

He would shout and say when he had to use the toilet.

He would not wake up in the middle of the night to torture her.

Lin Qiye had never let her experience the hardships of raising a child.

She only had real happiness and a chest full of pride.

But what if the little one went to primary school

She was not ready to separate from him yet.

Mother Lin shook her head reluctantly. “Son, youre only two years old. Youre too young. The school wont have you.”

Of course, Lin Qiye had already thought of a countermeasure.

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“Ill register at the school and study at home. Mom, you can accompany me to the exams!”

His suggestion made Mother Lins eyes light up.

Not only would she not bury her young sons talent, but she could also take good care of him.

She immediately called her husband to discuss it.

After Father Lin learned of Lin Qiyes talent, he was so shocked that he jumped up in joy at the company.

“I knew my son is a genius. Since thats the case, Ill apply for leave tomorrow to help him with the enrollment procedures.”


The next day, Father Lin and Mother Lin brought Lin Qiye to the best primary school in Jiangnan City.

The principal didnt agree at first.

A two-year-old kid should still be sucking on milk, right How could he go to primary school

He probably couldnt even count 100 numbers.

However, Lin Qiye opened his mouth and iterated the multiplication table, memorizing it thoroughly.

The principal was taken aback.

He pulled out a math paper for the first grade of primary school students for Lin Qiye to answer.

Lin Qiye immediately demonstrated his intelligence, and he could give the correct answer with a glance.

The principal was dumbstruck. He thought of those geniuses who went to university at the age of fourteen and entered the youth class at thirteen.

He couldnt help but suck in a breath of air.

“Your son is a genius! Hes definitely a genius!”

The principal was ecstatic. After teaching for more than thirty years, he had finally met a child prodigy.

Lin Qiye could instantly solve a first graders mathematics exam paper at the age of two.

He couldnt imagine what kind of heights Lin Qiye would reach in the future!

If he nurtured Lin Qiye, how big of a boost would it be to his reputation

The principal inhaled and looked at Lin Qiye with a face full of shock.

“According to what Mother Lin said, Ill accept you into the school! Youll study at home and only need to take the mid-terms and final exams.”

As he spoke, the principal applied for Lin Qiyes enrolment in the second grade of primary school with his fastest speed.

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

After studying for more than half a year, Lin Qiye skipped grades consecutively while the principal trembled in shock.

He was promoted to the first year of middle school.

The principal who skipped grades for Lin Qiye clicked his tongue in amazement and praised endlessly, “Its unbelievable. There really are geniuses in the world!”

The principal had a strange expression on his face. Lin Qiye was only three years old, yet he could master all the primary school knowledge. He could even understand the contents of the middle school syllabus.

It was too terrifying!

The principals arm trembled as he stamped a bright red seal.

Then, he smiled and rubbed Lin Qiyes soft cheeks.

“Qiye, you should continue to study at home. You only need to take the exams at school.”

Lin Qiye nodded coldly.

That night, the sound of a notification immediately rang in Lin Qiyes mind.

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 2 years old. You have entered kindergarten. You are good-looking and have a strong body. The children in kindergarten are all close to you. Due to your demonic performance at the kindergarten, your family has obtained an additional income.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 2 years old. You entered primary school. The train of fate is moving at lightning speed towards another track.]

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: 3 years old. You entered junior middle school. Your name as a genius has been spread out and published in newspapers. You are destined to be extraordinary.]

[The Life Lantern Gem is forming...]

[You received 500 movement points.]

After reading the notification, Lin Qiye smiled.

500 movement points was undoubtedly a huge sum of money. With these points, Lin Qiye had the confidence to deal with all the changes!

However, despite feeling confident, Lin Qiye was still cautious.

He had changed his fate twice, but it did not mean that he could let his guard down.

When he was studying in the simulation school, he learned that in the course of life, accidents could happen anytime!

He might have changed the events of his childhood, but if he was not careful, he might trigger a series of accidents such as robbery, kidnapping, car accidents, falling objects, X disease, and so on.

Lin Qiye decided to keep a low profile.

He was only a little more than three years old, and it was best for him to stay at home and study by himself.

Besides studying, he would jump around and do some exercise.

Meanwhile, Lin Qiyes diet was scientific and balanced.

It caused his height to skyrocket. At the age of four, he was already at the height of a seven-year-old child.

His appearance had also changed from cute to handsome. He was a handsome little boy.

But looks were useless in the face of a terminal illness!

Knowledge was the only thing that matters!

Lin Qiye knew this very well. Before the sudden outbreak of his terminal illness, everything else was illusory other than scientific knowledge!

Therefore, Lin Qiye studied even harder. He only used half a year to master middle school knowledge.

With a perfect score in six subjects and 147 marks in language, he entered the best high school in Jiangnan City, Jiangnan First High School.

A four-year-old top scorer in the middle school examination! What a prodigy! It caused a small-scale sensation.

Many media reporters gathered near the neighborhood, wanting to write a hit story.

However, Lin Qiyes parents refused all media interviews.

“The kid likes to read and study. He has a strong desire to learn. I hope the outside world wont disturb him.”

His parents voice also caused the media to be condemned by society.

Under the condemnation, the media and newspaper personnel left dejectedly.

The principal of Jiangnan First High School personally visited Lin Qiyes home.

Lin Qiyes talent was too extraordinary.

All the school leaders of Jiangnan First High School were willing to give Lin Qiye the green light.

He could study at home, and he only needed to be accompanied by his parents when he took the exam.

Lin Qiye was happy with the outcome.

After all, he had the Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card, so it was easy for him to learn high school knowledge by himself.

In just a year, Lin Qiye had completely mastered the syllabus.

At this time, he was only five years old.

Although his scientific diet allowed him to reach the height of a nine-year-old child, which was about 1.3 meters, he was still a country bumpkin compared to a 1.6 or even 1.8 meters high school student.

However, this did not affect Lin Qiye.

He begged the school in advance to register him for the college entrance examination.

Therefore, he could participate in this years college entrance examination.

Thus, at five years old, Lin Qiye was admitted to the National University of Science and Technology in Country Xia, majoring in biological science as the top scholar in the science stream in Jiangnan City.

He became a top scholar in the science stream at five. It was definitely a hot topic for news.

The media reports were overwhelming.

Lin Qiye had become a popular figure during the summer vacation!

The media called him a prodigy, but many people attacked and abused him online.

“Haha! Country Xia loves to train toddlers for exam-oriented education the most.”

“To do questions smoothly at the age of five, he definitely wont be able to do scientific research in the future.”

“What a pity. A kid at the age of 5 is at his prime to train his scientific thinking and creativity, but he was ruined by the exam-oriented education!”

“The exam-oriented education ruined another genius. Now you know the difference between Country Xia and other countries, right”

There were many malicious comments on the internet, but Lin Qiye did not care at all.

He only had thirteen years left.

In these thirteen years, he had to do everything he could to cure the terminal disease in his body.

Otherwise, this simulation would be considered a failure.

Lin Qiye didnt dare to think about the consequences!

He was determined.

This was his last chance, and he had to seize it!

Therefore, Lin Qiye paid no attention to what was happening outside the house. He was neutral to all the comments, regardless of praise or hate.

He was only trying his best to swim in the ocean of knowledge.

And the moment Lin Qiye received his university acceptance letter, the sound of a notification rang in his mind once again, making him feel relaxed and happy.


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